5 Most Beautiful Parks in Queens New York

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Written by: Chloe Platt

If you have just moved to this neighborhood, with one of the top-rated New York movers, and you’re looking for a lovely green space for an afternoon walk with your dog, we have a list of the most beautiful parks in Queens to recommend you. This attractive borough is waiting for you to discover it and spend some time in outdoor activities. Are you ready?

Enjoy the most beautiful green sanctuaries that this place has to offer

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park – the Largest and Most Famous Green Space in This Borough

This is probably the most famous park in this borough, not only to citizens of NYC  and the state but also to the rest of the world. Every tennis lover heard about this place since Flushing Meadows is the home of the annual US Open tennis championship. Thousands of people gather here every year to enjoy the best tennis matches and see their favorite players.

Flushing Meadows Corona is divided into four main sections: Corona, Central, Southern, and Eastern. This green oasis’s range of activities is enormous, there are several museums, a botanical garden, a theater, and a zoo. Other than that, baseball fans can enjoy the Mets stadium and a few other sports facilities like soccer, mini-golf, cricket, sailing, and boating. If you like to ride a bicycle in your free time, you should check our guide for all you need to know about using the bike rental in NYC and take a ride through the greenest part of this borough. Let’s continue our tour through the parks in Queens, NY.

Take a Look at the NY Hall of Science

One of the county’s top science museums is located in this park. Children will love to see what this museum has to offer and learn how science works. This museum was founded in 1964-65 World’s Fair, and today it’s a center for interactive science. Check their online programs and give your children great resources for learning.

Every year in August, tennis players from all over the world gather here for the US open.

Astoria Park – One of the Prettiest Parks in Queens From Our List

Astoria is one of the safest neighborhoods in Queens. If you want a slower life pace, proximity to Manhattan, and a safe place to live with your family, this borough offers this and much more. Check our guide to living in Queens to help you figure out everything in this area easier. One of the best parts about living here is walking by Astoria’s East River waterfront, where this green beauty is. With almost 60 acres of open space, Astoria is one of the biggest parks in Queens, NYC, where you can visit many facilities:

  • The largest outdoor pool in New York City,
  • Skateboard playground,
  • Basketball courts,
  • A playground for children,
  • Walking and running trails.

All year-round, you can see dogs running freely through the green fields, and this must be one of the best experiences you can have with your and your friends’ dogs. If some of your friends who have pets are moving to this borough, let them check our guide for moving with pets.

Stunning View of Manhattan’s Distinctive Skyline From the Park

Two of New York City’s bridges could be seen from the lawns in this park. None of the other parks in Queens, New York, has a view like this one. The RFK Bridge takes people from Astoria to either Manhattan or the Bronx. The Hell Gate bridge takes people to and from Manhattan. It is pretty awesome to watch from the green oasis, crazy traffic, and megapolis’s busy life.

Isn't this view breathtaking?

Alley Pond – Home of Adventure in the City’s Heart

Who could tell that life in the swamp can be pretty busy? Start learning about environmental issues from the guys in Alley Pond Environmental Centre, which has many programs for both kids and adults, where you can learn about woods and ponds in this park.

Your coworkers will love NYC’s first public high ropes adventure course. This low and high rope course activity promotes team-building and problem-solving skills. Work together on solving challenges, and enjoy climbing the zip-line and the wall, walking on the balancing platforms, and many other exciting activities. After completing this course, you’ll be in a mood for beer, so make sure to check the top breweries in Queens, NY, and grab a drink with your coworkers. You’ll probably explain to them how you decided to move to this borough while reading about the best places to live in Queens.

Team buildings in nature will lift your spirit high

Gateway National Park With Jamaica Bay and Breezy Point Beaches

This green park area goes along the southern shore of Queens and includes Jamaica Bay and the Rockaways. The pure beauty of nature is what will blow your mind here. There’s nothing like a long walk along the beach and sunbathing during the summer months. When you feel like you want to escape from the city’s busy life, head to Breezy Point and Rockaway Beach. Don’t miss the bird-watching at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge or canoeing trips around the shore. This experience will help you to relax and forget about the moving stress. Enjoy this video and the beautiful nature of Jamaica Bay.

Juniper Valley – One of the Best-Maintained Parks

This is also one of the most beloved green heavens in the Middle Village neighborhood. Juniper Valley Park is one of those places where you go out for a walk with old friends or gather there to play tennis, handball, or basket. Even on a cold day, or in the middle of winter, in this public space, you can see how the pros play bocce in the playground in this public space. The best time to see them is for the annual NYC Bocce Tournament held in September.

There is always someone who will play bocce with you here

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