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Written by: Chloe Platt

How to Throw the Best Moving Away Party with 5 Useful Tips

Moving to a new home in New York is such an exciting yet tiresome process. But before you go all berzerk and have to deal with the process itself, you should throw an amazing moving away party. Even if you’re not moving that far, you should still be able to celebrate new beginnings and exciting journeys with your friends. We gathered for you some tips and ideas that can help you stay focused and organized, so you don’t dread every moment prior to your move, but actually enjoy the process along the way.

Written by: Chloe Platt

How to Pack Glasses for Moving Without Breaking a Single Glass

Champagne flutes. Crystal crafted glassware or delicate wine glasses. The last thing you want is for these treasures to break during the relocation process, and you are probably worried sick about relocating your kitchen essentials. So, how to pack glasses for moving and manage to bring them to your new home in one piece?

Written by: Chloe Platt

The Best Moving Expenses Checklist to Help You Plan Your Budget

Considering a moving expenses checklist before you start relocating locally is a necessity. Relocation can be quite expensive, and the costs can get out of hand if you don’t plan for them. Take the time to think hard about every step of the process, or else you’ll underestimate your budgetary needs. Let’s take a look at all the expenses you have to account for.

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Written by: Chloe Platt

Most Commonly Forgotten Things to Pack for Relocation

Even if you are moving from one New York neighborhood to another, relocation to a new place requires a lot of time and energy and it can be quite stressful. We often accidentally leave important things behind, even if we use the time to prepare for our trip. But rest easy, we have assembled a list of the most commonly forgotten things to pack, so you can make sure you don’t leave them behind.

Written by: Chloe Platt

What Is Moving Stress and How to Fight It

Moving stress is a real phenomenon, even if you’re only relocating locally. Anyone who has had the experience of changing home can stand witness to it. There are tons of preparations to be made, and the process itself is stressful beyond a doubt, with various obstacles that can arise.

Of course, a new place can feel just as good as an exciting new adventure. But for it to be that, we must be aware of the stressful aspect of it and how best to fight it.

Written by: Chloe Platt

Ultimate Moving Hacks for an Easier Relocation in 2020

We all know that relocating can be a difficult process, and it requires a lot of work. However, there are moving hacks and tips that have been proven to make the process go by faster and save you some money. To help you get through your relocation process, we’ll take you through a quick guide with some of the most effective packing hacks for moving.

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Written by: Chloe Platt

5 Best Hikes Near NYC

Are you planning on relocating to another New York City neighborhood soon? Once you’re done with all the moving-related tasks, you’ll surely want to unwind a little. Since traveling is not the greatest option right now due to the pandemic, we recommend going on some of the best hikes near NYC. To help you choose your first destination, we’ve put together a list of our favorite hiking spots.

A Quick Guide to the Best Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

If you decided to relocate locally to NYC’s most populous borough, you’ve come to the right place. We prepared a quick list of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn just for you. One of the perks of living here is the proximity to Manhattan and its great events while being far away from tourists and extensive crowds. This borough has changed drastically throughout the years, noting the significant drops in crime rates, expanding cultural scene, and beautiful districts with tree-lined streets and brownstone homes. If you’re wondering where to live in Brooklyn, be sure to check out our quick guide and find the location that fits you just right.

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Written by: Chloe Platt

What Are the Safest Neighborhoods in NYC

Are you planning on moving locally and looking for the safest neighborhoods in NYC to move into? The Big Apple has many areas within the five boroughs where you can live safely. We have compiled a quick listing of excellent communities where you won’t have to worry. We guarantee that at these selected locations, you won’t have to go watching your back.

5 Best Neighborhoods in NYC for Singles

Are you planning to relocate locally within the Big Apple and searching for the best neighborhoods in NYC for singles? Since you’re already living in the area, you know that this place is home to a significant number of young professionals, college grads, and millennials. However, some areas definitely stand out more than others in this regard. Keep reading and find the best place to live in NYC for singles that will fit you just right.