How to Pack Pots and Pans When Packing Your Kitchen for Moving

Written by: Grace Gray

Is the day of your local move approaching, and you don’t know how to pack pots and pans for moving? Packing pots and pans for moving is a task that should be done carefully, as these kitchen items are fragile. Some may be expensive, and you wouldn’t want to break them. Others may be parts of your family heirlooms, and you would like them around for generations to come.

So, how do you pack pots and pans to move? Well, who better than a New York moving company to tell you and give you advice? Our professional packers have done this more times than you can imagine, and we have come here bringing advice. We explain the process step by step in the article below.

How Do You Pack Kitchen Items?

Are you on your way to some of the best places to live in Staten Island, or have you always been living in Manhattan and about to upgrade to one of the safest neighborhoods in Manhattan? Wherever your New York movers are taking you, you must be full of questions and doubts regarding the packing process. How to pack glasses safely? How to pack plates? How do you pack pots and pans for storage? There are so many questions, and you would like answers to all to figure out how to move efficiently. Kitchen items can be very expensive, so if you don’t want to add more expenses to your already burdened moving expenses checklist – you gotta be careful. We are here with advice, and when you finish reading this article, you’ll have all the answers and some bonus tips, as well.

How Many Pots and Pans Do You Really Need?

You may have been living in Brooklyn and are about to buy your first house and plan on investing in some kitchenware. Or you might be relocating from some of the safest neighborhoods in Queens to a rented apartment in one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan. Whatever reasons to move you may have, the answer to this question is totally up to you.

Are you a passionate cook with a family, or do you often visit restaurants and order the best takeout in NYC? If you are not much of a cook, you don’t need that many kitchen items. Let’s face it – even if you are and cook every day, you still probably don’t need 20 different pots and pans. The key thing here is to figure out what kind of food you cook on a regular basis and what kitchen items you need for it. You can even choose just 6 pieces of kitchenware and still have everything that’s necessary – if you choose wisely.

You get to decide how many pots and pans you should keep, so think things through, and you will know

The First Step Is Getting the Right Packing Supplies

You don’t want to be reduced to packing to move in a hurry. Believe us, there’s nothing worse than that. So, as soon as you learn you are going to move, create a moving to-do list and outline everything that needs to be done. Include the most commonly forgotten things to pack, so they don’t slip your mind. But, most importantly, start by gathering packing supplies – you don’t want to be caught without them midway through, do you?

Then you would have to drive back to the store and waste your time. So, figure out how much of what is needed, not only for this endeavor but for all your things, as well. Remember, you’ll have to pack shoes and pack books for relocating, as well. Different kinds of things require different materials to be packed, so read what you should get for kitchenware below.

What Packing Supplies Should You Get?

Sure, you can enjoy the beautiful Staten Island parks, walk around Bronx parks, or parks in Brooklyn, but don’t forget to get the supplies on your way home. You should get more than just boxes, but while we are at boxes – get the right ones. Sturdy medium-sized ones for clothes are the ones you’ll want to get, as bigger ones could break under pressure – kitchenware is heavy and bulky. Besides that, you should get supplies that will provide the much-needed cushioning and protection. Here they are.

  • Sturdy medium-sized boxes (dish racks),
  • Packing paper,
  • Wrap,
  • Tape,
  • Scissors,
  • Marker.

Markers and scissors tend to be overlooked but are very important, as you will soon find out. Labeling is important when things are getting packed, and it’s also important in this process.

Save the Planet and a Buck – Green Alternatives

Relocating and apartment hunting in NYC is not an easy or a cheap process. So it’s understandable if you try to cut costs here and there or everywhere you can. And supplies and materials can add up, so can their costs. Besides, nothing harms the environment more than plastic, as we already know. So, if you wish to protect the environment and save a buck, there are alternatives to bubble wrap and paper you can use. Go with newspaper, towels, or old clothing instead.

Another good way to contribute to a greener world is recycling. So, you can choose to declutter and set aside clothing and furniture in good condition. Instead of throwing them away, donate clothes in NYC and donate furniture in NYC. If you are relocating to some of the best neighborhoods in NYC for singles, you will soon find that they are mostly in the heart of the city, and keeping a car there is more of a disadvantage than an advantage. So, you can either sell your car or see where you can donate cars in NY and get a tax return.

