How to Pack Furniture When Moving to A New Home

Written by: Anastasia Hill

Wonder how to pack furniture and prepare it for your upcoming relocation? Stay with us because, in the following article, we’re about to show you some amazing lifting and wrapping techniques that will upgrade your relocation experience and help you move like a pro. You maybe didn’t know this, but according to some statistics, after real estate and cars, furniture is something an average person spends most of their money on during their lifetime. We strongly believe that you are an owner of some valuable pieces that you want to protect at every cost, so don’t worry – you came to the right place.

Wonder how to pack furniture for moving? Just follow the steps and techniques mentioned in this text

Relocating large pieces on your own can be tricky, so if you find this process too challenging and potentially dangerous for you and your inventory, maybe it’s for the best that you hire professional New York movers. They are experienced and hard-working professionals who can assist you during these difficult times and help you move confidently and comfortably. Browse through moving companies in New York and find your mover on time.

How to Prepare Furniture for Moving? Organize Your Move, So You Know Every Step in Advance

Once you find enough reasons to move, one of the most important steps you have to take if you want to overcome potential relocation stress, apart from hiring professionals, is making a substantial to-do list. This list should be adjusted to your personal preferences, needs, and a selection of items you want to relocate and objects you want to get rid of. Start decluttering on time and decide what you are going to do with items you can’t fit into your new apartment. If you aren’t ready to get rid of them, you can take some of the precious belongings to storage, but ensure you protect them by following some of the techniques mentioned below.

Donate or Sell Unnecessary Items

Did you know that the same way you can donate clothes in NYC, you can also donate furniture? If you want to go all the way, you can even donate cars! Donating belongings you don’t need is a great way to get rid of unnecessary objects while helping the ones in need and saving the environment at the same time.

If some of your belongings aren’t in good condition, for example, old mattresses. Check out your options for mattress disposal in NYC and get rid of them in the appropriate way. If you decide to sell some of the valuable objects, this can be a great way to earn extra money that you can use later on in the process for other purposes. If you want to prevent overspending, you can also make a separate relocation expenses checklist.

Disassemble Pieces if Possible

Another great way to make the relocation of bulky objects easier is to disassemble some of them if possible. Most of the bulky objects have removable parts that you can easily take off with the appropriate equipment. Once you take their legs or doors, it can be much easier to protect them and adequately pack for the upcoming move. They will also be less heavy, so it will be easier to lift them and maneuver with them.

Donate or sell unwanted belongings

Wonder How Do You Pack Heavy Furniture? You’ll Need Appropriate Packing Supplies and Equipment for Starters

You must be wondering how to protect furniture when moving and how to pack fragile items? The key is in the right materials and equipment. Once you decide exactly what you need to relocate, you should start gathering appropriate supplies and equipment. You can find some suitable protective materials at your home, such as blankets and towels. You can also get some free materials, such as boxes, at local stores, if you have enough time to look for them. If you need to pack to move in a hurry, check some online stores and buy the necessary supplies, including:

  • Cardboard boxes,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Plastic wrap,
  • Cushioning,
  • Pads,
  • Straps,
  • Tape,
  • Labels.

If you want to move large objects, you might also need specialized dollies, floor protectors, and slides. Professional New York City movers can provide you with this equipment – it’s not very economical to buy all of it, especially if you don’t relocate frequently. They can be really helpful if you need to move a piano or similar bulky and heavy objects. But keep in mind that there are always some items movers won’t move, so figure out what you are going to do with them in advance.

Appropriate equipment and materials are a must

How Do You Wrap Large Furniture for Moving?

After you successfully disassembled these objects, it’s time for packing. Lay them on the flat surface and cover them with specialized padding and blankets. Wrap them around all sides and cover all the surfaces. It’s like wrapping a present, but a very large one. Don’t hesitate to add another layer of protection if you find that one piece of padding or just one blanket isn’t enough to cover all the sides. The next step is securing these covers with plastic wrap. Take a roll of plastic wrap, and use several layers of it to secure the whole object. This will prevent the cover from slipping off during the relocation process. After this step is done, put pieces of cardboard and tape them to the sharp edges.

You Should Know Some Basic Lifting Techniques

Another important thing to consider while doing this is using the right lifting technique when trying to move the object. You can follow some of the suggested steps:

  • Keep both of your feet on the floor with a wide base,
  • Squat while keeping a good posture and bend only at the hips and knees,
  • Slowly lift the object by straightening your hips, but not your back,
  • Hold the object as close as possible,
  • Lead the motions with your hips,
  • Use the same squatting method when setting the object down.

For some extremely bulky objects, you’ll need assistance from a friend or two. Make sure they know the same lifting techniques and coordinate your movements in advance. If you’re relocating with pets, ensure they don’t get in your way during this process and remove any potentially dangerous road obstacles. If you’re having a going away party, this might be a perfect opportunity to gather your friends and family and ask them for help.

How Do You Wrap Wood Furniture for Moving?

If you have some wooden objects at your home that you want to move efficiently, you must use much protection and covering materials. Keep in mind that covering porous wood surfaces with bubble wrap might damage them, so stick to softer materials such as paddings and blankets. Once you cover every visible surface, secure the covers with tape, then put another layer of protection. This can be some plastic materials, as long as they are not in direct contact with the wood.

You should avoid putting bubble wrap directly on wooden surfaces

What Do You Wrap Furniture in for Storage?

Wrapping furniture for moving is not very different from wrapping it for storage. You should consider cleaning it first, wipe all the dust and dirt. If we’re talking about wooden items, you should polish them with a protective substance and seal the wood so it doesn’t dry out. For leather materials, you can follow the same procedure, just use the appropriate leather cleaner and protective products.

Dry them out before jumping to the next step. Disassemble objects if possible and start using the previously mentioned cover materials such as blankets, sheets, and padding. Put another layer of bubble wrap on top, and secure all the covers with tape. Use an extra layer of protection for legs and parts that are sticking out. If some elements have glass parts on their doors, put cardboard pieces to cover them and also secure them with tape. Check out this video with useful tips on how to prepare your furniture for storage.

Once You’re Done With Packing Furniture, You Need to Carefully Load It Into a Truck

Relocating large objects might get complicated even if you followed all the packing instructions. It is essential that you follow some other relocation hacks if you want everything to go smoothly. This significant part comes up once you try to load these objects into a relocating truck. You’ll definitely need assistance during the loading process. If you don’t have professional New York City movers by your side, you’ll need to have at least one friend or a family member who’s strong enough to assist you with the bulky inventory. You might also need specialized straps and sliders for this step.

Once you load an object inside the truck, you also need to make sure it stays in the desired position during transportation. No layer of protection can save your belongings from damage if something falls down during transport. So, once you are done loading the boxes, you can load all bulky inventory. Firstly, you should place padding onto the surface you are going to lay the object, place it carefully, cover it with more padding and secure it from unwanted movements using strong straps.

Follow the right procedures when loading the relocating truck

Now You Know How to Pack Furniture, But Hiring Professional Movers in New York Is Still the Easiest Way to Do It

We understand that you’re in a hurry to relocate to one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for families and visit some well-known Staten Island parks. After you’re done with apartment hunting in NYC, you can feel your adrenaline rising and your wish to start living in Manhattan even stronger, but don’t let this feeling overwhelm you and stop you from making necessary preparations. Hiring a reliable New York moving company should be your number one priority.

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