How to Move a Piano Like Professional Movers

Written by: Anastasia Hill

Playing or listening to a musical instrument is one of the most pleasant and fun ways to relax – but when it comes to the relocation process, moving a piano can be very challenging. If you wonder how to move a piano and want to learn some useful tricks you can use during this procedure, reading this article might be beneficial for you.

Pianos are hard to move by yourself

Without a doubt, the best way to move a piano is to hire one of the reliable moving companies in New York for help. They already have all the necessary equipment and skills so you won’t have to worry about a single thing. But if you still want to go through this process by yourself, keep reading the following text and decide if you are ready for it.

What Is the Easiest Way to Move a Piano?

Naturally, one of the easiest ways to do this is hiring a professional New York moving company and relying on its services. How much does it typically cost to move a piano? Depending on the many factors like the type of the instrument, its size, weight, and other features, how many helpers you’ll require, how many hours they are going to spend, these prices can vary and go from $400 to $1,000, or even more.

Some of the companies also include insurance for a specific value, so paying professionals with a license is definitely worth it, and it will also save you from unnecessary relocation stress. Professionals can again remind you about the most commonly forgotten things to pack or show you how to pack glasses and how to pack books, as well as some other cool relocation hacks.

Can You Move a Piano by Yourself?

Are you uncertain about hiring professionals and wonder how to move a piano yourself? Moving a piano yourself will take you a lot more planning, time, and organization than hiring professional movers in New York. Although planning a moving away party is much more exciting, start by making a substantial to-do list and pay attention to every step mentioned in the text below.

If you follow them patiently and carefully, you’ll succeed in your goal and feel happy about the process. If you think one person is enough for this task – we have some bad news. Even if you have a lot of knowledge, skills, and experience as well as modern equipment – it is a much better idea to ask a friend or a family member for assistance. Believe us. Everything will go much smoother and more comfortable even if you have just one person helping you.

Find assistants on time

Ask Friends to Help You

The smartest thing you can do when relocating bulky items like this one and don’t want to hire New York City movers for assistance is to ask your friends for help. Of course, other family members can be helpful too if you’re not living alone. The more assistance you get, the sooner you’re going to finish this process, and you can both go and enjoy some of the finest breweries in Manhattan or beautiful Staten Island parks. If there are ramps or an incline, at least three people will have to handle the instrument, so it doesn’t turn over.

Ask friends for assistance

Take Measures of the New Space

No matter if you’re already living in Staten Island in some of the safest neighborhoods in NYC or you’re relocating to some of the best neighborhoods in NYC for singles, once you decide that relocation is happening, you have to think about some crucial things ahead. It is essential that you know the measurements of your new home and the exact place for your instrument. Make sure you know all of these measures before making the final decision. If you don’t have enough space for all of your belongings, write a list of priorities and consider donating furniture in NYC and donate clothes in NYC.

Make Sure Moving Truck Is in Appropriate Size

When choosing a relocation truck or another vehicle, especially if you’re organizing the transportation yourself, ensure that you have enough room for your instrument. If you’re relocating other inventory as well, think about putting the bulky items first and then fitting smaller boxes and other pieces in the empty places between them.

Measure every space and door on your way

Review the Path You’re Going to Take

Once you finally decide which of the best neighborhoods in NYC for families you’re relocating to and what path you have to take to move your precious instrument from point A to point B, ensure there are no obstacles on the road. Sometimes the shortest route isn’t the most convenient one, so think carefully. A longer and clear path it’s easier to pass than the short one with many obstacles. This calculation should also include the size and weight of your instrument and the type of equipment you’re using for relocation purposes.

Clear the Path

If you need to take stairs instead of an elevator, ensure they are safe and not slippery. The same thing applies to any other part of the path you and your helpers are going to take – this can be problematic if you’re relocating during the winter months or under some unpleasant weather conditions. Clear out the paths from ice and other potentially challenging obstacles.

Make Sure Your Pets and Children Don’t Get in Your Way

Another important thing to consider when relocating bulky items is to make sure your children or pets don’t get in your way while you’re carrying them through your home. It’s probably for the best that they stay with someone else on the relocation day – the process can sometimes get dangerous for them. When you’re relocating with pets, it is also potentially hazardous for you and your helpers that a cat runs around while you’re handling heavy belongings. If you can’t take them somewhere else, they can stay closed in a room.

Make sure pets don't get into your way

Relocating These Instruments Requires the Right Equipment

Every move requires the right equipment, especially if you want to handle it like a pro mover. You can gather some of the essential supplies at local stores or buy them online. For this particular kind of move, you’ll need some specific equipment.


You’ll Need Special Equipment Depending on the Type of Instrument

If you wonder how to move an upright piano or how to move a grand piano, keep in mind that these methods might be different, and they also require different equipment, to begin with. For relocating an upright piano, you could use specialized four-wheel dollies. These dollies are specially designed for relocating these types of instruments, and they usually have four wheels, so you just mount your instrument centrally on the dolly, and it is good to go. Their wheels are made of rubber, so you don’t have to worry about damaging delicate floor surfaces. 

Relocating a grand piano is a bit more complicated, so here is what you should use:

  • Piano board or skid board – This particular piece of equipment is usually made of plywood that’s covered in padding. You can use a skid board by strapping the instrument’s body on it and then putting it all together on the dolly.
  • Additional strapping – Strong strapping is essential for keeping the instrument on the board. If you’re bringing new ones, look for the type with ratchets or locking straps, so you can easily tighten them up and justify their length according to your instrument size. Hump straps can be helpful for lifting heavy belongings and extending the use of your arms by wrapping one side around your hands and the other side on the bottom of the instrument around its wheels.
  • Padding – This is essential to protect the fragile surfaces of your instrument and secure them from potential damage, especially from the bumps on the road that might appear. It also protects it from the straps, tapes, and other equipment you’re using during the relocation.
  • Equipment for leg removal – If you decide to disassemble your instrument by removing its legs, you’re going to need some basic tools like screwdrivers and a hammer.

Don’t Forget That These Instruments Are Very Heavy

As we mentioned before, depending on the instrument type and manufacture, there will be some size and weight variations, but most pianos can be moved by two or three adult persons with the right strength and knowledge, and of course, the proper equipment.

Gather the right equipment

Moving a Grand Piano Can Be More Challenging Than Trying to Move an Upright One

Moving an upright piano is usually easier than trying to transport the grand one because they have some different features. Upright pianos are taller and stand vertically – their strings also run vertically inside their case. When relocating them, you should close and tape its lid over the keyboard, wrap the pedals with cloth or plastic wrap and wrap and secure every side of the instrument with blankets and padding materials.

Grand pianos are not so tall, but they are wide, and their strings are long. Luckily, they can be disassembled in smaller parts for relocation purposes, and this part usually includes removing legs. You should also secure the lid with the tape and wrap all sides with blankets, then tape them to stay tight. Make a relocation expenses checklist and invest in the right materials to ensure that your instrument and your back both go through this process unharmed. This informative video shows how to put the instrument on the four-wheel dolly.

Don’t Forget to Retune Your Instrument Once You Move In

Does moving a piano damage it? If you follow this procedure or decide to rely on the professional assistance of our New York movers, it definitely shouldn’t get damaged during the process. If you want to end up the whole process in the right way, we suggest you retune the instrument shortly after the move is over. This video shows how you can retune your instrument at home by using the appropriate equipment

How to Move a Piano Like Professional Movers? Hire Twin Brothers Movers and Learn Some Useful Hacks

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