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Written by: Anastasia Hill

5 Signs That Show You Two New Yorkers Are Ready for Moving in Together

Moving in together is an important milestone for every couple. Many experts agree that this is something you shouldn’t just rush without being at least 90% certain about it. If you’re having second thoughts or worries, this article might help you get a better understanding of where your relationship is heading. These are some signs that are universal, green flags, that will tell you if the two of you are ready to take this step.

How to Avoid 7 Common Moving Mistakes Every New Yorker Has Made at Least Once

Relocating to another NYC neighborhood is an exciting and challenging process. Before you get to enjoy all the benefits of relocating to a lovely home, you must go through a lot. Planning a move isn’t something you can just wing if you want to steer clear of moving mistakes. So, how can you prepare yourself for possible issues that may come along the way?

Written by: Anastasia Hill

Tips for New Yorkers: What to Keep When Moving to a Different Borough

Probably one of the hardest parts of every relocation is deciding what to keep when moving and what to toss. This might be hard, especially if you don’t relocate frequently and tend to get attached to stuff easily. Don’t worry, many have been in this situation before, and they all succeeded in managing everything while still keeping all the stuff they need. If you’re facing huge dilemmas and want to make a good selection, stay tuned because we can help.

How to Know How Safe Is Your Neighborhood Before Moving to a New NYC Home

When you live somewhere for a long time, you get used to everything in that community. You know what to expect on a daily basis – your surroundings become comfortable, and you know how safe is this area you live in. But, how to figure out how safe is your neighborhood if you have recently moved or you plan on relocating there in the near future? With our guide, you will soon be able to check neighborhood safety easily.

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Written by: Amelia Mead

5 Things to Be Aware of When Moving in With Your Girlfriend

If you’re in a relationship that seems long-lasting, moving in with your girlfriend is a natural step you might feel compelled to take. And after all – why not: you’ll be able to split the rent, cook, and slightly cut down the budget for big dates. However, shaking up brings its own set of changes and problems. So before you start living with your girlfriend, here are a few things we recommend to keep in mind.

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Written by: Amelia Mead

7 Tips That Will Help You Prepare for Moving in With Your Boyfriend

Moving in with your boyfriend for the first time is a beautiful yet challenging endeavor. After all, no matter how long you’ve been in a relationship or how much time you spend with the person you love, it can be difficult to feel prepared for everything a shared life brings. Although you shouldn’t be afraid of this milestone, it’s never a bad idea to ensure you’re prepared and comfortable for what is coming your way.

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Written by: Hannah Michaelson

How to Unpack After Moving: 5 Unpacking Tips Every New Yorker Should Follow

Congratulations, you have successfully moved. Your home is beautiful, and you must be thrilled. All that hard work has paid off, hasn’t it? However, there’s one tiny problem that you shouldn’t overlook – you still have to empty all those boxes. Do you know how to unpack after moving? There’s no reason to worry if you don’t – we have a few tips that can help you out.

Written by: Amelia Mead

The Ultimate Packing List Every New Yorker Should Follow When Moving to a New Borough

NYC locals are no strangers to relocation. The vast city provides many opportunities for moving within New York. But even if you’re not relocating for the first time, a move should be organized properly – and what better way than through a packing list. A checklist isn’t only a collection of everything you are going to take with you but should also work as a guide to packing for a move. Without further ado – here are some tips for creating it.

Written by: Anastasia Hill

New Yorker’s Guide: Things to Do Before Moving to One of Five NYC Boroughs

If you are planning to relocate soon, it’s natural that you’re curious about things to do before moving, especially if you’re relocating to one of the famous NYC boroughs. Although you’ll be living in the same city, each area around here has its unique rules and lifestyle, which is precisely why this place is one of the most diverse cities in the world. In this article, we’ll guide you through some general organizing tips and specific differences to consider for each borough.

Written by: Michael Vaughan

How to Have a Successful Apartment Move-Out Cleaning Adventure in NYC

With all the preparations you have to do before the actual relocation, organizing a move-out cleaning session is likely the last thing on your mind. However, leaving the unit spotless is necessary for anyone who wants to get their security deposit back. Considering most people living in NYC are renters, learning how to tidy up the place might not be such a bad idea after all. Thankfully, this guide will show you how to have a successful cleansing adventure.