Saving the planet while saving a buck - who wouldn't like that?

How to Pack Pots and Pans for Moving? Sort Them Out

First things first – make a plan and sort the kitchenware out. Figure out what can be packed together. Plates of the same kind and size can go together. Then, organize the pots and pans according to size – smaller ones can go inside bigger ones. This is also the time to group everything that can be packed together with kitchenware in the dish racks, like tupperware, glasses, plastic kitchen items, and even dry food. Get it out and ready to be packed. Remove the lids from those things that have lids as you will be wrapping those separately.


Next Step – Clean Before You Pack for Moving

Clean everything that’s about to get packed. We know what kind of a hassle washing and cleaning everything can be, but it’s an important step as dust particles, or any kind of dirt can harm the surface. Not to mention that mold can be developed in storage and cause the boxes to break. So, it simply needs to be done, and when it’s done and you are unpacking at your new home, you will be blessed with clean kitchenware. Get on to work, and after a job well done, treat yourself to your favorite craft beer from some of the breweries in Manhattan or breweries in Queens – you deserve it. Here’s a video with useful tips on how to get rid of stubborn stains.

Is It Ok to Stack Pots and Pans?

Relocating includes lots of things like moving large items, figuring out what items movers won’t move, finding the best options for mattress disposal in NY, and so much more. But the key things most are focused on are to avoid the moving stress and save money and space so they don’t end up renting a storage unit. How does that reflect on our main topic? Well, you will want to use as few boxes as possible and stack things on top of each other. So, can you stack pots and pans? Yes, and we’ve got the right relocating hacks that will achieve two goals – saving space and keeping each item protected. How do you do that? Well, you’ve gotta be careful and organized, for one, and use your brain.

Let’s Stack and Pack Them Up!

Ok, so let’s get started. Get out the packing equipment and the dish racks. Remember the rule of thumb – heavier things go at the bottom of each box and lighter ones on top. But, before you fill-up the box, crumple some paper and lay it down on the bottom. Padding and cushioning will ensure the protection of each item. Then wrap each pot or pan with paper or your chosen alternative (newspaper, towels). Then stack smaller ones into bigger ones. You can stack up to 3 pieces together. Make sure you align their handles, as well, as this will make it easier to pack.

When stacking, make sure all the handles are aligned

Soft Padding Is the Name of the Game

Like we’ve mentioned – and this is one of the best tips you’ll get – you’ll want to use a lot of padding in this process. The first layers should go to the bottom of each box. After that, wrap layers of paper or its alternatives around each pot and pan. And when you have filled a dish rack, you’ll notice that you still have some room left in it. Don’t just seal it – it should be filled with padding, so nothing moves in transport. You can fill it with equally padded smaller things, like glasses and tupperware. And, if there’s any room left after that – fill it with cushioning all the way to the top.

There's no such thing as too much padding

Seal and Label All the Boxes

Another one of the tips you should know is that all the boxes should be properly sealed with tape. So, when you fill each up, seal it well with tape. After you’re done, you should label it. The key thing when handling fragile things is to mark each box with them as ‘FRAGILE’ on the top and all the sides. That way, both you and your New York City movers will be aware of the fact and will pay extra attention when carrying these dish racks. You can also make an inventory and a list of what is where, so it’s easier for you to unpack in your new home.

Don't forget to label everything that's fragile so you can be extra gentle with those things

Find Movers in New York That Go the Distance

And there you have it – if you have followed our tips, you have successfully packed your kitchenware. If you have lots of work to do, and you’d much rather be working in some of the best cafes to work in NYC – let us come to your rescue. We are one of the finest moving companies in New York, and we offer packing services, as well as residential relocation services. Don’t hesitate, contact us for a free quote and see how you like it. If you choose to hire us, you will be moved by professionals and at an affordable price. Let us handle this for you and take the burden off your chest. In the meanwhile, you can go around the city and its restaurants, looking for a perfect one to serve as a venue for your moving-away party. We are sure there are lots of fantastic options out there, yours is just to choose one. Good luck!

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