How to Move Efficiently – 10 Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Written by: Chloe Platt

Packing up your things and relocating to a bigger apartment down the street doesn’t have to be stressful at all. Although no one likes packing and organizing the move, there is a way to do that without making a big fuss. Take a look at our tips on how to move efficiently, and write down some notes that will make your life more comfortable during this period.

How do you move efficiently? Take a look at our list and find out

Relocating is a normal part of our lives and since there are so many reasons to move locally, some people do it more often than others. No matter if you’re doing this for the first time or you’ve been through this already, it can be very stressful and time-consuming. Moving stress is a real thing. Not only do you have to be careful about not breaking the favorite lamp or scratching the table, but you also must be systematic and start this process off on the right foot. It’s a lot to process at once. If you have a big question mark above your head now and wondering, “How do I move like a pro?” – follow our guide about the most efficient way to pack for moving and pick up the best advice.

How Can I Make Moving Easier?

Planning a move is incredibly demanding, but if you create the ultimate moving to-do list, you will make the first and most important step towards easy relocation. Making a list is the best way to organize everything and have all your tasks in one place, where you can check the progress and mark the ones you finished. Make sure to check the most commonly forgotten items to pack so that you are fully prepared.

In our list of ten tips that will make your relocation more manageable, you’ll learn how to efficiently pack to move and enjoy your new apartment as soon as possible.

Put all your stuff in the middle of the room

1.  Getting Rid of the Things You Don’t Use Is Crucial

Before starting this process, you should think about getting rid of stuff you don’t need or use anymore. Be systematic and practical about this. You will have less to do or move after decluttering, and you can start with a clean slate in your new place. We keep many random items, sometimes for sentimental or unknown reasons. Expired food, magazines, newspapers, old children’s toys, various kitchen supplies, broken eyeglasses, plastic containers should all end up in the trash.

Are you a hoarder who keeps many different items in the apartment?

2. Donate or Sell Unwanted Items

The first thing you should think about when you prepare for relocation is those bulky items. They should be a priority, and it would be good for you to know where to donate furniture in NYC. If you are relocating to one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan, you probably won’t need a car anymore. They’re expensive and useless in the middle of the traffic madness. Learn where to donate cars in NY. Also, check how living in Manhattan is like, and pick up some tricks for newcomers.

You should think about hiring the best New York moving company that will help you with heavy stuff. Twin Brothers Movers are well prepared for this task. The next thing you should start thinking about is bringing fewer garments and decluttering your wardrobe. You can sell your clothes online or find out where to donate clothes in NYC.

Donate, give or sell your clothes

3. Way Before the D-Day: Schedule Utilities for Your New Place

Some of the most important yet very boring things to do in your relocating process are an official change of the address in your documents and canceling and setting up again all necessary utilities in your new place. It’s pretty easy to finish this process, and it doesn’t take a lot of your time – just a couple of minutes. You can probably do it online, but remember to check that information on time. Find out more about this topic in this video.

4. Create a Moving Binder

This folder is the most useful thing you can have for this process. All forms, contracts, truck reservations, and inventory lists should be in it. You must keep it in a safe place because you never know when you’ll need something from it.

Put all documents in one folder, and write down everything

5. Get the Right Supplies

To ensure successful and safe relocation, you have to wrap your belongings properly. First things first, you’ll want to buy different sizes of boxes. Remember to pick strong ones because they may rip off during caring around. All boxes should be made of quality materials, like strong cartons or plastic containers. Besides the boxes, you also have to buy other useful materials:

  • Padding supplies,
  • Bubble wraps,
  • Wrapping sheets,
  • Scissors,
  • Packaging tape,
  • Labeling stickers,
  • Marking pens.
Take strong tapes to secure every box well

6. The Ultimate Packing Hack: Pack the Least Used Items First

When you finally start packing your stuff, make sure to wrap things that you rarely use first. You should check the list of most commonly forgotten things to pack before you continue with this. And, if you’re wondering what should you move first when moving, then the answer is – the books. Take a look at how to pack books. Maybe it won’t be a bad idea to take a break from sports activities for a few days. With all this hard work, you can take a break. Put your bicycle, yoga mat, pilates ball, weights, and gym clothes in one corner. You won’t use them anytime soon.

Books should be packed first because they're heavy.

7. More How to Move Efficiently Tips: Labeling Boxes Is Everything

One of the approaches you can use for labeling is to write the exact content of the box on it. This is the most efficient way to find something if it’s necessary. Other than that, you can choose a different color of the label for every room.

Besides these two, you can also label your boxes with numbers and words that describe them (fragile, kitchen, summer clothes, and so on). You can create an Excel sheet and fill it in with your home inventory; that’s the easiest way to handle this. Once you have it, update it when you finish putting things in each box.

Organize your boxes by categories

8. Pack Room-By-Room

We suggest that you do difficult things first. So, the room with the most significant number of small items is, of course, the kitchen. If you want to know how to pack dishes, check the New York movers’ best tips. Once you finish the kitchen, you are going to be very proud of yourself, and the other rooms will look like a piece of cake to you. For more practical advice on how to solve each room from the apartment, follow these rules.

