7 Tips That Will Help You Prepare for Moving in With Your Boyfriend

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Written by: Amelia Mead

Moving in with your boyfriend for the first time is a beautiful yet challenging endeavor. After all, no matter how long you’ve been in a relationship or how much time you spend with the person you love, it can be difficult to feel prepared for everything a shared life brings. Although you shouldn’t be afraid of this milestone, it’s never a bad idea to ensure you’re prepared and comfortable for what is coming your way.

Moving in New York is more fun when you are doing it with your bf A shared life is a milestone you should feel prepared for

What to Expect When You Move in With Your Boyfriend?

Even if you are used to spending days at a partner’s place, or he at your’s, living with your boyfriend is still a different experience. And although you might already feel as if you are technically living together, there is a reason why an official move-in is a milestone on its own. By moving in with a boyfriend, you are deciding to try out a shared life, which means you’ll share both responsibilities, good times but also hardships and struggles.

Moreso, the person you love, is now getting a new role in your life – he is no longer going to be just your boo, but your roommate and life companion as well. And that is beautiful, however, that is also something to keep in mind so that you can negotiate the new roles you’ll have in each other’s lives properly. Don’t worry, we are here to shed light on all important things that can help you decide if you are ready for this next step, as well as to help you prepare yourself for it.

Living together is not the same as spending nights and days at the other person's place

#1 To Avoid Moving in With Your Boyfriend Too Soon, Try Spending a Lot of Time With Him First

You might be asking yourself: how long should I wait to move in with my boyfriend? Well, there’s no one definite answer. You might be with someone for a week and feel like your love is a good enough reason to move, and that’s okay. The main thing is that you feel ready and excited about taking this step. However, if you want to be as positive as possible, you won’t want to move out after two months, the best thing you can do is to spend a lot of time with your significant other. That way, you’ll be able to better figure out if living in Manhattan together is something you should actually try on for size.

Consider Doing a Trial Run Before Making the Decision

While you might already be spending days and nights together, signing a lease is a big step. So, don’t think that just because you took a few NYC staycations together, you already know how compatible the two of you will be as roommates. Instead, before you get to dealing with the nits and grits of how to move in with a boyfriend, do a little trial test of settling in with him in your or his apartment for a month. While living in a shared space is different from this option, sharing your days for a longer period without any legal or financial commitments will better let you make a definite decision.

A young couple looking at an apartment where they could live in Before you go on and invest in an apartment you like, do a little trial test of living with your boo

#2 Get Ready to Communicate What Excites You and What You’re Fearful About When It Comes to a Shared Life

There’s no better relocation tip we can give you when considering this big step than to talk out everything with your boo. The two of you are about to embark on a journey together, so you should be ready to share your deep thoughts and emotions too.

Don’t Leave Any Topics, Doubts, and Questions You May Have Unaccounted for

There might be a lot of questions and dark scenarios on your mind: Does moving in ruin a relationship? What if I moved in with a boyfriend and am not happy? What if moving in with my boyfriend impacts my independence? What if we end up breaking up? Well, the truth is, you can never be sure of what will happen. Is it a bad idea to move in with your boyfriend?

Probably not, but the two of you are the only people who can actually answer this question. You owe it to yourself and your boo to talk your doubts over. Most often, the dark scenarios in your head are just anxiety and relocation stress talking, so it’s good to put everything out in the open. Anyways, such open conversations are a test on their own, one that will ensure your relationship is a safe space after all.


Be Vulnerable and Understanding About Both of Your Feelings

While an emotional conversation might bring up things you don’t want to hear, like your bae being unsure about living in Queens together just yet, you should try to communicate with an open heart and mind. There’s no room for passive aggressiveness and resentment in these situations. After all, if either of you has doubts or questions, that doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed. Give yourselves space and compassion, and all will end up well.

