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How to Know How Safe Is Your Neighborhood Before Moving to a New NYC Home

When you live somewhere for a long time, you get used to everything in that community. You know what to expect on a daily basis – your surroundings become comfortable, and you know how safe is this area you live in. But, how to figure out how safe is your neighborhood if you have recently moved or you plan on relocating there in the near future? With our guide, you will soon be able to check neighborhood safety easily.

Familiarize Yourself With Each and Every New York Tenant Right Before Moving to One of 5 Boroughs

Since almost two-thirds of New Yorkers rent their homes in the Concrete Jungle, familiarizing yourself with New York tenant rights is an essential thing to do when planning to relocate. New York City renter rights are numerous, so we’ll try to explain all the important rules because following these regulations can make your and your landlord’s life much easier.

The Only Tips You’ll Need for Apartment Hunting in NYC

Before you start going through all the listings, there are several things you should know about apartment hunting in NYC. The city’s renting market is enormous and highly dynamic, which makes looking for a place a real nightmare for many. However, if you follow all the necessary steps, you should be able to find several units that suit your needs.

Written by: Chloe Platt

14 Most Common Reasons to Move Locally

There is an almost unlimited number of reasons to move. But why would you relocate around a block, next door or to the nearest town, that is, locally? Are you looking for a better housing option, or maybe you are sick of your roommate and a long commute to work. Maybe you don’t have a clear motivation for the relocation, let us help you find it by answering the questions like What are good reasons to relocate? Why do people move? Why do people move from one place to another?

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