A New Yorker’s Guide to Living in Queens

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Written by: Chloe Platt

If you want to feel the action and experience all the benefits of the luxurious Manhattan, but don’t want to be in the center of it, living in Queens is the best option for you. With this guide, every NYC resident will be excited about finding a home in this diverse borough.

Did you know that this is the biggest borough in the city?

NYC’s Unique Place of Culture And Diversity

Queens, New York, is a lovely borough spread across 109 square miles, home to the most diverse group of residents in a city already known as a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds. More than half of the people that live here speak a language other than English in their home. The whole place breathes with an authentic culture, which is why many artists choose to live long in this particular area of NYC. So If you want to live in the city and have truly diverse life experiences, Queens is the place to be.

Just whatever you do, don’t tell a native that they live on Long Island! Queens residents are NYC natives. On the other hand, Long Island inhabitants are considered a separate community, to the point where people bring up the idea of making Long Island its own state every few years.

Queens is the best borough to be inspired in.

Is It Expensive to Live in Queens?

The cost of living is higher than the average in America, but it’s still up to 40% lower than in some areas of Manhattan. Transportation, groceries, and clothing here are more expensive than in other parts of the US. The median rent is about $1,400, but the price can vary depending on bedrooms, square footage, and specific housing locations.

Less than half the population owns their homes, which makes sense, given the expense of buying in this area. A typical house costs over $400,000, and it may not include amenities like a garage. Mortgage and utilities can rack up to $2,200 a month. So before you start planning your move, be sure to create a moving expenses checklist to help you plan your budget.

Be sure to check if a certain neighborhood fits your budget.

Is It Safe to Live in Queens?

Most parts are relatively safe, like Malba, Belle Harbor, Fresh Meadows, and Upper Ditmars. Some areas are rougher than others due to high traffic, and some are more isolated and can be unsafe in that sense. Overall, the borough is generally safe with pockets of dodgy neighborhoods.

Stick to the commonly known safe places in this part of New York City.

Interesting Things You Need To Know Before Moving

Here is a shortlist of some interesting things you’ll like in this NYC area:

  • Lots of malls
  • Some of NYC’s best beer gardens
  • Home of the US Open tennis tournament
  • NYC’s second-largest Chinatown
  • It’s the graffiti mecca of the world
  • It’s the birthplace of famous celebrities and artists
  • You can apply your indie film at the Queens World Film Festival
If you’re a big tennis fan, be sure to check the US Open tennis stadium.

The Best Neighborhood in Queens

There are many good neighborhoods in this part of the Big Apple that you would definitely like. Here are our top three picks.

Astoria – The Greek Oasis

Astoria is one of the most popular neighborhoods, known for its diversity and great housing options. The largest ethnic group here are the Greeks. Actually, people come from all over the city to enjoy the amazing Greek food scene.

Only 20 minutes from midtown via subway, Astoria offers easy access to Manhattan, which makes it a perfect home for young professionals working across the East River that separates the two boroughs. Just remember to throw a moving away party before you go!

Check Out These 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Astoria

Think you know a thing or two about Astoria? Test your knowledge and find out a thing or two about this diverse community below.

The Sunnyside of Life in Queens

For a more suburban feel, you’d want to visit Sunnyside. This neighborhood is best known for the Sunnyside Gardens Historic District. The District was one of the first planned communities in the US. The courtyards and 1920s brick townhouses are very beautiful and characteristic here. Housing is a bit more expensive, with one-bedroom homes commonly selling for around $150,000, and townhouses selling for upwards of $800,000.

Raise Your Kids in Forest Hills

If family comes first and you want a place where you can raise your kids, Forest Hills is the neighborhood for you. Known for being more affordable than other areas, Forest Hills is most appealing to 30-year-olds with young children. A variety of shops means that you don’t have to go downtown for shopping. There are many parks in the area that add to the suburban feel and are great places to enjoy the outdoors.

The ideal home is where your family feels safe and happy.

5 Main Reasons for Moving to Queens

There are truly many reasons why you should be moving to this NYC area – the list could go on forever. But to pique your interest, we have summed up five main reasons for moving to this borough.

Affordable Housing Options

Queens provides affordable housing for NYC residents. The average rent for an apartment here is $2,000. Compare that to an average rent of $3,700 in Manhattan.

Pick Your Living Options

This is the only borough in New York City that offers so many options for living arrangements. If you want to be just over the East River and have spectacular views of Manhattan, Long Island City and Astoria are the perfect places for you. And if you want to live in a suburban neighborhood with hills and lawns, try Bayside or Jamaica Estates.

Excellent Art Museums

If you’re all about art and would like to see some exhibits, here are the best museums to visit when you’re in this part of New York City:

Taste the Best City Food in Queens’ Neighborhoods

Welcome to one of the world’s food capitals! The borough has people from all different types of cultures, bringing their own unique flavors and traditions to Queens’ many restaurants, especially for Greek, Chinese, Korean, and Thai cuisines.

Fun Things To Do in Queens

Whether you’re looking for a night out in the city, craving some amazing food, or want to enjoy some outdoor activities, Queens has it all. You’ll definitely want to visit Rockaway Beach, located on Queens’ southern peninsula. Rockaway is the only legal surfing site in New York. Plus, there are BBQ areas, playgrounds for kids, and various sports areas for your favorite athlete.

Living in these neighborhoods means you have easy access to Manhattan and the other boroughs. Basically, you’re only a subway ride away from dance clubs, karaoke bars, museums, and other fun activities.

Be sure to practice your surfing skills when you hit Rockaway Beach.

Feel Like Moving?

We hope our guide has helped you figure out whether or not you want to live in this part of New York. In case you do, and you’re in need of some professional movers, feel free to contact Twin Brothers Movers and book our moving services for your local move in NYC.

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