Living in Manhattan – Tips for Newcomers

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Written by: Chloe Platt

There are not many places popular as this one, and living in Manhattan is a dream come true for most people in the world. The borough thrives with life, and most people who come here never want to leave it again. So if you’re thinking about relocating here, be sure to read these tips and prepare yourself for the concrete jungle.

Explore life here and enjoy one of the world's most recognized skylines

Moving Here – Become a True Resident of Manhattan, New York City

Before relocating here, do thorough research on what’s life like in Manhattan. There are many reasons to move here – walk the streets, visit hot spots, learn everything you need to know about this borough and find yours. Start evaluating your budget, make a moving expenses checklist, and be sure that you can afford to live here. Then find a place to donate furniture in NYC or donate clothes in NYC and get rid of any unnecessary things before deciding between New York moving companies and dealing with relocation stress.

When You Come Here, You’ll Never Want to Leave “The City”

Manhattan is such a pivotal point of NY that when you come here, you don’t call it by that name – you simply refer to it as “The City.” And truly, when you do come here, you’ll fall in love with the neighborhoods, the good school systems, the culture, good job opportunities, fantastic food, and a diverse population. So, if you are wondering – is Manhattan a good place to live? – living in Manhattan is as good as it gets. It’s also the top place for a staycation in NYC in this period when traveling is not much of an option.

Living in Manhattan – What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Manhattan?

Manhattan’s neighborhoods can be as small as a cross street, or a square mile, unlike in Brooklyn or other boroughs. The residents are proud of their neighborhoods, and they love to talk about why their district is the best in NYC. These are considered the best neighborhoods in Manhattan:

  • Tribeca – It stands for the “triangle below canal street.” Renters in Tribeca pay about $4,100 per month on average for a one-bedroom apartment. It is also home to some celebrity residents, including Beyonce and Jay-Z. This is also the place where you’ll find some of the coolest breweries in Manhattan.
  • SoHo – South of Houston St. It is the trendy neighborhood of SoHo. It is the center of the art scene and culture since the community was developed by artists drawn to large loft spaces and warehouses in the 20th century. It is also a great location if you’re moving with pets.
  • Gramercy Park – Developed in the 1800s, the area, was intended for richer families hence one of the safest neighborhoods in Manhattan. The actual green space in Gramercy Park is exclusive, and getting a key to the park is an accomplishment, as the only people with access are those who have apartments or homes along its perimeter.
Don’t expect a quiet life anywhere in this borough

If You Plan on Living in Manhattan, Learn the Lingo

Like any other neighborhood, Manhattan also has a local lingo that you’ll want to learn if you plan on relocating here with New York City movers. Be careful when pronouncing different things around locals. As you’ve already learned that “The City” means Manhattan, in the same pattern, Brooklyn Bridge is just “The Bridge,” if you are living in Brooklyn, and “New Yorkers” are only those people who live in New York City itself. Also, don’t say “Metro”; call it “Subway” or “Train.” Don’t categorize trains by color, but rather refer to them as the “6 train” or “4 train.” Forget north and south because you’ll only head “uptown” or “downtown.”

The quicker you learn the local lingo, it's easier to blend in and enjoy the conversations

Learn to Love the Vibe of Manhattan, NYC

This central part of NY has a special vibe of its own. For instance, Brooklyn is a quieter, more artistic borough, but in Manhattan, you can’t escape the hustle and bustle – that’s why many consider it one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for singles. And no matter how friendly locals are, they will “run you over” on the streets if you’re in their way. You can relax in parks like the most famous Central Park, or visit an art museum, or watch a play on Broadway, but be sure that time here doesn’t stop for anyone.

Take your time to soak in and adjust to the vibe

Get to Know Manhattan’s Transportation System

Rule number one – your car is useless here. Paying for parking in the city is expensive, and finding a home or apartment with private parking is almost impossible. There’s really no good reason to keep driving, especially with the traffic madness here. So we strongly suggest that you add “selling the car” or finding a place where you can donate cars in NY to your moving to-do list.

Other than that, there are numerous possibilities when it comes to transportation. Manhattan’s public transportation system is really good, with taxis, buses, and the subway to get you to your final destination. If you want to keep your car, then your best option is to store it. You can hang on to the vehicle for relaxing trips because you won’t need it on a daily basis.

At first, you might find it hard to read the subway map, but with time, you’ll know it by heart with no problem at all

What Salary Do You Need to Live in NYC?

NY is one of the most expensive cities in the country, and Manhattan is the most expensive borough. So, before you hire New York movers, you should know that living in Manhattan costs about 150% more than the American average. It’s one of the rare cons of living here. You can expect to pay upwards of $1,000,000 for a condo in the city. The famous brownstones go for much more, sometimes selling for $5,000,000 or up. With the median rent resting at $1,500 per month, renting is also costly. The index of the cost of living here depends on the neighborhood, but it is usually about 258.3, based on the US average of 100.

What Is a Good Salary to Live in Manhattan?

If you are wondering, can I live in Manhattan making 100k? – the answer is yes. The average household income is about $130,600, while the median household income is about $120,000. A family of two adults and two children would need to earn an average combined income of $140,000, or $11,650 a month, just to be comfortable.

Can You Get an Apartment That Costs $1,000 in Manhattan, New York?

If you are wondering what kind of an apartment you can get for $1,000, be sure to watch this video, especially because it provides a comparison of what an apartment looks like in different Manhattan neighborhoods.

Know Where the Best (and Most Affordable) Food Is

Brooklyn is not the only place with good food. In fact, Manhattan has an abundance of different restaurants with the best takeout in NYC, coffee shops, cafes to work in NYC, and bars where you can try delicacies, beers, and other things from all over the world. Be sure to explore top places where residents love to eat. Of course, if you plan on living here for a long time, don’t always eat out, because it will cost you more than going grocery shopping and preparing things at home.

If you live in this borough and you don't try eating a hot dog on the streets, then you’re just doing it wrong

“If You Can Make It Here, You Can Make It Anywhere”

You’ve probably heard this at least once in your life, but really, if you can make it here in the city, you can make it anywhere. The hustle and bustle, the vibe, the food, the overall lifestyle are something that you should definitely experience at any time in your life. So if you’re not sure about relocating, take a leap of faith, and enjoy living here. Don’t forget to throw an amazing going-away party and check out our moving hacks and tips on how to pack shoes. While you are at it, learn what the most commonly forgotten things to pack are so you don’t end up forgetting them.

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