5 Signs That Show You Two New Yorkers Are Ready for Moving in Together

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Written by: Anastasia Hill

Moving in together is an important milestone for every couple. Many experts agree that this is something you shouldn’t just rush without being at least 90% certain about it. If you’re having second thoughts or worries, this article might help you get a better understanding of where your relationship is heading. These are some signs that are universal, green flags, that will tell you if the two of you are ready to take this step.

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How Do You Know When It’s the Right Time to Move in Together? Follow Our Tips if You Want to Make It Work

How long should you wait to move in together? Well, this is something everyone would like to find out. But, as we are all well aware, there is no secret formula to calculate how much is enough to be sure it’s going to work. But if you don’t try, you won’t know whether you’re wasting your precious time with someone who just isn’t right for you. The key is to follow your gut. If you both feel ready and agree on this – the perfect timing is now.

How Do You Move in Together Successfully?

Do relationships change when you move in together? Obviously, they do. What most people aren’t aware of is how much their relationship can actually change after this, and that’s what’s making it so risky. You can’t expect everything to work perfectly forever – there will be many ups and downs, and you’ll need to deal with many unexpected situations.

If you want to avoid arguments and build a stable future, you’ll need to make frequent compromises and sometimes even make other people’s wishes your priority. This won’t be easy – the only question is if you think that is worth it. By following our relocation tips and convenient relocation hacks, you’ll learn how to deal with issues that often come after relocation.

Couple excited about their new home If you want to know how to move in together and live happily ever after, follow our tips

#1 You Both Agree on This and Have Similar Plans for the Future

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind after imagining life under the same roof? Is it kids running around screaming and ruining your morning routines? Or is it finally the calm weekends with your boyfriend, Netflix and chill, cooking together, hanging around just the two of you?

Every person has a different scenario in their head, so ensure you two are on the same page. The same thing can be experienced differently from two perspectives – kids can be a dream come true for one and a living nightmare for another. At least for now. That’s why it is important to address this and other important questions on time and ensure you’re well aware of your partner’s plans for the future.

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You Already Talked About Important Issues

Unfortunately, you can’t simply use a magic wand and stir your thoughts into a pot for other people to see them. Unless you are Albus Dumbledore. But don’t get disappointed quickly. You can still figure out what the other person thinks. There won’t be any magic involved, but you can always communicate.

People often overthink important issues without simply asking the other person about them. It also often turns out that it was a false alarm. Don’t make this mistake and talk about every subject as soon as it comes up. Most importantly – learn how to listen, and everything will go much smoother for both of you, and you’ll successfully avoid all relocation mistakes. This video shows some of the hot topics you should cover early in your relationship.

#2 You Went Through Different Phases As a Couple

If you are still in a honeymoon phase and reading this while feeling overwhelmed with positive emotions, take your pink glasses off and think carefully. This is always a great period, and you probably feel like you’re a perfect match or that nothing could get in the way of your future happiness. But to spend a life together, you need to ensure you survive soame struggles together. Can you rely on the other person when things aren’t perfect?

You had medical issues, or do you urgently need to travel to see your grandparents? How would the other person react? Is your partner supportive or doesn’t really act the way you expected? Unfortunately, we need to go through some challenging situations to test the bond. If you survived crazy college years together, you’d probably stay friends forever, but still, relationships are much more demanding. Living together will be like a rollercoaster, and there will be many crazy rides, so you and your boo must be in sync like a Formula 1 team.

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#3 You’re One of the Couples That Like Spending a Lot of Time Together

When is it time to move in together? Couples moving in together should be sure that they love spending much time together. And by that we mean – most of their free time. If you and your bae sleep at each other’s place frequently, go grocery shopping together, meet each other’s friends or families or even work together, what’s actually stopping you from sharing a roof? Exactly, nothing. If you enjoy your being together, this is a natural step to take, so all that is left is to gather the courage to say:”I think we should move in together.”

You Already Travelled to New Places Together Before Moving

Traveling together, as dreamy as it sounds, can also be an important milestone in your relationship. While traveling, people go through some stressful situations together, such as losing luggage, dealing with pickpockets, delayed flights, and many others. They all will show how you two together can overcome some difficulties.

These situations are perfect small tests for couples where you can perfectly see the other person’s reactions in different situations. If you feel like your partner is neglecting you during something that you find stressful or important, maybe you should reconsider your decision about living with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Couple traveling together Adventurous trip to another country is a great test to see if you two could live together

#4 You Survived Different Problems, Fights, and Temptations Together

Nothing can cause that much relocation stress as frequent fights and disagreements. If you’ve had this situation before, you are probably already familiar with the fact that your soulmate gets angry fast and just needs an hour or two to cool down and talk normally. Maybe you have to walk your dog if you relocate with a pet and clear your head in order to communicate about your issues.

If you both are already familiar with the other person’s typical reactions in these stressful situations and handle them well enough, you are one step closer to a happy future as a couple. It is normal to disagree on some questions occasionally – the only thing important is knowing how to make a compromise when this happens.

If You’ve Spent Quarantine Together in One Place, Your Relationship Can Get Through Pretty Much Everything

This was the ultimate test situation for every couple – many broke up, but many stayed together or got married as well. If you went through this successfully – congratulations! You are officially ready to move in with your partner. You already went through a global pandemic together, so you can probably overcome different crises, fights, and challenges that life brings. You learned so much about each other, and if you both are up for it, why not continue “quarantining” together for the rest of your lives?

Couple painting their living room If you went through quarantine together, you probably are ready to live together

#5 You Already Talked About Finances and Discussed Money Related Questions

One of the important things to discuss before moving in together is your financial situation. If both of you are living in some of the best neighborhoods for singles, that is great but also very expensive at the same time. So, sharing a roof and budget doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Obviously, this shouldn’t be your primary motivation to take this step, but it should be one of the things to consider. Remember, you’re one step closer to having a family together – you don’t want this with someone who will leave you if things don’t work out perfectly or someone loses their job.

Are You Ready to Deal With Financial Problems as Partners?

If you already went apartment hunting, got familiar with tenants’ rights, have enough reasons to move, and decided which of the Staten Island neighborhoods works perfectly for you, making a relocation expenses checklist should be a new step. If you choose to have a shared budget, you have to determine how much you both will be contributing to it. Getting a flat in NYC will probably cost a lot, especially if you want to be living in Manhattan, so you need to ensure you both can afford it.

You also have to think through other relocation expenses such as relocation services, deposits, buying or relocating large furniture, and so on. If you are on a budget, there are few ways to save some money – for example, plan a move-out cleaning without professional help (assist each other) or organize a garage sale where you can sell some of the items from your previous homes. Prepare that there might be some unexpected expenses and that you might not want to spend money on the same things, so you need to find a way to make it work.

Money and bills What to discuss before moving in together? Money is always one of the hot topics that can make or break your bond

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