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How to Change Your Address When You Move – The Complete Guide

Although moving in New York City will require you to handle all sorts of tasks, filing a change of address (COA) request is easily one of the most important things you have to do. Thankfully, learning how to change your address when you move is not that complicated, and this guide will take you through everything you should know about the entire process.

How to Pack a TV for Moving in 4 Steps

Relocation is an exhausting process – everybody knows that. Usually, people are worried about transporting breakable items such as dishes or computers, but not many think of their TVs. Sure, TV doesn’t seem like something fragile, but it is very much so. You should know how to pack a TV for moving if you don’t want to spend a lot of money buying another one right after you move in.

How to Pack Electronics for Moving – The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

We don’t notice how many electronic devices we own until the day comes when we have to wrap them up and transport them to our new home. Then comes the question – how to pack electronics for moving? After all, they are fragile and can easily get damaged. You should learn how to avoid ruining these valuable items in the relocation process, and we have all the tips you will need to be successful.

How to Stop Getting Mail for Previous Residents After Moving to a New Home

So, you just relocated to a different house and sent off your New York movers, and now in your mailbox, you found some letters that are addressed to the former resident. You will need to find out how to stop getting mail for previous residents since otherwise, this small inconvenience might get you into trouble. However, there is no reason for this issue to be causing you stress. The problem is perfectly fixable if you follow our guide on what to do if you get mail for a previous resident.

How to Pack a Computer for Moving in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you have a laptop or a desktop computer, these are the appliances we all use daily, from the day we unbox them until the day they stop working or we decide to relocate. Today we talk about relocating and how to pack a computer for moving, since probably most of you threw away the original packaging a long time ago, right? No worries, we got you covered.

How to Pack Furniture When Moving to A New Home

Wonder how to pack furniture and prepare it for your upcoming relocation? Stay with us because, in the following article, we’re about to show you some amazing lifting and wrapping techniques that will upgrade your relocation experience and help you move like a pro. You maybe didn’t know this, but according to some statistics, after real estate and cars, furniture is something an average person spends most of their money on during their lifetime. We strongly believe that you are an owner of some valuable pieces that you want to protect at every cost, so don’t worry – you came to the right place.

The Ultimate List of Moving Tips That Will Help You Organize Your Local Move

People tend to think that local relocation isn’t such a complicated task and that it doesn’t take much preparation or learning moving tips. That’s a common mistake, and it would do you good to avoid it. Local moves can actually get really stressful. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that you don’t want help! Luckily for you, there are a lot of tricks and hacks out there, and we’re going to teach you the best ones.

How to Pack Pots and Pans When Packing Your Kitchen for Moving

Is the day of your local move approaching, and you don’t know how to pack pots and pans for moving? Packing pots and pans for moving is a task that should be done carefully, as these kitchen items are fragile. Some may be expensive, and you wouldn’t want to break them. Others may be parts of your family heirlooms, and you would like them around for generations to come.

How to Organize Important Documents at Home – Sorting and Storing Tips

Although managing a large pile of clutter before moving can be daunting, learning how to organize important documents at home can bring a lot of benefits to your overall quality of life. Creating a good, well-organized system will allow you to find everything you require in the shortest time possible, so take a look at how you can make one that is just the right for you.

How to Pack Fragile Items – Packing Tips for Beginners

If you never tried moving fragile items, don’t panic. There is the right solution for everything, including these extra sensitive objects we all have around our home. Follow our guide on how to pack fragile items and learn a few useful tips and tricks on how to package fragile items for shipping.

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