How to Pack Kitchen Supplies and Fridge?

Make sure to defrost the fridge 48 hours before the D-day. If you have some food left that you want to bring with you, put it in the cooler with a lot of ice. Pack your favorite mugs, plates, bowls in the bubble wrap so that they can be safe for transportation. Check the tips on how to pack glasses without breaking a single glass. Don’t forget to put the dry goods from the storage in the packages too.

Solve the Dining Room Easily

Your loving dining table and chairs need some extra care during the relocation. You have to bundle them up very well so that they don’t get scratched or broken accidentally. Use an old blanket for the table and old tablecloths for chairs. The next thing you have to do is to roll up the rugs if you have them. It’s easier to transport them rolled up, and they’ll stay clean inside if you wrap them from the outside. We all love beautiful decorations in the dining rooms, but they’re pretty delicate so protect them with the bubble wrap. When it comes to protecting the paintings, you should wrap them in the old tablecloths, if they have a glass in front.

Use These Tips for Stuff in the Living Room

Secure your electronics by wrapping them twice in the bubble wrap. It’s essential to this carefully and precisely because your TV set might get scratched. Bulky furniture from the living room should go first in the truck. Movers will appreciate it if you tell them what should go first because putting furniture in a truck is like playing Tetris – everything must be in the right place.

Packing the Bedroom Is Time-Consuming

If you used our first advice, this should be easy. Now, when there are a lot fewer clothes, you can put them in plastic bags and mark them with the season they belong to. Organizing your jewelry can take a lot of time because you must wrap every piece. Protect your mattress with the matching bag, or if you want to buy a new one, read the guidelines for mattress disposal in NYC. For your beddings, use the bigger plastic bags and keep them sealed well.

Don’t Forget the Bathroom and Laundry Room

Toiletries and liquids should go together in the storage bins to avoid breaking or spilling. You should also tape all opened bottles and tubes for the same reason. For towels, use plastic bags; and the shower curtain and bath mats can be rolled up. In the laundry room, you must keep an eye on the washer and dryer and unplug them. Disconnect those two from water and electricity and prepare them for transport. You can’t bring fabric softener and detergent with you because they’re on the list of items movers won’t move.

Prepare Your Home Office for Storage

As soon as you find a new place, one of the first things you should do is make a backup of all files and documents. That can take a while, so ensure to take enough time for this process. When it comes to a computer monitor, you should carefully detach it from its stand and disconnect all cables and wires properly from the PC. Keep all cables in separate storage packages, so you don’t mix them.

Bubble wrap is your best choice for securing monitors and all other parts of your computer. You should wrap all of them separately. If you have an office desk and chair, ask movers to handle them carefully and put them with the rest of the big furniture. At one point, you might consider working remotely, so check the best places to work remotely in NYC. If you require more advice on setting up a home office, check this video.

9. Keep Screws and Other Little Furniture Parts in One Small Bag

If some of your furniture needs to be disassembled, keep screws in a sealed plastic bag, and mark it visibly as important. Each little piece of furniture has to be in its bag. Mark every bag with the name of the furniture piece it belongs to. Marking and placing screws like this can be helpful once you start putting up your furniture in the new apartment.

Keep your screws in one place because you will need them again soon.

10. On the D-Day, Have a Plan for Kids and Pets

The D-day is here, and it can be very stressful and tiring. Make sure you have a plan for every family member before you get up that morning. Ask friends or family members to take kids into the one-day visit to Staten Island parks, and spend some quality time with them. When it comes to your pets, check the best tips for moving with pets, and try not to put them under stress during this day. One more idea that can help is to bring their favorite blanket with you to a new place, where they can sleep and feel at home.

3 Essential Things You Must Have on a This Day

You will be occupied by many things that day, and it’s no wonder that some people forget about these. Prepare a box of essentials for the bathroom. It would be good to have clean towels, paper, and soap for everyone. After carrying rugs and boxes all day, you’ll have to take some of that dust from your clothes and hands. Movers would appreciate that too. Take care of people who help you with relocation, no matter if they’re paid or not, and ensure there’s enough of these:

  • Beverages (bottled water is essential) and snacks,
  • Healthy energy bars or donuts,
  • Pizza or burgers for lunch.

Check these 5 bars and restaurants with the best takeout in NYC, and order something for the crew.

Take care of your family members and pets during the D-day

How Can I Make Moving Less Stressful? Hire the Best New York City Movers

Before you start any of this, you must say goodbye to your old place and neighborhood properly. Throwing a party is the best way, so check out our tips on how to throw the best moving away party. And, we saved the best advice for the end. If you want to go through the relocation process smoothly, hire professionals. As top-rated New York moving company moving companies in NYC, Twin Brothers Movers will help you go through relocation more comfortably. They can help you with residential moving or commercial moving and even offer a packing service. Book your relocation on time, and contact us for more information.

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