How to Know How Safe Is Your Neighborhood Before Moving to a New NYC Home

When you live somewhere for a long time, you get used to everything in that community. You know what to expect on a daily basis – your surroundings become comfortable, and you know how safe is this area you live in. But, how to figure out how safe is your neighborhood if you have recently moved or you plan on relocating there in the near future? With our guide, you will soon be able to check neighborhood safety easily.

A view of the New York City Before you move anywhere, you must do research - is that place secure?

Relocations are always stressful. You have a lot of packing to do, and your place is full of boxes. Even if we put aside these practical issues, it isn’t so simple to leave the place you’ve called home for years – moving also means stepping out of your comfort zone. You will arrive on an unfamiliar street, and you probably won’t feel comfortable immediately. However, knowing that you are in a secure part of the city will help you relax.

Why Is a Safe Neighborhood Important When You Live in NYC?

NYC is a big place – there are so many different parts of the Big Apple that it can be challenging to figure out where you want to move. When you choose a destination for your efficient move, it is crucial to think about your safety and local crime rates. That is what, for the most part, determines the quality of life. For example, what good is it to have a fancy apartment if you feel anxious walking down your street?

No amount of luxury can make up for the high criminal activity in the area around your place, so once you start apartment hunting in NYC, we suggest you find enough information about the security and crime rates of the region you consider moving to. Trust us, finding out which are the safest neighborhoods should be a top priority on your moving to-do list.

Do Crime Rates Affect the Cost of Real Estate?

Whether you want to be living in Manhattan or you are looking for the best place to live in Staten Island, crime rates are an important indicator of the real estate market. Violent crimes directly affect the neighborhood’s popularity – if you think about it, it completely makes sense. The best neighborhoods in NYC for families surely won’t be those with a high number of murders, right? So, when you choose your future residence, follow this moving tip – it’s better to find a more expensive place in a safer part of the city, even if it means that you will stress out about a moving expenses checklist.

It's better to spend more on an apartment if it means you will feel comfortable there

How Do I Know if a Neighborhood Is Safe? These 5 Tools Can Help You Perform a Thorough Inspection Before Moving to a New Home

So, how will you determine the safety of a place before you move? Luckily, there are many ways to get the necessary information – primarily by checking out websites and apps specifically designed for this purpose. We suggest you take time to explore these brilliant resources, even if you have to move in a hurry. This is way more important than planning a moving away party. Here are our top choices that will help you have peace of mind in the days following your relocation.

#1 AreaVibes Is One of the Sites That Provides the Best Information

AreaVibes is one of the most popular resources for all kinds of information on any region – it can offer you plenty of info based on your ZIP code. The site focuses on the livability score, which provides more than just a simple neighborhood safety rating. Whatever your reasons to move are – education, better housing, or employment – here, you can get helpful insight into any segment of life in the particular district you are interested in.

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#2 Family Watchdog Has More Than One Feature That Will Help You Feel Secure Every Day

This genius website is one of the best ones, and it will ensure you feel way more secure than you can even expect to be in a huge city such as NYC. Family Watchdog allows you to locate registered sex offenders in your region. The site can show you a map of where offenders are located, so you can keep track of neighborhoods you are interested in. Besides a map, it also provides pictures, detailed information about their convictions, and much more. If you feel anxious about moving to an unknown place, this website will be pretty helpful in dealing with your moving stress.

#3 NeighborhoodScout Is a Brilliant App That Brings You Real Estate and Crime-Related Data

Is reliable? This is one of the common worries, but there is no reason to suspect the data provided to you by this site. They use reports from all the law enforcement agencies in the United States and build the profile for any district based on the collected data. Besides rates for violent and property crimes, they also focus on the region’s real estate market and incomes. You can search NeighborhoodScout’s database for your dream part of the city by choosing specific qualifications you want that place to meet, and the algorithm will come up with the best choice for you.

#4 NextDoor App Will Give You a Unique Insight Into Your Part of the City

NextDoor is a social network that allows you to connect with the community and share tips and alerts for specific neighborhoods. It is free, but you need to create an account. Once you sign up, you will have access to unique info, carefully curated for you – every network member can have access only to their neighborhood’s group. That way, you can stay up to date with the latest news in your region, find out about recent crimes or suspicious activity, and connect with your neighbors. Besides security, this app helps make you feel like a part of the community and genuinely become a local anywhere in the city.

