How to Save Money With Affordable Movers in NYC

You just bought a new home or signed the lease for an apartment or house you have been looking for for some time now. Spending your discretionary dollars on a great piece of art or furniture sounds a lot more fun than blowing money on movers in NYC and boring moving boxes and tape, right? If only it were that easy. 

Moving can be a pricey endeavor once you layer in all of the costs associated with local movers in NYC, rented trucks, housing deposits, and miscellaneous fees. Add to that the expenses you don’t always know are coming, like paying a technician to come out and hook up your much-needed Wifi or replacing spices and cleaning supplies you tossed because they were running close to “E.” Ugh!

What can Affordable Movers in NYC Do For You?

So whether you are going across the city or the street, moving is one of the most exciting adventures you can embark upon. It is also easily one of the most stressful, not just from a logistical standpoint, but in terms of budget. According to our affordable movers in NYC, the average cost of a move is $90 to $130 per hour when moving locally within NYC. Though some moving costs are unavoidable, it is possible to save money in a few areas.

To help you do just that, we enlisted a handful of pros to share their best money-saving advice for your next big move. From the most affordable day-to-book movers in NYC to how to get free packing materials and supplies, this article will discuss everything you should do to save money with affordable movers in NYC. Let’s start!

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Start planning your move on time

This one might seem kinda obvious, but in reality, when we are planning a local move there are a lot of details that can easily slip your mind. That is why you need to write everything down and make sure you plan every little thing that might be an expense. To save money during a move with Affordable movers in NYC, you should take enough time to make planning and consider every cost. 

So with planning, you are possibly going to consider every cost and cut the chance of spending money on things that skipped your mind at the last minute. You need to plan out everything you are to do in the months, weeks, as well as days leading to your move, ensuring that you concentrate on the major deadlines as priorities.

So, make a detailed budget plan and try to stick to it as much as you can. It is not going to be correct in a dollar amount, but always find the best-case scenario and the worst-case scenario when it comes to moving budget. And if you need some help with planning your moving budget, read this article, we are sure it will be helpful! 

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Read reviews, compare moving quotes, and find the best cheap movers in NYC

Moving quotes can be what could break your budget if you do not choose Affordable movers in NYC wisely. That is why it is often stated that you should get estimate quotes from at least three different moving companies. 

You can look for a moving quote online, but this is more on an estimate than a moving away quote. Therefore, it is not accurate, nor fixed to your particular move. movers in NYC quotes tend to look at a few things to make up their pricing.

Such as the distance, are they giving you long-distance moving quotes or local moving quotes? And they also look at what they have to move, aka the weight of your stuff including furniture, maybe even your fridge and stove. Moving companies are a dime a dozen, but finding the shiny dime will take your research by reading a bunch of moving company reviews. 

Usually, if packers and movers in NYC take their time, you will pay more. Therefore, find affordable movers in NYC that are efficient with your time, and your stuff. In this article, you can learn more about how to avoid moving scams and choose the right affordable movers in NYC. 

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Move on a random weekday

And, to really get this right, try to avoid moving at the end of the month or mid-month, because those tend to be the busiest times for packers and movers. When demand is lower, you will get a better rate on your movers in NYC. If you have some flexibility, call professional local movers in NYC and get quotes for various days in the month.

Also, note that demand for local movers in NYC is highest during the summer season. If you are hiring affordable movers in NYC, you can save lots of cash simply by scheduling their services for a weekday versus a weekend, off-season versus on-season, and mid-month versus the end of the month. Weekdays are typically less expensive because fewer people move on those days. 

If you can take time off work, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays tend to have the highest availability and the lowest cost. And as we have already mentioned, try to avoid the last weekend of the month, as those days tend to be busiest and are more expensive.

As for the season, the months between fall and spring tend to be the busiest for moving and hiring professional affordable movers in NYC. If you can schedule your move for the off-season you can save more on moving costs that way, too. In general, you can expect to save 20 to 30 percent if you can move on less popular days. 

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A pound removed is a penny earned, so declutter and donate

More shipment is equivalent to more payment to your affordable movers in NYC. So, of course, if you are moving fewer items, there will be less packing, less tracking, less stress, a smaller moving truck, improved mileage, and less trouble at both ends. So, begin to unload your belongings from your house in advance of your move before you have to begin loading into the truck. Be strict as you assess all your belongings. 

Do you need to go around with those textbooks from college? Do you have items you could easily sell and make money from? You also need to look into your clothing. If you haven’t touched it in years, donate it to a charity store or sell it online or at your yard sale. This is a good way to save some money on movers in NYC while moving and maybe even earn. 

We can bet that you have a bunch of unwanted belongings that you should get rid of. Not only will it save you a lot of time (and local movers in NYC are charging hourly rates), but it is a good chance to organize a garage sale and cover some other expenses. Start with gathering unneeded items that are still valuable enough to sell. Some decisions are easier than others, like selling the television set that no one uses anymore. Also, here you can read where to donate clothes in NYC, and here where to donate furniture if needed.  

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Save money on packing and moving supplies 

Okay, we need to start this one with a little disclaimer: do not skimp on the quality of your moving supplies, that is very important. Having good quality moving materials is necessary for a successful move. But there are ways to source these materials for free or cheap compared to buying them new from the store. 

The first thing that we suggest doing is reaching out to family and friends to see if they have any moving materials on hand that you can borrow for the move. Many people store these materials as opposed to throwing them away after their move. The next thing that we suggest doing is talking to local retail stores and seeing if they have or will receive any boxes and/or protective materials that you can have. Many retail stores like hardware stores and groceries are more than happy to give boxes and protective sheets away just to get them off of their hands. 

If you hire affordable movers in NYC for the packing process too (which is more expensive of course), they will provide you with all the packing and moving materials needed. But you need to be aware that in that case, you will pay your packers and movers more. It is up to you to choose the best service for your upcoming move! Here you can read more about the services we are offering. 

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Bonus tip: Hire Affordable movers in NYC – Twin Brothers Movers

Our final tip for how to save money with affordable movers in NYC is possibly the most important: only hire packers and movers that you 100% trust. We recommend taking this a step further and advise you to seek a locally-based company. Moving companies that are founded and managed locally are more likely to provide the support and service that you expect from your team of professional movers in NYC. 

They are more likely to provide estimates that are fair and consistent. That is why we think that Twin Brothers Movers are the best choice for you. Another way to save money by hiring a local team is to hire for labor-only service. This means that you can hire the Affordable movers in NYC to help load and unload, but not transport the items in a company vehicle. This still helps you to reduce your workload while also helping you to save money. Here at Affordable movers in NYC, we are proud to offer labor-only service.

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Twin Brothers Movers has Been The Top NYC Affordable Mover for Years

Yes, moving can be a very expensive ordeal. So expensive, in fact, that the year a big move takes place is often the most expensive in a person’s life. But thankfully, it is possible to move on a budget if you take the time to plan ahead and be resourceful. There are too many costs to consider during a house move, but it doesn’t have to cost too much.

Most of these costs can be tackled easily with planning. By doing this, you will save yourself from any unexpected bills at the final minute. In this article, we are covering some of our favorite tips for saving money with affordable movers in NYC. 

There are of course plenty of tips and tricks when it comes to saving money when moving locally. However, there are certain aspects where you can make more of a loss if you go the cheap route such as hiring cheap movers in NYC. We would suggest that you spend more on the best movers in NYC that are experienced or at least have great reviews and are on the right track.

However, if you are too overwhelmed with organizing everything for your move, you can hire Twin Brothers Movers. They will do it quickly, well, and they will provide you with the best movers in NYC within your budget. Just get your moving quote today!

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