An older couple looking happy There's no better way to ensure a long and happy life together than with open and sympathetic communication

#3 Make Sure You Feel Comfortable With Your Partner

While emotional comfortableness is one crucial predisposition to a shared life, you should also ensure you feel comfortable with your significant other in other daily interactions. So, before you sign the lease and pick up the keys, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you okay with using the bathroom around your bf?
  • Do you feel the need to always wear make-up when you are with him?
  • How would you feel if you were sick and he had to take care of you?

The thing is, once you move in with someone, there’s no way you can be glamorous and amazing every minute of every day, so ensure you are okay with your partner seeing you at your worst moments as well.

Couple sitting at the beach at night A relationship is more than a walk in the park, so get ready to care for another and let him in completely

#4 It’s Important to Know You Are Both on the Same Page When It Comes to Financial Issues

Before you move, get ready to talk about money and finances – a lot. From paying rent to buying groceries and even saving money to move – cash is bound to be a large topic. And there is no right or wrong way to share your finances. Some people split their costs 50/50, some do it according to their paychecks, and in some cases, not both parties will work, which means only one person will be paying for things. Whatever your situation is, ensure both you and your boo are on the same page. Check out the following video to see some of the many options on how people split their bills, and maybe get inspiration on which route you might want to take:

#5 You’ll Probably Have to Negotiate Your Ideas About Cleanliness

Yes, money can be a sensitive issue, but let us tell you one thing: the biggest fights among partners arise on account of cleanliness. Maybe you are the type of person who doesn’t care about move-out cleaning and can go for weeks without vacuuming the floors. Maybe your bae spends hours just cleaning and scrubbing dusty surfaces. Whether you are the less or more hygienic person in the relationship, you should be ready to get out of your comfort zone and get ready to compromise.

The Division of Chores Is an Important Conversation to Have Before Moving in

While you won’t be able to always share household tasks 50/50, there should be a common understanding of who does what when. Find a way to structure and share responsibilities before you change your addresses, and be ready to negotiate it as you go. And we recommend doing it on account of who enjoys what more (or less). If you hate washing the dishes but love taking out the trash, try to fit your preferences with your partner’s, and of course – vice versa.

A guy washing dishes While you might not be able to always share your tasks 50/50, ensure there's a general understanding of what responsibilities belong to whom

#6 Living Together Doesn’t Mean You Should Forsake Your Alone Time

We all know how apartment hunting in NYC can get – it’s hard to find a place with multiple rooms that won’t break your relocation expenses checklist. That being said, sharing a one-bedroom apartment can make it difficult to spend time on your own, especially if your home is a place you work remotely from. However, it’s still important to do it, even and especially if you enjoy the company of your partner. In order for you and your relationship to grow and evolve, you have to have your own inner world. So whether you’ll visit that bike rental and take a tour around the city, or read a book in your fav Brooklyn park, just make sure you still spend a few hours a week on your own.

You Shouldn’t Take Your Relationship for Granted Either

Although you and your boo might love spending days in bed with your favorite TV shows and the best NYC takeout, you’ll still need to schedule a date or two. Once again, in order for your connection to thrive, you should go out and enjoy new experiences together. Take your loved one to a Queens’ brewery and try some new craft beers. Go to Bronx park and visit the mesmerizing Botanical garden. The important thing is: whatever your favorite outdoor activity might be, make sure you don’t neglect it after you move in.

Ensure you have your own space and fun and other stuff you like to do, even if it's outside the home

#7 Get Ready to Have a Lot of Fun

The thing is, there are no tried and true tips for moving in with a boyfriend, but if it all works out, you’ll soon be living in Staten Island with your best friend. So, in addition to having a few serious conversations, be ready to have a lot of fun as well! You are about to share your fav TV shows, cook together, sleep together and do all the fun things you love at any moment you want – without the need to leave your home.

A young couple laughing together At the end of the day, you are going to have a lot of unforgettable moments together, so get excited about all the fun that awaits you!

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