New Yorker’s Checklist: Things You Forget to Do When You Move to a New Borough

Written by: Michael Vaughan

Considering the hustle and bustle of living in NYC, it’s not surprising that there’s a whole list of things you forget to do when you move to a different borough. While everyone occasionally makes mistakes, not finishing some essential tasks could cause you many problems and even more stress than necessary. If you keep forgetting something, the tips we mention here will help you create a perfect checklist for your next relocation.

Forgetting to do something before relocating will put you under a lot of stress

Keeping a detailed checklist, and more importantly, remembering to use it will enable you to change from one borough to another much more efficiently. However, be aware that this checklist only contains some of the most commonly forgotten tasks, meaning you’ll have plenty of other things to finish before you can move. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone, as Twin Brothers Movers are here to help with anything.

Creating a Checklist Will Keep You From Forgetting Everything You Have to Do in the Weeks Ahead of Your NYC Relocation

Although everybody has their own reasons for moving in New York City, it’s still one of the least pleasant experiences you can have in it. Most relocations are already challenging, but the city’s hustle and bustle also cause people to overlook some pretty important details. Fortunately, creating a checklist will keep you from skipping even a single task, allowing you to take care of everything in the weeks and months ahead.

Be aware that apartment hunting in NYC can be challenging when switching to a different borough. More often than not, you won’t know what to expect, but adding a few more tasks to the to-do list should allow you to find a place that fits all your criteria.

Check Available Commuting Options Before Deciding to Move

Do you need a car in NYC?” is one of the most commonly asked questions about it, with the answer mainly depending on which borough you’re relocating to. Manhattan is notorious for its traffic, and with the few parking spots available, there’s almost no point in having a vehicle. Most of the amenities are already thirty minutes away and can easily be reached by public transit. Getting a monthly MetroCard will provide you with unlimited rides for both the subway and the local buses. It’s only $127 every thirty days, and there’s also a 7-day option which costs $33.

Driving is a bit more useful outside Manhattan, particularly for those living in Queens and Staten Island. Both of these cover a very large area, are significantly farther away from the city center than Brooklyn or Bronx, and their public transportation networks aren’t nearly as developed. They are also very popular with families, which also justifies the need for a vehicle. Before you decide to sell or donate your car, figure out if the neighborhood you’re relocating to has enough parking space, and check where the nearest metro and bus stations are located. Forgetting to do this before could cost you hundreds of dollars on parking, so be sure you have all the necessary information before relocating.

Explore Your Future Neighborhood Before Doing the Rest of the Tasks on the Checklist

Exploring the neighborhood you’re planning to move to might seem like common sense, but many fail to learn even the most important details about their home before the relocation. While you can easily find all breweries in Brooklyn with just a few clicks on the phone, you won’t always have access to Wi-Fi. Unless you’ve moved to one of the safest neighborhoods in the city, wandering off in a completely unfamiliar environment could put you in a very unpleasant situation.

No matter how good you think you know your way around the city, make an effort to learn the most important routes you plan to take every day. If you need some tips, find a bike rental and take a few turns around the block, or explore the area on foot while trying to remember notable landmarks. Considering many places in the city aren’t safe at night, this should all be done during daylight hours and with some company. If you know people who live in the same neighborhood, ask them to give you some tips on what to do and which areas to avoid.

Be sure that the place is perfect for you before signing any document

Forgetting to Hire New York Movers Could Make Your Relocation Significantly Harder

Hiring local movers in New York is undoubtedly the easiest way to move efficiently. Forgetting to book professional services means you’ll have to cover all the relocation preparations yourself, which could take several months to complete. While you could manage to pack books and other smaller belongings fairly quickly, relocating a piano and other large items would be next to impossible to do on your own. Avoid making the move more complicated than it needs to be and handle this task right away.

Start Looking for Moving Companies in New York Right Away

It’s crucial to start your search for New York City movers as soon as you’ve set the relocation date. Trying to book a professional company two weeks before the move will lead to many dead ends, as many service providers won’t be available on such short notice. In the best case, you’ll end up paying significantly more, meaning that finding a mover this late in the process is next to impossible for those with limited relocation expenses.

Hiring a professional moving company on time should be one of your top priorities

Free Yourself from All the Unnecessary Items

A person living in Staten Island is likely not aware just how much more room they have compared to someone living in Manhattan, which can also be said for the other boroughs. However, that’s not something anyone wants to hear when planning to relocate there, as there’s a good chance you’ll have to downsize your inventory significantly. Failing to do so will only clutter up your home and cause even more relocation stress.

