How to Pack to Move in a Hurry – Last-Minute Moving Tips

Written by: Anastasia Hill

If you’re planning a local relocation in a nearby future and have to find out how to pack to move in a hurry, reading this article could be very helpful for you. Even some people with a lot of relocation experience don’t know how to pack quickly, so you should know that this is a really challenging task. The best thing you can do is to hire one of the reliable moving companies in New York for help – local movers in New York can solve your problems and provide you with timely solutions.

Follow these tips if you have to move fast

How soon before moving should I start packing? It is crucial to start preparing the moment you find out that the relocation is happening. Every second is important in a situation as urgent as this one, so you have to use every moment you have in the best possible and most productive way. If you follow the list of important steps and tips mentioned in the following text, you should feel comfortable knowing that you’ll handle your move like a pro mover. 

How Do You Pack a Last-Minute Move?

Last-minute relocations are very challenging, so you should strictly follow your schedule, plan a budget and gather quality packing materials. You can also rely on some interesting alternative methods and reuse some stuff you might already have instead of buying new equipment – some of the belongings you might find useful include old boxes and suitcases instead of containers and towels instead of bubble wrap and cushioning.

You should skip sorting parts and go room-by-room, and if you have your friends and family helping you, even better! Prepare a bag with essentials and make sure your children and pets don’t get in your way. If you hire professionals, make sure you check what items movers won’t move and decide what services you want.

Last-minute moves are challenging but doable

Make a Plan and Strict Schedule

Living in Manhattan is thrilling and exciting, but if you are packing to move in a hurry, it’s all about strict schedules and tight deadlines. Make a moving to-do list and stick to it no matter what – if you start improvising, you’ll probably end up with additional problems and moving stress. Don’t miss out on some most commonly forgotten things to pack and follow your goals. Some of the best neighborhoods in NYC for singles are waiting for you, and you are just a step away from fulfilling your dreams.

Plan a Budget – You Don’t Have to Spend More Money in a Hurry

Another essential thing is planning your budget and making a moving expenses checklist if you don’t want to overspend. Keep in mind that if you are having a last-minute relocation, you’ll probably spend more than in a situation when you have more time. This leads us to the next step mentioned below.

Plan a budget according to your possibilities

Start Immediately – Don’t Waste Any Minute

Planning is crucial – we all agree on that, but you shouldn’t spend too much time on this step, especially if it’s measured in days and hours. Start packing immediately, and don’t waste your precious hours on some unimportant stuff. How to pack quickly for a move? Every moment you save with skipping unnecessary steps could be crucial for a more significant part of the process. If you already made a schedule, set yourself limits, for example, 2 hours for each room. 

This could vary depending on the number of rooms you have as well as their size and the number of items you have to prepare inside of them. Some parts of your home are more challenging – for example, the kitchen. You’ll probably have many fragile items and dishes there, so make sure to save an extra hour or two if you want to protect everything adequately. Start right away, and you’ll be happy and satisfied at the end of the process.

Follow a schedule

Donate or Sell Unnecessary Items

Another essential thing is to get rid of items you don’t want in your new home. It is much easier and faster to get rid of unused belongings than to relocate them. Reorganize your closet and donate clothes in NYC. You can also donate furniture in NYC, and mattress disposal is optional too. You can even donate cars in NYC if you can’t sell yours. If you have enough time to sell some of the belongings that are still in good condition – that is also a great wait to earn money you can later spend on professional assistance and packing service.

Clean Your Home

If you have a last-minute relocation, you might not have enough time for a moving away party, but you should take at least an hour to clean out your home and work out the mess you made. This might seem less important compared to other tasks you have, but think about people that are going to move in after you – there is no need to leave a mess after yourself, especially if you know you moved in when the apartment was in excellent condition.

Don't forget to clean your house

Ask Friends and Family for Help if They Know How to Pack to Move in a Hurry

One of the tips that can be a lifesaver, especially if you don’t have professional assistance, is to get help from your friends and family members. Tell them about the situation and kindly ask them to do some things for you – be patient, especially with ones that don’t have a lot of experience with these things, and give them the proper instructions. Little children can be helpful and gather their toys – but don’t have big expectations when it comes to some other stuff. It’s probably for the best to keep them on the side – the process can even get dangerous sometimes, like when you are relocating large and bulky belongings.

Ask your friends for help

Gather All Possible Packing Materials You Can Find

If you want to find out how to pack for a move quickly, you should know that good packing supplies are essential – they will also improve the quality of your experience and protect your fragile belongings from potential damage. Once you decide what exactly you have to relocate, you’ll know the approximate number of boxes you’ll have to buy or gather from a local store. Apart from boxes, you could use some other crucial materials, including:

  • Tapes,
  • Cushioning,
  • Labeling materials,
  • Wraps.

You can buy most of these supplies online, so there is no need to waste a whole day shopping. Just ensure you know what sized boxes you’ll use and how much cushioning you want to use for protecting fragile inventory. If you don’t know how to pack glasses or how to pack books, it is probably the best decision to hire professional movers in New York and save yourself the trouble of damaging your belongings.

Find Alternative Solutions and Use Things You Already Have

One of the cool moving hacks and tips some people forget about is that you probably already have a lot of potential cushioning materials in your wardrobe – that’s right! We’re talking about using your socks to protect glasses and using blankets and towels for other delicate items. Even old newspapers can be used to fill the empty space in your boxes and protect your inventory by minimizing their movements once they’re packed inside.

Gather quality packing supplies

Prepare a Bag With Moving Essentials

It is always a good idea to prepare a bag with essentials, especially if you are moving with pets or small children. You should prepare some fresh clothes for yourself and other family members, food for your pets, toothbrushes, towels, toiletries, and everything else you find essential for the first couple of hours or days in your new home if you don’t want to start unpacking immediately. Keep in mind that your other packed inventory probably won’t be organized well, assuming you didn’t have enough time for that, so you won’t be able to find everything you need at once.

Be Ready as Much as You Can When Moving Day Comes

You probably thought about many reasons to move, and you must be excited to experience some of the best hikes near NYC or to try some delicious drinks at popular breweries in Queens if you’re relocating there. Why wait? If you have everything you need on your hand, you don’t have to waste your first days in some of the safest neighborhoods in Queens on unpacking. Relax and enjoy your deserved rest after a quick and exhausting relocation. This exciting video shows what you should put in an essentials box

Pack Room-by-Room

How do I pack and move in 2 days? This method can be used if you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to sort things by type. If you have your friends helping you, even better – make every person in charge of a separate room. That way, you’ll avoid crowds in hallways and be much more productive knowing that you have everything you have to prepare for the move in that exact place. Ensure to label fragile inventory and place it in a separate box you’ll be extra careful of. One of the pro tips is to keep clothes on hangers inside wardrobes and wrap them with plastic bags, as well as to keep laundry inside of dresser drawers if you’re relocating them.

Pack Everything Together and Sort Items Later

We get it, you want everything to be sorted out and well organized, but in times like these, you don’t want to waste a minute on unnecessary things – focus on what’s most important, and that is to relocate everything and protect the most delicate belongings instead of sorting seasonal clothes and shoes. You can spend countless days in your new home in some of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan, rearranging everything once you relocate your belongings there.

Label boxes with fragile items

If You’re Packing to Move in a Hurry – Hire Professional New York Movers Who Can Move You in the Speed of Light

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