#5 CrimeReports Works As a Simple Map and It Will Keep You Up to Date With the Latest Criminal Activity

If you want to know crime statistics by address, this is a simple solution for that. By typing in the ZIP code or an address, you will gain access to up-to-date info about all kinds of crimes that have happened in your district. The data is shown in the form of a map, and it’s collected from local law enforcement agencies. CrimeReports has a few unique features that set them apart from others – it allows you to get mobile alerts on the newest criminal events, share helpful advice on social networks, and submit crime tips. Additionally, the simple design of icons on the map helps you realize quickly what is going on, so you won’t have to worry about decoding what was written or shown on the website.

Quick access to crucial info via apps and websites will make you feel safer

Crime and Safety Index for NYC Is Getting Better Year After Year

The years 2020 and 2021 have brought many changes compared to 2019, but the overall crime rates have taken a turn for the better. Even though the city was confronted with various challenges following the Covid-19 crisis and protests after the murder of George Floyd, the fact remains that the crime rates are lower than in previous years. However, we must keep in mind that this stands for overall rate – some forms of violence have actually been on the rise (shootings and burglaries being amongst them).

But don’t let that confuse you or stop you from planning a local move – we encourage you to write that packing list. Compared to other metropolitan areas in the US, the Big Apple is pretty great when it comes to its residents’ security. Naturally, you won’t go for a walk in a Bronx park or Central Park after the sun sets – that is just common sense. But, besides that, NYC is mostly a secure metropolis.

Though the thighs are better than in recent years, it's still wise to keep your eyes open

The Best Way to Figure Out the Security of the Place

How do you keep safe in a neighborhood after moving there? The first thing that comes to mind when someone asks you is probably a home security system – although necessary, it isn’t quite enough. Yes, you can bring it from an old home if you had it – even though packing electronics such as that device will likely give you a headache. But what else can you do to improve your security in the part of the city you will walk around daily? Here are some of our helpful ideas – you should add them to your list of things to do before moving.

Check Out the Area for Yourself Before You Decide to Move

Although apps and websites are irreplaceable tools that will inform you about security in any part of the city, checking an app isn’t the same as seeing things with your eyes. Be sure to take time and visit the destination of your move before you start packing furniture and other household items. It’s a good idea to see the place during the day and night both – you will notice different things that way. You can learn a lot simply by walking down the streets or driving around. Pro tip: make sure to go once during the peak hours – if it takes too long to drive, you might want to consider another district. Here are other crucial things to pay attention to:

  • Are the streets well-maintained and clean?
  • What do the buildings look like?
  • Are there people walking with dogs?
  • Do you see children walking to school or playing outside?
  • What is the traffic like?
  • Are there many small businesses or restaurants around?

Ask Those Who Live There to Tell You About the Area

Before you rent or buy a home somewhere, you might want to dig a little deeper. You can find out a lot by talking to future neighbors – social networks and forums will give you an excellent insight about living anywhere – whether it’s living in Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, or living in Brooklyn. Another way to get the info is by asking friends who live there or even friends of friends. Do whatever you can to get the first-hand experience of living in that particular part of the city – it will tell you the most about how residents feel and what to expect after moving.

Tricks That Can Help You in Any Part of the City

After moving with the local movers in New York and unpacking after the move, you will slowly start to fall back into the routine. You will adapt to your surroundings and learn everything about your street. However, even though you are well-informed about NYC and its neighborhoods, it still won’t hurt to take care of yourself out on the streets. Check out the video below to learn some tips about staying alert and protected in The Big Apple.

How Safe Is Your Neighborhood? Here Are Some of the Safest Areas in the Big Apple

What are the most fantastic choices for relocation within NYC? Which are the safest neighborhoods in Manhattan, and which ones are the top choices for living in Staten Island? We have gathered the info and listed the safest places in the city on the list below.

NYC is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but not all neighborhoods are great

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