How to Unpack After Moving: 5 Unpacking Tips Every New Yorker Should Follow

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Written by: Hannah Michaelson

Congratulations, you have successfully moved. Your home is beautiful, and you must be thrilled. All that hard work has paid off, hasn’t it? However, there’s one tiny problem that you shouldn’t overlook – you still have to empty all those boxes. Do you know how to unpack after moving? There’s no reason to worry if you don’t – we have a few tips that can help you out.

How do you unwrap every package quickly? There's no right answer that suits us all

So, how to unpack after a move? Essentially, this isn’t that difficult – you open packages and take out stuff, right? Well, yes, but you should count on the fact that you will be exhausted after the relocation day. What will make you get up from the couch and get to work? How will you even approach this task? In this text, we have explained everything you need to know.

How to Unpack After Moving Within The Big Apple?

The evening after the local relocation to the safest neighborhood in NYC, you will be so tired that you’ll hardly have the energy to toast to your success and order the best takeout in the city. The pile of unwrapped boxes will be the last thing on your mind after the efficient move. But, this isn’t a task you can postpone forever.

Eventually, you will need some stuff from those packages – maybe pots and pans to make lunch or a pair of heels you haven’t seen since you’ve packed shoes. That’s when you realize that things to do after moving can’t wait – you have to empty packages and organize your home. But, how do you do that? Easy – check out our tips for unpacking after a move.

How Do I Unpack Fast After Moving – How Long Do I Need for This Task?

How long should it take to unpack after moving, and can you do it fast? This question bothers everyone after they have moved safely to a different NYC neighborhood. However, there’s no correct answer. We all work on our own schedule.

It could be weeks until you’re done with this challenge, or you could do it in a day or two. It all depends on the amount of relocation stress you’re feeling. Maybe you had to move in a hurry, and now you want to relax a bit and visit some breweries in Manhattan with your friends? That’s okay, there’s no reason to rush – take your time, and start unwrapping dishes and fragile items when you feel ready. Here’s one thing to cheer you up – if you’re wondering what’s worse: packing or unpacking, we can tell you without a doubt that the worst is over. It’s all a breeze after you’ve handled packing plates, trust us.

#1 Make a Plan – Being Organized Is Always Helpful

Some of the moving tips you used before the relocation can be useful here as well. For example, making a to-do list will be of great help to you. Having a plan always ensures that everything goes smoothly and that you don’t waste time like you would if you were winging it. So, we suggest you grab a notebook and a pen. Think about which items you need urgently, and that will give you the answer to which boxes to open first. That way, you will have an approximate idea of what to do, which will make it all so much easier. You already know that planning well is the ultimate relocation hack, right?

Check Your Inventory List – Are All Boxes Here?

Before you do anything, make sure that each box has safely arrived at your place in the best neighborhood in NYC for families – or, if you were relocating alone, the best neighborhood for singles. Either way, you will want to know that all your furniture and things were delivered by your local movers in New York. Compare the inventory list to the present packages. You did write an inventory, did you? We hope you did because it’s one of the essential things to do when you move, but people often forget that. Some companies instruct their New York City movers to make inventory, but we suggest you write your own, just in case.

Decide Where You Will Place Furniture Before Unwrapping It

Do you remember how packing furniture was exhausting? Well, unwrapping it won’t be that big of a deal, but there’s one catch. If you don’t want to drag the sofa around the apartment, decide where to place everything before you take off layers of protective supplies. You might realize that some of the pieces don’t match the style of the home you were going for – in that case, donate furniture at some of the many donation spots in NYC.

Be sure to check your inventory - has every package arrived at your home?

#2 Don’t Keep All Your Boxes in One Room – Distribute Them Before You Start Unpacking

If you were careful, you probably didn’t leave behind the most commonly forgotten things to pack in your old home. But, did you remember to label every box before handing it to your trustworthy New York movers and relocating to the best neighborhood in Manhattan? We hope you did because that will be quite helpful once you want to start unwrapping. Here’s what we suggest you do – move every box in the room where items packed inside will be placed. Why?

If you think about it, you will see that this is pretty smart. Why open a box and then carry items from one room to another when you can move packages and then unwrap them? Labeling will help you distribute boxes quickly and don’t waste time wondering where each one should go. For example, after you pack books, you should write “books” or “living room” on the package, so you can quickly carry it to said room.

