Moving With Your Commute in Mind – The Complete Guide for New Yorkersc

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Written by: Amelia Mead

The average working day lasts 8 hours, but if you add in the commuting time, there’s a chance yours might be longer by at least two. If the drive back and forth doesn’t help you cool off from the daily responsibilities, you should consider moving with your commute in mind. Taking the population density and housing market, finding the perfect spot in NYC might be hard – but we are here to help with our ultimate guide.

Moving in New York is difficult due to the number of cars The current number of cars registered by NYC residents is about 2 million, so if the traffic jams are causing you stress, you shouldn't be surprised

Adjusting to a Long Commute Is Nothing Strange for New Yorkers

Did you know that the longest average commute in the States can be attributed to the City That Never Sleeps? And it’s no wonder when just living in Manhattan can at times feel as if living in a city on its own. Let alone when you take into consideration the size and density of the population that moves every day through the city. That being said, it’s not surprising that an average person living in NYC spends 33.3 minutes commuting every day to their place of employment.

While half an hour doesn’t seem too long for a city as big as this, many people do require longer commuting times to reach their workplace. Around 17.9% of NYC residents willneed more than one hour to get to their job. So, if you are apartment hunting in order to shorten the period required to get to the office, it’s completely understandable. And we plan on providing you with relocation tips that will make the task you have in mind much lighter.

What’s the Ideal Commute Time You Should Strive for (While Being Realistic)?

So, how far is too far to commute to work? As we mentioned, about half an hour is the average time it takes a New Yorker to get to the workplace. This is about seven minutes longer than the US average of 26.4 minutes. The shortest average in the state, however, is tied to St. Bonaventure, where the average car drive (about 51.7% of residents there drive a car to work) lasts no longer than 21.9 minutes. Yet, if you want to live in one of the safe NYC neighborhoods, you shouldn’t be too optimistic about arriving at the office much earlier than expected.

The chances of finding a place that’ll be just above your workplace, statistics show, isn’t too probable – only 1% of residents reach their office in less than 5. On the other hand, if you add up all the numbers of those who manage to make it to their destination in less than 19 minutes, you’ll see that about 16.7 people fall into this category. To conclude – if you want to lower your commuting on a daily basis, you could realistically aim to lower it down to somewhere between 20 and 33 minutes.

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Moving With Your Commute in Mind Means Considering a Bunch of Factors

If you want to take down the number of hours it takes to move around town, you might consider changing your address. However, to make such a big decision, and rent a place according to your office address or to your favorite place to work remotely from, isn’t a small task, but rather one that requires some consideration. But what are the factors that one should consider, you might ask. Well, here they are:

  • The price of the real estate or rent – Truth be told, NYC isn’t the perfect place for housing. The options are scarce, and the prices are high. However, if you have time to spare and are not in a rush, a thorough search of multiple months might get you living in the best Manhattan neighborhoods for a somewhat reasonable price.
  • The availability of parking – The parking situation in NYC can be almost as exhausting as relocation stress – with only 12% of residents saying they have parking readily available. If you like going around by car and are searching for a future home, you should consider the availability of parking in the area or look for a home with a garage or a parking spot. That is – if you want to avoid the nightmare known as circling around the block for an hour or two.
  • The nearness of important roadways – Once again, drivers will know how crucial it is to have an exit to important roadways near them. While the city is known for having major highways, most of them are important only for state and interstate travel, while for inter-city shuttle, you will take a major roadway.
  • The public transportation options – Last but not least, if you want to optimize your daily transportation, you should consider public options. NYC has great transport options that come regularly and connect opposite parts of the city. Additionally, public transport will work perfectly for all those who, once they run into a traffic jam, consider donating their car and never looking back.
Times Square photographed at dusk In the city that never sleeps, finding a home near your workplace can be hard if you don't know the rules of the game

Moving With Commute in Mind Might Require Paying More for Rent

NYC is known for its many virtues – unfortunately, housing is not one of them. Finding affordable housing that fits into your relocation expenses checklist turns out to be harder than many would expect. While prices might be somewhat down, in comparison to the last few years, real estate costs are still three times higher than the national average. For this reason, most people, about 67% to be exact, rent an apartment.

