The Safest Neighborhoods in Brooklyn in 2020

Written by: Chloe Platt

Are you planning to move locally around NYC to start a family and searching for the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn? Maybe you already live in this borough but want a more peaceful and quiet area where you can start raising your children. If you are searching for walkable streets, low crime rates, community parks, family-friendly environments, good public schools, check our list of best areas in this district and decide which one suits you most.

If you're moving locally around NYC, be sure to read on.

Dyker Heights Is the Most Festive Neighborhood in the States

Just eight miles from Manhattan, you will find the charming Dyker Heights neighborhood. When we say charming, we are mostly thinking about the winter season, which is celebrated with style here. Each house is covered with an excessive amount of lights and other Christmas decorations. Such a festive atmosphere, along with a safe environment, have been attracting many young families for years. Dyker Heights is very much urban in size, but it has a suburban feel. If you decide to move here, you’ll enjoy the enchanting view of New York Harbor in your daily life. Another plus is a decent transit and walkable streets.

Park Slope Is the Most Desirable Place Among Young Families

According to Niche, Park Slope is one of the best neighborhoods for families in NYC. Just like our previous entry, this place abounds in a suburban atmosphere. Residents are very welcoming, and there are plenty of things to do. If you move here, you’ll visit the fantastic exhibitions in Brooklyn Museum often or go to the Central Library every time you need some good reading. We also have to mention the nearby Prospect Park, where locals gather to enjoy a vast green area filled with pre-war buildings and vintage houses. Apart from amazing historic homes, you’ll find a large lake, a popular zoo, or just enjoy some of your favorite outdoor recreations in this vast space.

Apartment Rent in Park Slope Is Among the Most Expensive in NYC Neighborhoods

The only thing that might make some people pull off is the renting cost in Park Slope. The shortage of affordable homes has led to increased rent prices. The average price is higher than the national average. A one-bedroom apartment will cost you more than $3,000.

Make this neighborhood your home if you enjoy culture at every step.

Clinton Hill Is Among the Friendliest Areas in New York

Clinton Hill is also included on Niche‘s list of safest New York City areas. Low crime rates, luxurious apartments, plenty of greenery, and eclectic restaurants are among the reasons young families choose to live here. Local G and C trains are easily connected with A train, which allows a pretty quick commute to downtown Brooklyn. Clinton Hill is home to Pratt Institute, founded by oil baron Charles Pratt in the 19th century. Since then, the institute has become a top-rated engineering school in the city. Clinton Hill is also notable for its former residents that include punk rocker Patti Smith, poet Walt Whitman, rappers Mos Def and Biggie Smalls.

This Brooklyn Neighborhood Offers the Best Public School in NYC

If you are going to relocate locally to Clinton Hill, you’ll likely enroll your children in the PS 20 School, the best one in the district. For years now, this school has been rated above average with its efficient and innovative programs and amazing teachers.

If you want the best public school for your children, move to Clinton Hill.

Budget-Friendly Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge is the most coastal place in the district. This place used to be populated mostly by Scandinavians, which is still remembered through the annual Norwegian Constitution Day Parade. Even though it may seem urban because of the population, Bay Ridge is more of a suburban area. If you want to live in a walkable and safe place that offers plenty of greenery, you should settle here. Its beautiful waterfront parks provide plenty of biking and hiking trails. It is important to mention that Bay Ridge is among the most affordable places in the area, with the median rent price of $2,000.

Bay Ridge greeneries can serve as a venue for various outdoor activities.

Kensington and Its Welcoming Residents

Many families and young professionals are settled in Kensington. This neighborhood is among the calmest in New York and offers high-quality public schools, affordable living costs, and decent public transportation. A family-friendly place that appreciates diversity is a perfect place for anyone who is relocating locally to start a family. You’ll find everything from unique historic homes to brick apartment buildings available for rent along tree-lined streets.

Live Close to the Greenwood Cemetery

Don’t let the word “cemetery” drag you away. Since you are local, you might have heard about the stunning Greenwood Cemetery, or maybe you’ve even visited it. The place was founded at the beginning of the 19th century as a rural cemetery and was a sensation for its residents. Back then, the area was the first public attraction, and Central Park in Manhattan didn’t even exist. Now, this cemetery is one of the historic places on the National Register, and since the year 2006, it’s a National Historic Landmark. If you decide to relocate to Kensington, you’ll be close to this amazing place. The community organizes various events here, like screening movies and educational programs.

The historic and modern blent of Kensington is sure to win you over.

Final Thoughts on the Safest Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

As you’ve seen, there is more than one option to relocate locally and still live in an environment that is safe, family-friendly, and culturally rich. Once you start planning your local relocation, be sure to hire professional moving services near you. You can contact Twin Brothers Movers if you need a reliable local moving company in your area that will transport your items safely to your new residence and save you from moving stress. We can also provide packing services if you are not sure about some of the belongings that must be packed carefully.

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