7 Best Things About Living in Staten Island

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Written by: Chloe Platt

Living in Staten Island has a lot of perks! The fact that you get to live in one of the greatest cities in the world, but without the New York City price tag, is a reason enough to come to live in this NYC borough. Explore with us the best things that make Staten Island a desirable place to live in, before you start choosing among New York moving companies.

If you want to be part of New York, but without the NYC price tag, this is the perfect spot for you.

1.  Staten Island – A Good Place To Live

Staten Island is beautiful and immensely affordable, one ferry boat ride from Manhattan. Residents have much better income and an increased standard of living at prices that are way more affordable than other parts of the city.

The Island has some great restaurants in NYC with culinary traditions from different cultures like German, Sri Lankan, Italian, and Mexican dishes in old-school eateries. It also has its fair share of some of the best pizza in New York.

The Forgotten Borough of NYC

People often forget that this borough is one of the five major ones in New York City, mostly because the borough is on the south side of NYC and is geographically secluded from any other neighborhood. But don’t let that discourage you! New York movers will still help you relocate to your dream house. With its suburban feel, the borough is much different than the other, more urban, boroughs.

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Staten Island

There are many cool and fun things about SI, so if you are thinking about hiring a New York moving company and relocating here, be sure to check this video and find out more about this borough.

2.  The Staten Island Ferry

The free SI ferry is a relaxing way to view some remarkable sights like Lower Manhattan, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty. This is also your best transportation option and connection to Manhattan. You can sit back and enjoy fantastic Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines at any time.

Ways of Transport to the City

Since Staten Island doesn’t have a subway connection to other boroughs, you need to rely mostly on the SI ferry, buses, trains, and personal vehicles in order to get to other parts of the city.

See the beautiful New York skyline from the free ferry boat.

3.  Living With Nature

The Borough of Parks, as the island is often called, has about 170 parks all over its neighborhoods like Clove Lakes, High Rock, Greenbelt, and more. If you love the outdoors, Staten Island is perfect for you. More than one-third of the borough is protected environmental land, preserved as public parks and scenic lookouts. There are many sources of attraction for people who want some adventure in their life. You can even go hiking on Moses Mountain and experience stunning views of the city, or you can go to the beaches if you’re more into swimming.

If you crave outdoor activities, be sure to visit Staten Islands’ parks and scenic lookouts.

4.  Is It Expensive To Live In Staten Island? Not Really!

As we’ve mentioned before, Staten Island is a good place when it comes to expenses. The cost of living index is 163.6 (based on a U.S. average of 100) – that’s lower than Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. People have the same or better income than residents in Manhattan or Brooklyn, but overall lower expenses than both of these boroughs.

Home and Apartment Rent Values

The median home value of $480,000 and the median rent of about $1,300 is one of the lowest in New York City, making it an affordable place to be in NYC.

Save money while enjoying the natural beauty of SI.

5.  Is Staten Island Dangerous? Negative.

Most of Staten Island is relatively safe. However, there are some neighborhoods like Mariners Harbor, the Park Hill neighborhood of Clifton that have a reputation of being more dangerous than others.

While it is mostly safe when it comes to crime, traffic can be a bit troublesome at times.

6.  In Search of Some Kills

Did you know that we have a lot of kills? As in Fresh Kills, Arthur Kill, the Kill Van Kull, and Great Kills? You see, the Dutch word for creek is kills, and indeed there are a lot of creeks in these beautiful neighborhoods. Be sure to visit the Great Kills Park, originally named Marine Park, which is a part of the Gateway National Recreation Area.

The word kill is an archaic form of the Dutch word for creek.

7.  What Is the Best Area to Live in Staten Island? There Are Quite a Few

Finding the perfect home in a perfect area is possible in Staten Island. Depending on what your priorities are when it comes to searching and moving to a certain area may vary the ultimate list of good choices. You can read about the 5 best places to live in Staten Island so that you can find the right one for you, before you decide on hiring New York City movers.

Moving To A New Home

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