How to Throw the Best Moving Away Party with 5 Useful Tips

Written by: Chloe Platt

Moving to a new home in New York is such an exciting yet tiresome process. But before you go all berzerk and have to deal with the process itself, you should throw an amazing moving away party. Even if you’re not moving that far, you should still be able to celebrate new beginnings and exciting journeys with your friends. We gathered for you some tips and ideas that can help you stay focused and organized, so you don’t dread every moment prior to your move, but actually enjoy the process along the way.

You should celebrate new beginnings with your closest circle.

1.  Pick A Good Venue

First things first – pick the venue. This way, you’ll know your limits regarding how many guests you can invite or which activities your guests can partake in. Make sure you go through your moving expenses checklist and see if there’s a certain price above which you won’t go for your going away party. If you have that option, home parties are always the best.

2.  Make A Guest List

If you’re a social butterfly, this step must be the hardest for you. If you’re not in the mood to organize a celebration that will last a couple of days, start shortening that list! When making your guest list, you can go two ways:

  • Write down everyone you hang out with, then start shortening the list until you’ve toned it down to your maximum capacity,
  • Start writing down each guest, from the closest (best friend) to the farthest (saw each other that one time), by the point you’ve reached your full capacity.

And if you still want to hang out with absolutely everyone you know, then heads up, you’re going to be organizing a going-away marathon.

Remember To Send Invitations Early Before The Going Away Party

If you send to your selected guests invites a day or two before your celebration, you risk receiving a lot of No’s. People live busy lives, and the more guests you invite, the more you need to plan ahead. Send your guests their invitations at least a week before your going away party. That way, they will have the time to organize their schedule and come party with you.

Sit down, take a piece of paper, and start writing those guest names down.

3.  Consider Different Themes For Your Parties

If you want to push your celebration to the next level, you should consider having a theme. It is completely up to you to pick your favorite theme and organize the festivity accordingly. It can be a theme related to your new job or favorite TV show (because why not), or it can even be a packing theme. This means you organize your friends to help you pack for your move, but also enjoy each other’s company with food, drinks, and games.

Remember To Check These Brilliant Hacks For Parties

Take a look at these awesome 25 hacks that will help you throw the best going-away celebration ever!

4.  Don’t Forget Food And Refreshments

If your venue of choice is a public place, like a restaurant or a bar, you’ve got the food and drinks department secured. But if you throw a celebration at home, you’ll need to buy a lot of drinks at least one day before. Food is a different story. First, you need to think about what kind of food you want to serve your guests. Will you make some delicious meals for them or will you make some light finger-food, or, if you don’t want to waste your time in the kitchen, will you just order pizza during the celebration – it is completely up to you.

You can check out a lot of good ideas on finger-food recipes.

5.  Ideas For Games And Entertainment

If you’re not celebrating at home, you can take your friends to an escape room or a bar where they have a pool table or dartboard, so you and your friends can have some fun. Home entertainment is a bit trickier unless you are equipped with a gaming console or board games or any other kind of entertainment. Be creative, and prepare your favorite games!

Popular Games And Activities

If you don’t have some games at your place and have trouble figuring out what to do with your friends, you can explore these 40 Entertaining Party Games. Pick the ten you like best, write down the rules, and let your friends decide which one they want to play.

Remember to maintain a healthy competitive atmosphere during the evening.

Best Going Away Party Ever

With these tips and ideas you’ve read so far, your party will be a hit! Keep in mind to plan ahead all the elements for the celebration and remember to have some fun. When the festivity is done, you’ll be set for packing mood in no time. In case you feel overwhelmed with moving stress and need some help, feel free to explore Twin Brothers Movers’ moving services and contact us for any questions you may have or services you may need.

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