The Best Tips for Moving With Pets

Written by: Chloe Platt

You and your family members could be under a lot of pressure during a local relocation.

All that scheduling and packing will consume a lot of your time and energy. However, don’t forget that moving with pets can take a toll on them too. Your beloved cats, dogs, and other animal friends can sense the tension, and they can have a hard time changing the environment. Worry not! Relocating with pets doesn’t have to be that exhausting and traumatic. Follow our tips to get everything in time and make it stress-free for your pets and yourself.

Moving with a cat doesn't have to be stressful and traumatic.

Essential Steps Before Arriving at the New Home

A change of environment is proved to be stressful for an animal. There will be things you need to keep in mind to make this transitioning period as stress-free as possible. However, the action must begin before you even start the process of packing and relocating.

Your Vet Is One of Your Best Resources

Your current vet is your best friend. Besides examining your dog or a cat and issuing the necessary travel certificates, he can be an excellent source for anything you want to know. Feel free to ask for a vet recommendation in your new neighborhood. They can also remind you of all the necessary information about the law and regulations in the city.

In case you are searching for a vet by yourself, click here and see how to choose the right veterinarian for your animal friend. In addition to this, update the pet’s microchips and tags, adding a new address and phone number.

Contact your local vet and examine your dog before the relocation day.

Remove Your Pets From the Moving and Packing Action

Regardless of whether you hired local professional moving services or called a couple of friends to help you out, your pet will sense that something is about to change and feel uncomfortable and tense. Take your cats and dogs to a friend where they won’t be exposed to the whole situation. The other solution is to put them in an empty and quiet room and close the door. In that case, be sure to regularly check if they need something and leave them with a toy or a favorite item.

Put your animal friends in an empty and quiet room while packing.

Prepare Your Pet Mentally Before Transportation

You must be at the utmost caution when moving your pet. Dogs can much easily adjust to a new environment, but cats are highly sensitive and can feel threatened when changing a place of living.

To prepare your pets mentally for the big day, you can carry them in a carrier or give them short rides around the current neighborhood. Be sure to treat them with their favorite food to establish a positive association. Once you move into your house or apartment, you must put everyday items and toys around each corner. Familiar smell will make them feel at home.

Take care of your dog and bring his favorite toy to keep a positive association.

Moving With Pets in Your Vehicle

Even though you have the alternative of hiring pet transportation services, the least stressful option is to move your animals in your own vehicle, if possible. Besides the fact that you will be next to them, pets are already familiar with your car or a van and will feel comfortable. A cat or a smaller dog can be placed in a carrier in the back seat. For a bigger dog, choose a kennel and put it in the back of your car.

If you cannot move your animal friend by yourself, find a pet shipper near you. They are professionals who are trained to take good care of your pets while moving and will transport them safely and smoothly.

Move your animal companions in your car and always have fresh water.

Moving With Birds, Fish, and Rodents

  • Like with cats and dogs, birds are also susceptible to environmental change. The best solution in this situation is to travel with them in your car and prepare food and water for the trip. They must be put in a carrier and belted in the back seat. Remember that birds are very sensitive to temperature variations, as well. For that reason, check if your car’s air condition and heating are working properly before you go on a journey.
  • Fish are very delicate animals, and relocating can have terrible consequences on their well being. Put them in a bag filled with their old tank water and transport them in your car.
  • Pet rodents are very shy and can be traumatized when changing the environment. You can move them in your own vehicle but purchase a smaller and comfortable carrier.

Moving Pet Reptiles in Winter

The peak moving season is summer, but if you are forced to move during winter with your reptile pets, you must be aware that they are very susceptible to low temperatures. Just going out in the cold can worsen the health of a small reptile and have deadly consequences. That is why you need to warm the vehicle for a couple of minutes first. The container in which you are transporting them must be with a lid and vents, which will keep them warm and give them enough air.

Be careful when transporting your snake because they are susceptible to cold temperatures.

Home Sweet Home

When you arrive at your new place, the first thing you should do is to let your animal from the carrier and go with them into an empty room. Don’t forget to place their familiar objects in the approximately same location as in your previous place. You will notice that they are behaving differently. That is why you need to see for yourself how they react to a new home. It is essential to relax and help your pets easily and quickly adapt to a new environment. Finally, don’t make any changes to your pet’s daily routine. Do all the activities at the same time as in the previous home. If you want to change something, be sure to do it slowly.

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