The Best Staycation NYC Ideas for You to Try This Year

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Written by: Chloe Platt

Whether you want to take a break after moving locally to a new home or would just like to get to know your new neighborhood better, a staycation in NYC is a great way to do that! The Big Apple is, well, pretty big, so even though you are a local, we’re sure there are still corners of the city you haven’t explored. Sure, you’ve been to the Times Square and seen the Statue of Liberty, but so has half the world. In other words, despite the situation that the world is in right now, you can still see something new in your own hometown. Without further ado, here are our top picks on how to spend a weekend like a tourist in NYC.

Explore your city like a tourist

The Best Ideas for a Staycation in NYC With Kids

Having children can take moving stress to a whole new level – it’s no wonder you’d want to go on vacation after that. Luckily, the Big Apple is full of fun activities for kids of all ages. Our recommendation – Coney Island. With two amusement parks and several independent rides and attractions all located in this neighborhood, Coney Island is every kid’s dream come true. Needless to say, there are a handful of family-friendly hotels in the vicinity to choose from. However, given their location, these hotels are, for the most part, not cheap, so make sure to include that into your moving expenses checklist.

Other Things to Do With Kids on Your NYC Staycation

If your kids have already been to Coney Island one too many times, don’t worry. There are many other attractions to choose from:

  • One World Observatory, which, by the way, has some really fast elevators,
  • The Seaport Museum, which survived Hurricane Sandy,
  • The Children’s Museum of the Arts, where kids can not only observe, but also participate in creating art,
  • National Museum of Mathematics – we promise, it’s way more fun than it sounds.
Coney Island is always a fun adventure for kids

When You Need a Romantic Getaway in New York City

The Big Apple abounds in romantic things to do: from having a picnic in Central Park to having dinner in a rooftop restaurant, options are endless. But did you know that, if you’re planning on living in Brooklyn, you’ll have easy access to some of the most romantic activities in NYC? Book a hotel nearby and spend the day walking around the picturesque Brooklyn Botanic Garden. When the sun sets, walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and catch a cruise that will take you through the city. Some cruises even allow you to book a private window-side table, so you can enjoy the stunning views while you eat dinner and drink wine.

Stay at the Pierre Hotel – One of the Most Romantic Hotels in the Metropolis

Sometimes, you don’t even have to leave your accommodation to be romantic. All you have to do is book a room at The Pierre. This upscale hotel is 90 years old. It boasts celebrity guests, an excellent location, and magnificent views. It features a high-end restaurant, just as high-end room service, various events, live entertainment, and even a complimentary shoeshine. What’s more, if you’re moving with pets, the hotel allows dogs up to 15 pounds in weight.

Sometimes, a cozy room is all you need.

NYC Staycation Ideas for Those With a Sense of Adventure

Does reading about romantic hotels and children’s museums make you yawn? If you’re looking for something more exciting, stay tuned! We have something for you, too. For example, you can organize a weekend filled with outdoor activities. Start off with some white water rafting on the Hudson River. You can even explore the shores on a stand-up paddleboard. If you’re a fan of rock climbing, Central Park is always a good option. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to set aside enough time to go mountain biking in Highbridge Park. It’s bound to get your adrenaline pumping.

The Best Hiking Trails Near New York

If you’d rather hike than bike, don’t worry – there are plenty of options for you too. Here are some of our chosen destinations:

  • Verkeerderkill Falls Trail,
  • Stairway to Heaven,
  • Mount Taurus,
  • Storm King.

If this sounds like it’s up your alley, check out the video below.

You Don’t Need a Hotel to Get Away

Sure, staying at a high-end hotel with room service is great. But many would agree that trading the hotel room for a camp trailer is way more fun – and we agree. Plus, it comes at a much lower price. Luckily, the area in and around NYC is rich in campsites to choose from:

  • Hither Hills State Park. Around 2.5 hours of travel away from the city, this place will give you the opportunity to experience some unique natural phenomena, such as the so-called “walking dunes”.
  • Harriman State Park. Only an hour’s drive from the Big Apple, the park is a true natural oasis. It also features 200 miles of hiking trails you can explore, as well as two beaches.
  • Collective Governors Island. Ever heard of glamping? This place is the right spot for it – it features tents with bathrooms and lots of privacy, lodges, and a farm-to-table restaurant with an excellent chef.

How to Prepare for Camping

If you’ve never been camping before, but you’d love to try it, know that being prepared is crucial for a successful night outdoors. To learn how to prepare, be it summer or fall, check out the video below.

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