How to Pack Glasses for Moving Without Breaking a Single Glass

Written by: Chloe Platt

Champagne flutes. Crystal crafted glassware or delicate wine glasses. The last thing you want is for these treasures to break during the relocation process, and you are probably worried sick about relocating your kitchen essentials. So, how to pack glasses for moving and manage to bring them to your new home in one piece?

We have handpicked for you the best tips for handling these delicate items along with the most recommended methods for wrapping and protecting your pristine glassware. With our tips, your belongings will make it to the other side of New York intact.

The First Step – What You’ll Need of Packing Materials

It would be best if you were extra careful when selecting supplies to secure your most delicate items. The first step is to pick appropriate materials to secure your goods and ensure their safety during your house move. Even though a small or medium-sized box would do the job just fine, it would be best to invest in a dish barrel. They are less likely to cave in, crumple, or dent, and the entire process of relocating your kitchen will be much easier.

Once you’ve secured the cartons, the next step is to move on to protection materials like soft paper, adhesive tape, bubble wrap, and newsprint. It is important to get soft paper sheets so that they don’t scratch your delicate items, and since you will be using it generously, make sure to get plenty. Even though many people opt for newsprint to protect their glassware, don’t give in to the temptation. This cost-effective solution can ultimately leave stains on your favorite glass, and it would be best to use them only to fill the empty spaces in boxes. Lastly, get yourself plenty of sticky notes and markers to label the contents to prevent any mishandling.

Gather small, sturdy cartons and arm yourself with plenty of patience.

Before You Start Packing, Sort Out Your Glasses

No matter if you are moving on your own or relying on the help of professionals, make an inventory list of all of your delicate objects in the kitchen. Categorize your items and set aside any pieces that you no longer need. Your relocation to a new area is the perfect opportunity to purge unwanted or unnecessary items. Go through the rest of the kitchenware, one by one, and set aside the most delicate ones in one pile. The next step is to put aside the ones that have higher chances of surviving your local move. Once you have them sorted neatly into categories, the entire process will be easier to handle.

Not sure how to organize your kitchen cabinets? Take a look at the following video

Secure Every Box Before You Put Anything Inside

You have prepared the required materials by now, so the next step is to reinforce every carton before putting your oh-so fragile items. You can utilize a few crumpled newsprint sheets to create an insulation layer at the bottom that will protect your precious belongings during the moving process. If you feel more comfortable with using bubble wrap, a few sheets will do an excellent job of absorbing big shocks and vibrations during your move. For extra protection, double tape the bottoms of each carton with adhesive tape. This precautionary measure will ensure there is no blowout under the weight of your packed glasses.

Make sure to create an insulation layer at the bottom of each carton before you put any of your fragile things inside.

Pack Big, Heavy Glasses First

Lay the first layer of sheets on the table and start with the heavy glassware first as they are less prone to breakage. Place the first glass in the corner of the paper sheet, start rolling diagonally, and once it is completely covered, stuff the ends of the sheet into the glass cavity. You can add a bit of crumpled newsprint inside the glass for extra protection. However, it is strongly recommended to avoid putting newsprint unless you are all out of the supplies or just want to fill any empty space. Once you have them in a tight package, tape it up to keep it all together. Pack them in rows starting from the bottom, and don’t forget to place a few sheets of bubble wrap between the rows for padded protection.

Start with the heaviest pieces in your kitchen and swaddle into tight packages.

Bundle Identical Pieces Two-at-a-Time

If you bought large sheets of packing paper, it would be best to use them to swaddle two identical pieces in one sheet. Bear in mind that you can do this only for the glasses of the same type and size. Follow the above directions, and continue wrapping until both objects are fully covered and protected, and stuff newsprint or another sheet into the opening of the second glass.

Make the best of your materials and bundle the same type of glassware together.

Start Packing the Most Fragile Items

Now that the heaviest glassware is out of the way, it is time to move on to the trickier part – moving to your collection of most delicate items. Shipping these items requires special care, so we’ve found some methods and handpicked some tips to help you with that.

How to Pack the Most Fragile Glasses

Particularly breakable items should be placed in small boxes with extra paddings like bubble wrap or newsprint. You can also use extra linens to cover the bottom of the boxes. It would be best to buy a cell divider for most delicate items to prevent any movements during your move. But in the lack of it, the regular small box will do just fine. Swaddle and secure each item with a bubble cushioning or at least three layers of sheets. Stuff crumpled newsprint or soft paper inside and place them with their mounts facing down as they will be more resistant to shock and vibration.

The Stock for Success Method to Protect Your Favorite Crystal Glass

When it comes to crystals, it is essential not to overpack each carton to the top as it is crucial to opt for a cell box to protect their delicate stems. These dividers will keep the classes separated and prevent any movements. Layer each cell with a ball of crumpled sheets at the bottom, and start wrapping each crystal individually. Roll it in three sheets of paper and tuck in the excess as you roll, but make sure to protect and tape the stems first. Cushion the top with crumpled newsprint or bubble wrap and tape the box together.

Buy a cell box divider and secure each of your delicate items carefully to prevent any movements during transport.

Find Alternative Materials for Wrapping

If buying large quantities of bubble wrap and other supplies is not per your budget, you can turn to alternative materials to keep your glassware secure.

You Can Wrap Your Favorite Glass in the Towels

Old dish towels or bath towels will work well for this purpose. What you need to ensure is that you have the right size of towels or rags to roll and stuff the edges into the opening of the glass itself. If you go for this option, have some crumpled newsprint or soft paper inside, and secure stems with bubble wrap and tape.

Use Packing Peanuts To Secure Your Things

This is another more cost-effective solution that is able to absorb shock when boxes tumble around. These puffed-up pellets of plastic can be used to fill up space around your items, and you can use them to pack larger quantities of smaller items. To get the best of packing peanuts, swaddle each piece of your glassware with paper sheets or bubble wrap and place it into a box filled with packing peanuts.

Pack Your Fragile Items Using Corrugated Dividers

In contrast with classic cardboard cartons, corrugated cartons are made up of a few layers of material rather than just a single sheet. This makes them more resilient and can withstand the rigors of relocating much better than regular boxes. They can be customized to carry nearly any type of item and are extremely low-cost.

If you are looking for cost-effective solutions, pick some old towels or rags to protect your goods and place them into a box filled with packing peanuts.

Find a Reliable Moving Service in Your Area

You might be overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done when relocating your fragile glassware. If you are not feeling more hopeful about packing your favorite wine glass or coffee mug by yourself, there’s a solution to that.

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