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Staten Island is probably NYC’s most underappreciated borough. However, it features numerous neighborhoods that are incredibly safe, great both for families and young professionals. If you want to move to one of these locations, look up some reviews and contact professional Woodrow movers. They provide various services that will make your whole relocation much more comfortable.

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How Does Living in Woodrow Compare to the Rest of the City?

Located on Staten Island’s South Shore, the area used to be a part of the nearby neighborhood of Huguenot. Today an independent community, many amenities make it a viable alternative to living in Queens or Manhattan. Affordable cost of living and low crime rates are just some of the things that make the neighborhood one of the best places to live in Staten Island.

Real Estate Costs Are Similar to the City Overall, While Rent and Other Expenses Are Significantly Lower

According to AreaVibes, the cost of living in the neighborhood is about 8% lower than the NYC average. The median home price of $538,200 is about 6% more expensive than the city’s $508,900. However, if you’re looking to rent, you’ll need $950 per month, about 27% less than in the city, where the average asking price is around $1,300. Interestingly, 86% of the neighborhood’s residents own their homes even with the lower rent, significantly more than 32% in the whole city.

Even though the distance to other boroughs is greater, you’ll spend less on transportation, as well as most other expenses. Groceries, utilities, healthcare, various goods, and services are about 10-25% cheaper on average, making the neighborhood more affordable overall.

Woodrow Households Earn Substantially More on Average

The neighborhood’s residents earn about $39,800 on average, which is about 17% more than the city’s $34,100. The median household income difference is even larger, with Woodrow’s $104,800 being 90% higher than NYC’s $55,200. Furthermore, the 3.1% unemployment rate in the area is lower than the city’s 5.5%.

When we look at the education level, it’s clear that many of the neighborhood’s residents are highly educated individuals. Interestingly, over 91% of adults graduated from high school, more than the city’s 77%. While more people have a master’s degree in NYC overall, the neighborhood has a higher percentage of people with a bachelor’s.

Local Crime Rates Are Some of the Lowest in the City

While the distance to Manhattan may be too much for some, living in Staten Island offers many advantages, and safety is one of them. Woodrow’s crime rates clearly show that this is one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC. According to some estimates, when compared to the city, the area experiences around 70% fewer violent felonies per 100k people, with crime occurring about 80% less often overall. With such low numbers, only the safest neighborhoods in Queens can compare. The safety of the area, along with the high household income, make Woodrow one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for families.

How Can a Local Mover Help You With Your Relocation?

Even local relocations require some preparation. While DIY is commendable, it will take a lot of time and most likely cause you a lot of moving stress, so hiring a professional would be the smartest decision. New York City moving companies near you offer numerous services that will make the whole process significantly more comfortable. One such company is our own Twin Brothers Movers. Our team is here to provide anything you may need during your move and ensure you have a top-notch relocation experience.

Woodrow Movers Provide Various Moving Services

New York moving companies provide numerous services, specifically suited for different purposes. There are a couple of options that primarily depend on the nature of your move. Do you need to relocate to a new home? Our excellent residential move will help you settle in no time. Commercial relocation is the best option for entrepreneurs looking to move their company. If you want to avoid long downtimes, our New York movers will help you get your business back to normal quickly.

Our Local Movers in New York Will Help You Pack Quickly

Packing is the most time-consuming part of each relocation. Depending on the size of your home, it may take you weeks if not months to finish everything. The best way to quickly finish up everything would be to get a professional packing service. The best New York City movers make sure that all even your most fragile belongings arrive at your new place without a single scratch. In addition to providing an excellent packing service, our movers in Woodrow will also show you some neat moving hacks that are sure to help you in the long run. Besides glasses and other fragile items, you’ll learn how to pack books for moving, which materials to use, and more. When moving within New York, know that there are some items movers won’t move, such as toxic and flammable materials. You’ll need to deal with these before your relocation can continue.

Hire One of the Best Moving Companies in New York

Although we started as a family business in NYC, our service is available in over 100 locations in a thirty-mile radius. Our New York moving company is affordable and can also adjust to whatever the client needs, with numerous customer reviews serving as proof of our dedication. With trained professionals at your side, your move will be done quickly and without any difficulties.

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