Most Commonly Forgotten Things to Pack for Relocation

Even if you are moving from one New York neighborhood to another, relocation to a new place requires a lot of time and energy and it can be quite stressful. We often accidentally leave important things behind, even if we use the time to prepare for our trip. But rest easy, we have assembled a list of the most commonly forgotten things to pack, so you can make sure you don’t leave them behind.

guy holding a few boxes
Don't leave behind the essential items.

Among Most Commonly Forgotten Things to Pack Are Toiletry Essentials

It’s only too easy to overlook the basic necessary toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, towels, razors, tampons, etc when packing. Another thing you best have on the relocation day is a hand sanitizer. One of the best relocation tips is to keep these in a separate necessity bag that you’ll have handy at all times.

soap bar, toothbrushes, and a serum
Toothbrush is among the most forgotten things when moving.

Don’t Forget Personal and Financial Documents

Personal and financial documents are among the most commonly forgotten things to pack. Don’t leave those behind because acquiring them again can be both money- and time-consuming. Here are the essential documents you should not leave behind when packing.

Social Security Card

If you leave your social security card behind, be ready to wait in line for a half-day. Also, remember that it takes up to two weeks before the replacement arrives in your mail.

Birth Certificate

Without a birth certificate, you won’t be able to get a copy of the social security card or acquire a driver’s license for the first time.

Tax-Related Documents

Be sure to go through all the cabinets and pack each finance-related document when moving locally. You never know when you will need them.

Moving-Related Documents

Remember to bring all the moving-related paperwork you have already acquired, such as insurance and contracts. To make sure you have everything, create a binder for all your paperwork and organize important documents.

a pile of binders
Go through each cabinet, and collect all your essential documents.

Pack Reading Materials for Travel

Remember to pack a book on the way to your new home. Everything related to packing will be done by this point, so, unless you’re the one driving, this is a perfect moment to sit back and relax with a book you might have wanted to read for a long while.

girl in a car
Read a book while you are on the way to the new home.

Snacks Are a Necessity

Even if it is only a short-distance trip, don’t forget to bring some snacks or the best takeout with you. Your blood pressure can unexpectedly rise due to the stressful nature of relocation, so a bottle of water and some snacks are a must.

a bag of snacks
You're going to get hungry, so bring some snacks.

Bring a Charger for Your Phone

What if you arrived at your destination and are not entirely sure which way your new home is? You’ll probably want to check Google Maps on your phone, only to realize that your battery is dying. To make sure you don’t get in this situation, best have your phone fully charged.

phone and a charger
Don't forget to fully charge your phone.

Check the Weather Forecast and Bring Appropriate Items

Another convenience of our smartphones is that they show us the weather forecast from all over the world. Make use of this feature and always check well in advance what weather you’ll be met with once you arrive at your destination. If necessary, bring an umbrella, jacket, or sunscreen.

Useful Tip: Bring an Umbrella for the Trip

We all know that New York can get quite rainy, so don’t forget to put an umbrella or a raincoat in your bag. Even if the forecast says nothing about rain, it’s better to be on the safe side.

girl in a yellow raincoat holding a yellow umbrella
Be sure to bring either an umbrella or a raincoat.

Pack as if You Were Going on Vacation

When moving to a new place that is a few hours away, a good strategy is to pack the same way you would if you were going on vacation or a staycation in NYC. Whether you’ll be driving for a few hours or sitting on a plane, you’ll also need these items.

Don’t Forget the First Aid Kit

Perhaps not often considered, this item is still the most important one you’ll need to have with you. Being prepared for any accidents in advance by having your first aid kit with you is crucial.

Name Tags Are Essential on Traveling Day

Another item that people might easily overlook is the name tag. Although lost baggage is not too common, just in case, prepare your own name tags to make sure your valuables are not lost during travel.

Get a Travel Map for the Road

Nowadays, not only do we have maps on our phones, but we also have smart interactive maps adorning the streets of urban cities. However, it is never a bad idea to get yourself a good old travel map too. Technology is unreliable, and you do not want to find yourself lost in a city without a map.

girl lookin at a travel map
A map is a crucial part of traveling, be it for vacation or relocation.

Make a List of Things Not to Forget When Relocating

For you not to leave anything behind, don’t forget to write all these things down on your moving to-do list. It will help you stay on track with everything and avoid anxious thoughts.

girl with boxes in a room
When relocating, a list is a must.

Make Sure to Have a Friend With You Who Can Offer a Helping Hand

If you’re not hiring professional movers in New York, it is good to have a close friend with you during the stressful time of your move, not only because their sole presence will alleviate your anxiety but also to always use a helping hand from someone you know and trust. Also, two heads are better than one, and the two of you are less likely to forget anything if you work together. To reduce moving stress and improve your memory, it is also good to do some de-stressing exercises that suit you prior to going to bed.

hand in hand
Spend time with friends who will help you relieve stress.

Hire the Best New York Movers and Don’t Worry About a Thing

Even with all the organizing that a residential move to a new home requires, we can still get wrapped up in the process itself and overlook some essentials. Hopefully, this article has shed light on some of the most commonly forgotten items and ensured you’re not making the same mistake. If you are searching for a reliable local New York moving company contact Twin Brothers Movers. We provide excellent packing services in case you don’t want to pack glasses on your own, or packing fragile items is too challenging. Our movers will be careful with your precious belongings and help you move efficiently to your new home.