Yet, if you already have to think about saving money to move, the chances of finding an affordable apartment that encompasses your reason to move are not the greatest. Still, not all is lost – if you know where to look, there are still some affordable neighborhoods we do recommend looking at:

You Don’t Have to Live Centrally to Get the Best Work Commuting Options – Suburbs Can Be a Great Choice Too

If you don’t find it crucial to live in Brooklyn or another more central part of the town, you should consider relocating to the suburbs. Not only is this a great option if you plan to move with pets or children, but it could also be a great decision when it comes to lowering the amount of time you take to get to your workplace. And, not to mention, it’s much more affordable in comparison to the square footage you get for your bank. Here are just a few suggestions to keep in mind if you are considering an efficient move to the suburbs:

  • Hoboken, New Jersey
  • Mount Vernon, New York
  • Hastings-on-Hudson, New York
  • Larchmont, New York
  • Mamaroneck, New York
A girl relocating her boxes without the help of local New York City movers Although suburbs might be further away from your place of employment, it may actually take you less time to reach it than if you were living in Brooklyn or Manhattan

What’s the Best Way to Get to Work in NYC Under Half an Hour?

Public transportation offers a lot of options to commuters in NYC. However, with so many options of public transport, it can be difficult to pick and choose which one would work best. The most common vehicle residents take to get around the city when going to their workplace or favorite cafes to work from is with MTA subways and buses. The MTA NYC Transit regulates the system, which is, to add, one of the best in the world.

Subways operate 24/7 all year round and are inexpensive, not to mention an environmentally friendly way to move through the city. You can easily hop off a train and get on a bus, and commute through the city over multiple vehicles. Still, if you want to get to the headquarters quicker, there is one local moving hack to keep in mind: it’s not about how far you are or how many stations you need to endure. The main hack to lower your transportation time is by relocating somewhere your transport is direct, and you don’t have to switch vehicles.

Many New Yorkers Find that Taxies Are a Great Way to Move Around

Many find that moving in New York is made so much easier with the use of cabs – and it’s no wonder since one of the city’s most known symbols is the yellow cab. Contrary to popular belief and mass culture representation, it actually doesn’t take long toland a cab on your way to work. However, this may not be the most affordable option, not to mention that there is a high chance you may still end up in a traffic jam. So, while it may be comfortable and convenient, if you want to get to the workplace faster, you might be even better off walking or biking around.

Green Alternatives Like Taking a Walk or Biking Not Only Decrease Commuting But Increase Your Health as Well

Although it is a huge city, NYC is very walkable and friendly to those who love cycling around. While it may not be the perfect choice in every season, if you are a sporty person who enjoys hiking near NYC, you might enjoy switching up your bus routes for something that will increase your health. If you own a bike, have a Citi Bike card, or a favorite bike rental place, you might decide on taking a drive through your favorite Brooklyn parks on the way to the headquarters. Not only will you manage to avoid traffic, but you will sneak in a bit of exercise in your daily routine.

As you might know, there are cycling lanes available throughout the city. There are three types of bike lanes: Class I, Class II, and Class III. To keep up with the cycling routes that are increasing in number and popularity each year, we recommend checking out the NYC Department of Transportation’s free, annually updated online cycling map – it may prove to be a significant difference in your daily travels. For more information on cycling in the city, we recommend checking out the following video guide.

Once You Find the Home on the Location of Your Dreams, It’s Time to Call Local New York City Movers to Help You Get There

Many find that to spend less time in buses and subways, a residential relocation might be due. If that is the case for you as well, the first thing on your relocation to-do list (other than finding a place to relocate to) should be calling up New York movers for much-needed relocation assistance.

However, you should keep in mind that these New York moving companies could also provide commercial relocation services in case your employer feels like helping you out and relocating their office closer to you. All jokes aside – if relocation assistance is what you need – whether it’s in the form of packing services or a full moving packet, there’s no better way to do it than with the helping hand of one of the New York City moving companies.

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