How to Create A Professional Inventory List For Your NYC Move

Written by: Ava Hall

When it is time to move, understanding what you own is rather helpful. Knowing what you have and what will be moving to your new location with you will help you choose the right size truck and get an accurate quote from first class movers and packers. It will also ensure all your belongings make it to your new location.

There are so many things to do when moving; taking a full inventory often becomes overlooked. Don’t allow this to happen to you as there are too many good reasons to take an inventory of your possessions. Whether moving across town, to another state, or anywhere in the world, moving is serious business. Among the more significant aspects of residential and commercial moving is keeping track of what is being moved.

The importance of an inventory list

So, do you plan on relocating around New York City soon? If so, you are going to need a list of your inventory. In this blog, we are going to talk about the professional inventory list for the NYC move. A professional inventory list for moving is crucial if you want to have an organized and efficient packing and moving process. Additionally, another essential task is to find professional first class movers in NYC. 

Hiring Twin Brothers Movers should be your first decision when relocating. If you want to know more about us, check this, and you will see why you should hire our first class movers. So now, let us take a look at what is exactly a professional inventory list, why, when, and how you should create it to make the entire process easier.

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WHAT is a professional inventory list for moving?

First and foremost, what is exactly a professional inventory list? Our first class movers will gladly explain to you everything you need to know regarding it. Home inventory lists the contents of your home, room by room, item by item. In its essence, it is a detailed record of all your household items with a bit of essential information about each one – description, current condition, make and model cost at the time of purchase, and the estimated value at the moment.

 Creating professional home inventory when moving is one of the smartest things you can do when moving house and you should do it regardless of whether you are taking your things straight to the new home or putting them into temporary storage. There are numerous benefits to having that home inventory checklist with you throughout the residential move. In reality, it takes time to conduct a household inventory properly and you may be wondering why you should make your move even more complicated and stressful than it already is.

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WHY should you create a professional inventory list?

The thought of compiling an inventory list brings dread to some. It means that you will need to go through your home and catalog everything you are moving. The best approach is to go through your home, room by room, logging the items in each. And while this task is tedious, it will help you get organized. Most people come across some items that they simply no longer need or do not want to pay to move.

  • As you prepare your inventory list, you will have the chance to find these items and begin to separate what you are keeping versus what you are getting rid of. This can also help you decide if you want to try and sell items through a moving sale. Maybe you have items you will simply donate, or you have some belongings that are past their prime and need to be thrown away.

One of the first things a moving inventory does is reveal any item loaded on the moving truck that is missing at the new destination.

  • During unpacking, it also can identify an overlooked piece before it is too late to be documented as missing.

A residential or commercial inventory list also helps the first class movers NYC prepare a more specific estimate of final costs. This estimate enables customers to decide whether to arrange for more insurance coverage, either through the moving company or personal or business insurance policies.

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WHEN to create a professional inventory list?

Now that you know WHAT is a professional inventory list and WHY you need to create it, let’s say a few words about WHEN to inventory all the items in your current home. Logically speaking, you should create a home inventory sheet as soon as you have decided to move and definitely before you start packing for a move simply because that sheet will also serve you as a packing list.

It makes a lot of sense to inventory your stuff before packing it up because the itemized list will help you re-evaluate your possessions in hopes of reducing their number, which in turn will cut down your packing and moving costs too. If you have decided to hire professional packers and movers NYC, they will create the home inventory sheet as they are wrapping and boxing your things. Despite this, it is recommended that you still create your home inventory that is independent of the one created by the professional movers NYC.

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HOW to make a professional inventory list?

By now you should be fully convinced of the clear advantages of preparing a house inventory sheet when moving from one home to another. You also know that you are expected to inventory your household items as soon as possible and clearly before initiating the packing task. 

And having solved the WHAT, WHY, and WHEN puzzles, now it is time to provide the answer to the most crucial questions of them all: HOW to make an inventory sheet during a house move. To do it properly, just follow these 4 professional inventory steps from our firs class movers NYC:

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1. Take a good look at your inventory first

The first thing that you need to do is to look at your current inventory. Go over all of your personal belongings, inventory, and items. It gives you a good idea of how many items you have. Decide what will stay in your new place and what will go. Furthermore, the items you plan to declutter should be separated and not included on the inventory list for moving. 

Those items can be either donated or sold. Take your time and do not rush this process. This is a good way of determining the number of first class movers NYC you need. And if you have fewer items to move, you will pay your first class movers less.

2. Use one sheet for one room

According to our first class movers NYC, it is always helpful to break down the process. You will easily accomplish tasks that are smaller and more detailed. For this reason, limit yourself by working through one room at a time. Use one inventory sheet for one room; it will help you locate things faster later on. Start from the room that you don’t use that often and progress to more functional rooms. This is the advice from first class movers NYC, and we are sure it will make your inventory process easier.

3. Get the necessary packing supplies

The items you plan to move are going to need to be packed for safe transportation. In order to do this, you need to get the right moving and packing supplies and materials. You have some in your inventory already.

So, the list of essential packing supplies are:

  • Cardboard moving boxes – This is where you pack all of your items.
  • Bubble wrap and packing foam – These are the first lines of protection.
  • Packing tape and scissors – Use packing tape to keep the opening of the boxes closed.
  • Labeling materials – Accurately label each box for its content as it will be easier for both you and your first class movers.

If you hire first class movers NYC for the packing process too, they will also take care of packing supplies. Twin Brothers Movers will take care of everything regarding your upcoming relocation, it is on you to call and hire them!

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4. Record a video

Another method, which may be required by your first class movers NYC and insurance company, if you have one, is to take a video or picture inventory. 

Instead of or in addition to documenting the things you own, you can record video proof or take a picture of everything you own. Tour the home or building with a video camera or iPhone, speaking into the microphone about the purchase date and cost of each item to be moved. A family member or business colleague could lead the tour, opening doors, drawers, and holding or pointing to each item on the inventory list. 

  • Not only does this approach show each item in its current condition, but a video capitalizes on today’s most prominent form of communication.
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So you have found the perfect home and now you just need to move. But as you are looking around, you will probably realize that getting all your stuff from point A to point B will be no easy task. When it comes time to move, you will have a lot of things to keep track of. Like many people, you probably have a lot of stuff. 

Keep track of your belongings

The bigger the family and the bigger the home, the more items you will have to move with you. It is important to keep track of all your belongings though. One great way to accomplish this is by creating a professional inventory list of all the items in your home. As daunting as this task may seem, if you take your time systematically creating it, you will stay organized and confident that all your belongings will arrive at your new home.

Have copies on hand

In addition to all your moving plans, it will be important to stay on top of the items you are relocating. Creating a moving inventory list is a great way for you to decide what to move, and ensure that you get everything to your new home. You will want to have a couple of copies in case one is lost. When moving day comes, you should make sure to keep your inventory on hand, in case you need to check boxes or certain items.

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A detailed inventory will help you stay organized in the chaos of moving. And while it may require some time to create, you will thank yourself come moving day. And if you need first class movers in New York City, call Twin Brothers Movers and get your free moving quote today! They will help you with everything regarding your upcoming relocation. Making a professional inventory list is a piece of cake for them! So, don’t wait too long and call them ASAP!

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