Don't keep all your packages in one room when you begin unwrapping them

#3 Clean Your Home Before You Start Opening Packages

Although the move-out cleaning is considered a mandatory thing to do before you leave the old apartment, that doesn’t mean you will arrive at a spotless place at the end of your relocation day. You’ve done enough apartment hunting in NYC to know that, even though The Big Apple is dreamy, not all spots are in perfect condition after someone moves out.

Deep cleaning is one of the move-in essentials. So, grab a mop and a bucket and clean your place like a pro. Yes, that’s easier said than done, we know. The kitchen and bathroom should be cleaned first since you can’t go even a day without them, obviously. Here are some guidelines for the move-in cleaning from a professional that could be of use to you – take a look at the video below.

#4 Fight Procrastination By Following These Unpacking Tips

When you were packing your belongings, the biggest problem was time – will you pack everything before your local New York movers arrive to move your items on a relocation day? You’ve made it. Sure, wrapping electronics or figuring out how to move a piano was stressful, but you got through it.

However, when it comes to unpacking the belongings, you will have a different issue. It’s one of the worst enemies a person can have – procrastination. What is going to motivate you to get off the couch and begin opening those packages? Don’t worry, we have a few provenly efficient tips that will boost your productivity.

  • Invite your friends for a housewarming party – You’ve had a going-away party, so why not have a move-in fiesta as well? Besides having fun with friends, this can do you a lot of good when it comes to motivating you to clean and unwrap the stuff. You definitely don’t want your friends to come for a party and see that the apartment is messy – that’s why throwing a move-in party is one of the essentials.
  • Start small and work package by package – The most important thing is to force yourself to begin, and that’s often the most difficult part as well. You might get so overwhelmed by the idea of rushing to finish everything quickly so you can truly begin living in Manhattan. The pressure you put on yourself will only slow you down. That’s why you have to tell yourself that the main goal is to empty one package today, then another tomorrow, and so on. Set small goals that you can easily achieve. If you can do more, great – if not, you still finished what you’ve set for yourself.
  • Have short breaks often – It may sound counterproductive to advise someone to be more productive by taking frequent breaks, but this little trick actually works. Try it, and you’ll see. For example, you can empty a few packages and then head for a coffee in the best cafe in NYC (maybe you have just moved near one of the best places to work remotely, and you can take advantage of that). After you get your mind off unwrapping for a bit, you will be more energized to continue with this tedious task. If you’ve moved with pets, take your furry friend for a walk to Bronx park – that’s another great way to relax.
  • Ask friends to help you out – Turn a boring activity into something like a party by inviting your closest friends to help you out. Organize your kitchen with their assistance – remember how many belongings you had to pack when you were wrapping glasses – you’ll need help. Or maybe you can put all the books on shelves together. You will see how time flies if you’re working with your friends.
  • Put on some upbeat music while you work – Nothing keeps people going like a happy song. Play some of your favorite artists, and you will find it easier to clean rooms and unwrap everything. This is one of the basic motivational hacks, and it works for more than just unwrapping packages after the move.
  • Reward yourself for the hard work you’ve done – When you begin the work, promise yourself some kind of an award for when you’re done. It could be something minor such as visiting one of Staten Island parks, or you could plan to go on a hike near NYC. You know what will bring you the most joy and how to motivate yourself best.
Do you know how to fight procrastination and motivate yourself?

#5 Handle the Essentials First

Now that you know how to approach unboxing, the question that remains is this – which belongings should you take out of a package first? You have the list by your side, right? So, take a look at it and circle the absolute essentials. Additionally, we would advise you to divide your work by rooms. Don’t do a bit here, and then a bit there – it’ll just be more difficult for you.

Last Room to Pack Should Be the First to Unpack

Before you moved out, the last part of your former residence that you’ve packed was either the bathroom or the kitchen. It’s no secret that people always pack these last, considering that we use them up until the last minute before we move out. So, you require these two rooms to live normally, and you should set them up first. We suggest you begin with the bathroom since you can go a few days without your kitchen. You can order takeout before you set up that kitchen.

Try to Recycle Used Supplies

In the spirit of keeping our environment clean and healthy, we encourage you to recycle all of the supplies you can, naturally by following all of NYC recycling rules. You have many carton packages, and it would be a shame to let that go to waste. Pay a visit to one of these recycling sites in the city:

  • Empire State Cardboard Paper Recycling Corp. on 3 Railroad Pl, Queens, NY 11378
  • Box & Bottle NYC on 92-24 Queens Blvd, Rego Park, NY 11374
  • U.S. Recycling Inc. on 141 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • Scholes Street Recycling on 492 Scholes St, Brooklyn, NY 11237
Don't throw away used packages, they can be recycled

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