If you’re having trouble deciding what to do with an item, try to remember when was the last time you’ve used it. Was it over a year ago? If the answer is yes, there’s no reason why you should cling to it. Donating furniture could fix most of your problems, and you won’t even have to worry about packing it. Other ways to deal with unwanted belongings besides donating include selling, giving them away to friends and family, or simply throwing them out. Decluttering will also allow you to deal with some of the items movers won’t move, which often have to be handled in a precise manner.

Consider Renting a Storage Unit

While decluttering could help you downsize, it is not always the perfect solution to all your storage problems. Someone relocating in a hurry will likely not have the time to decide what to do with each item right away, while others will still have too much stuff even after decluttering. In that case, it would be much easier to rent a storage unit and place everything that can’t fit in the apartment there.

If you need some tips on how to declutter, this scheme might help

Changing the Address Is One of the Most Important Things You Forget to Do When You Move

Although it might be common sense, many fail to change the address when moving out of their old home. Not only will this prevent you from receiving any mail, but everything that gets delivered to the previous address can easily be misused for illegal purposes, possibly causing you some trouble with the law. Considering the USPS allows you to forward your mail up to 90 days in advance, don’t leave this crucial task for the last moment. The process is relatively simple, and the fact that you can submit a Change of Address Form online means you won’t even have to go down to the post office.

Changing your address before relocating will save you a lot of headaches

Failing to Transfer Utilities Before the Move Will Make Your Next Home Uninhabitable

Transferring utilities has to be one of the most critical tasks on your list, as failing to do it before relocating could potentially leave your house or apartment uninhabitable. Considering the request takes a few business days to get processed, it’s best not to wait for the last weekend before moving to do it. Those living in Brooklyn and relocating to another neighborhood in the borough will likely only have to update the address with the utility companies. On the other hand, relocating to a different borough will require you to find its local service providers before you can set up anything.

Remember to Notify Everyone About the Relocation

While transferring utilities might have been a nuisance, it was only the beginning. There are many other important businesses and institutions you’ll have to deal with, so we highly recommend you make a list of everyone who needs to be notified about the move, starting with:

  • Government agencies, including the IRS and DMV,
  • Banks and insurance companies,
  • Business contacts,
  • Subscription-based services.

Unless you’re always working remotely, let your employer know about the move, particularly if it could disrupt your work schedule. You shouldn’t keep your family and close friends in the dark either, so try to give them a heads up by posting on social media or sending a message in a group chat. If you want to do it in person, throwing a going-away party and ordering some excellent takeout might be the idea you’ve been looking for. Last but not least, give at least a 30-day notice to the landlord before vacating the unit. If you want to know why it’s important to notify everyone about your relocation, take a look at the video below.

What Are Some of the Most Common Things You Forget to Pack?

What do phone chargers, documents, and toiletries have in common? They are all some of the most commonly forgotten items to pack. According to New York City moving companies, people repeatedly leave behind their most essential belongings, often not realizing it until it’s too late. To keep yourself from forgetting about these in the first place, we highly recommend you make a moving day essentials checklist.

It should include everything you might need to get through the first few days after relocating, allowing you to set up your home instantly. If you’re still not sure what to do, start by packing plates, a few pots and pans, and any other kitchen essentials. You’ll have to do this for the bathroom and bedroom as well, so get on it right away.

Deal With the Paperwork Before Moving Out

If you haven’t already organized important documents at home, now’s the perfect time to do it. Although throwing all the paperwork on a pile might be ok to some, it won’t make dealing with bureaucracy any easier. Try making a file folder with separate tabs for anything you feel should have its own section. If you have a lot of papers, you can even create a binder, as long as you don’t forget to pack all the crucial documents first, including your:

  • Personal files,
  • Financial records,
  • Real estate deeds,
  • Medical records,
  • Vehicle titles,
  • Pet’s record.
Considering the long list of things people forget to pack, always make sure that you've boxed up everything

Relocating in NYC Is Hard, So Get One of the Top New York Moving Companies to Assist You With the Preparation

These were some of the most important things to remember to do when moving to a different borough, so hopefully, you’ll know what to look for on your next house or apartment move. While this checklist might be extensive on its own, be aware that plenty more tasks will also have to be completed. We haven’t said a word about packing furniture or even about fragile items, both of which will take longer to secure correctly. Considering everything that has to be done before you can move out of the current place, hiring our New York moving company is the best option you can make.

Twin Brothers Movers offers an incredible residential relocation service, allowing you to move to a house or an apartment anywhere in the five boroughs. If you don’t know how to pack a TV or a computer, our team will provide you with high-quality packing services, ensuring that all your possessions are appropriately secured for transport. Finally, we also offer top-tier commercial moves, enabling entrepreneurs to relocate their businesses quickly and without delays. To learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us and request a free quote from one of our representatives.

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