How to Pack Shoes for Moving – 5 Tips for Packing Footwear

Written by: Chloe Platt

Knowing how to pack shoes for moving will not only save you some time but also your favorite pairs from damage. Sure, boxing them all up in a single box may sound like the easiest solution, but it will most definitely ruin some of your favorite footwear. So, dedicate some time and care to packing shoes for moving, save your precious footwear, and make it easy for yourself when the unpacking day comes. Here are five tips on how to pack shoes for a move by an experienced New York moving company.

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#1 How Long Before Moving Should You Start Packing? We Say, Don’t Wait for the Last Moment

Footwear seems to be one of the most commonly forgotten things to pack, and people seem to leave it for the last minute. So, don’t make the same mistake – put packing footwear for a move high on your moving to-do list. Sure, you’ll need some of them until the last day in your old home, but prepare the other pairs early on. You do not want to ruin them and add more expenses to your moving expenses checklist, do you?

Some Moving Tips for Unpacking Day

It’s important to think about unpacking from the get-go to make it easy for yourself. So when you have your footwear packed, make sure you wrap the ones from the last season that you do not need right away first. Those can even stay packed for a while, as they likely won’t be your top priority when unpacking. This is something you should consider when boxing your footwear, as well as keeping some pairs you use every day packed separately, so you can easily access them.

Start preparing early on - do not wait for the last day

#2 Ditch the Old Pairs You Won’t Need

You, like the rest of us, must have at least several pairs of footwear in your closet that are beyond repair and unwearable. So, why bother boxing them up, only to throw them away later or leave them collecting dust in your new home? Ditch them and rid yourself of unnecessary moving stress. If you have some footwear that is in good condition, but you haven’t worn them in a while, and you think you won’t – give them away. There are places, like Dress For Success or Goodwill, where you can donate clothes in NYC that are in dire need of footwear as well – so help yourself by helping those in need.

Donate to those in need

#3 Clean the Shoes Before Packing Them Up

One of the key moving hacks that is often overlooked is to make sure your footwear is clean before boxing it up. When you are in your new home, ready to start afresh, you will appreciate your footwear being clean and ready to use. So, remove any dust or dirt embedded in the soles. You may also want to clean them with alcohol or spray each pair with an antibacterial spray to avoid scratches and air them out before wrapping them to avoid mold developing during storage.

What’s the Best Way to Get Rid of Shoe Odor?

No one likes stinky shoes, and boxing them up like that can only add to the unpleasant smells. So, if you notice a pair or two still having that lingering smell after you’ve cleaned them and aired them out, put them in a freezer for a while. That should remove the smell and get rid of bacteria. You can also put unused tea bags into each shoe – think lavender or orange scent while they’re in storage. Here are some great tips on how to clean shoes.

#4 Stuff Each Shoe With a Sock or Two

To help your footwear keep its shape during storage and avoid smashed shoes and scuff marks – stuff each shoe with a sock. You can add another one, depending on the shoe form. Besides socks, you can use clean paper, but avoid newspaper and other usual alternatives as they can leave stains. This is especially important for that nice expensive pair you want to save. When it comes to sneakers, you may want to tie their shoelaces together to avoid them tangling, as the everyday sneakers will likely go in the same bigger container.

Insert socks to stuff your footwear - that way, you won't have to worry about packing socks

#5 What’s the Best Way to Pack Shoes for Moving? Use the Box They Came In

Whether you are living in Manhattan and relocating down the block or to some of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn – the best way to pack shoes for moving is in their original box. But we all know you got rid of those long ago, right? No worries, you can pack them in other shoe boxes of the same size or buy such boxes from your New York movers. How do you pack shoes without a box? You can get plastic bins or containers of similar size or wrap them in layers of bubble wrap.

It’s Best to Pack up Nicer Shoes in Separate Boxes

You probably aren’t so worried about your everyday sneakers as much as your expensive designer pieces you wear on special occasions. So, put your favorites up individually with clean paper in between to protect them from scuffs. As for the older sneakers and slippers, they can go together in a bigger container.

Put your favorite or expensive footwear in separate boxes

Even if You Know How to Pack Shoes for Moving, It’s Easier to Let New York City Movers Do It

If you don’t want to waste time trying to figure out how to pack glasses for relocating or anything else, our local movers in New York can have you professionally packed if you opt for our packing services. That way, you’ll have less stress and more time to plan out your moving-away party. Or you can follow our tips and tricks, do your packing by yourself and contact us for residential relocation services when you need someone to transport your things into your new home. Whichever you prefer, just contact us, and you can count on us.

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