Where to Donate Cars in NY

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Written by: Grace Gray

Stuck with a clunker that’s only taking up space and you have no idea what to do with it or you’re moving to a part of New York with bad traffic? You should consider donating it! Many people choose to donate cars in NY, especially when they’re moving. It seems like a no-brainer considering you’ll avoid all the hassle of selling or junking an old car, support a worthy cause of your choice, and get a nice tax deduction at the same time.

In fact, car donations in NY have become so popular that many bogus operations have sprung up along the way resulting in the state investigating outfits for fraud and deception, so you want to be careful. Here’s where you can donate your car in New York and some more information on how to do it the right way.

Get rid of your unwanted car and support a worthy cause in the process.

American Red Cross in Greater New York

Since its founding in 1881, the American Red Cross has brought shelter, food, and comfort to those in need. So, when you give to the American Red Cross, you’re sure that your donation will go to the right place. In fact, an average of 90 cents of every dollar they receive in donations goes straight to those in need. So, if you don’t feel like researching charitable organizations and their legitimacy or finding that one special cause closest to your heart – this is a safe and trustworthy option. For more information, visit their website.

If ever in doubt who to give to - turn to American Red Cross!

The Goodwill Foundation

Another one of reliable organizations and a favorite of many Americans is Goodwill. When you give away your car to Goodwill, they will sell it and use the money to help people who are struggling with unemployment, poverty, and life-limiting disabilities in your own community. They’ll pick it up and tow it for you and mail you a tax-deductible donation receipt, which can go towards your moving expenses checklist. For more information, you can get in touch with them either by giving them a phone call or online, through their website.

Turn to Goodwill to help people in your own community!

Vehicles for Veterans

If you want to know how to donate a car in NY and help veterans in the process – look no more. Vehicles for Veterans is a non-profit organization working with many veterans’ charities nationwide dedicated to providing support with housing, medical care, disability, pension, and other causes related to our veterans. Some of these charities include but are not limited to Homes for Our Troops, Operation Homefront, Veterans Airlift Command, the Fisher House Foundation, the Semper Fi Fund. If you respect the veterans and all they have done for our country and want to give something back – this is the way! Call them or visit their website and they’ll come to pick up your car at your own convenience!

If you feel like giving something back to our veterans, contact Vehicles for Veterans.

Things to Know If You Want to Donate Your Car in NY

You want to do a good deed but you also want to avoid all possible complications. So, here are the answers to some of the most common questions and what to look out for when making donations.

How to Prepare a Car for Donations in New York?

Most charities don’t require you to do a deep-clean of the car before the donation, so a simple quick clean-up will do. You will need to collect all the keys you have and put them together on a single key ring. You can also give it a once-over, to make sure you haven’t left any personal belongings behind before you give it over. Make sure to add all of this to your moving to-do list before contacting New York moving companies.

Can I Donate a Broken Car?

Yes, you can! Most charities accept cars if they have rust damage, total damage, and even if they no longer run. You can save yourself the costs of repairs, especially if they keep costing more than the car is worth, and get a free tow. Not to mention insurance fees and the parking rate in New York! In most cases, these vehicles are recycled.

Do I Need to Notify the DMV If I Donate My Car?

Yes, you do. Notify the DMV within 5 days after you’ve donated your car. There are two ways you can do this:

  • Visit their website and file a notice to transfer and release of liability
  • Complete a REG 138 form and mail it to them

Why is this important? Some charities might ask you to leave the assignment of ownership line blank to make this process easier for them. However, if you don’t transfer the title of your vehicle, you could find yourself liable for parking tickets or other violations of the law even after you’ve parted with the car.

Don’t remove your license plates or cancel your insurance until the transfer of the title is complete. Then, return the license plates to your local DMV along with the required paperwork. For more info on the removal, transfer, and surrender of plates, it’s best to consult the DMV directly.

What to Look Out For When Donating Cars in NY State?

While there are many ads asking for donations, not all of them are from legitimate organizations, and some aren’t even from charities. So, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is – like if someone promises a 1000-dollar vacation for your wrecked car. Check here to find out if you’re dealing with a legitimate charity. Also, if you get something in return, you might not be able to get your tax deduction.

To make sure you get NYS tax credit for the donation of a vehicle, you have to check if the charity is tax-exempt. Visit the website of the IRS for that information. You can also consult the IRS regarding the value of your vehicle and deductions.

You don’t have to deep-clean your car before donating to a charity

A Quick Recap

So, if you want to move to another area in New York and you won’t be needing your car to commute – consider donating it. Just make sure you are donating to a legitimate charity that will put it to good use and transfer the title, so you can protect yourself. And if you’d rather not be bothered with having to relocate on your own, you can always hire New York movers. While they’re packing all your belongings, don’t forget to throw a moving away party to get rid of that moving stress! And if you still haven’t chosen the New York moving company to provide you with quick and reliable local residential moving services, feel free to contact us or visit our website and see if we can help!

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