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If you are looking for a peaceful neighborhood on Staten Island to call home, you should look into Willowbrook. You’ll also need the right local Willowbrook movers to help you relocate, and ours are excellent. Learn more about our New York moving company and the services we offer to our customers. We will also tell you a little about this cute neighborhood.

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Welcome to Willowbrook – a Quick Neighborhood Guide

Nestled in the middle of Staten Island, surrounded by Manor Heights, Westerleigh, New Springville, Port Richmond, and Bulls Head lies the neighborhood of Willowbrook. Just short of 3,000 people call this peaceful neighborhood home. So, what’s it like living here and living in Staten Island in general?

Cost of Living in Willowbrook

One of the key factors when deciding where to live is the cost of living. According to PropertyShark, a house in this neighborhood will cost you around $550,000, which is the median home value. Most people here own their homes, but if your personal choice is to rent, expect to pay around $1,500. For the money you pay, you will be living in a safe part of Staten Island, and your children will get to go to good schools.

The Neighborhood’s Grim History and How It Became a Household Name

The neighborhood became notorious after the scandal in its State Hospital where children with special needs were living in devastating conditions, overcrowding the hospitals, and were intentionally infected with hepatitis for a study. The study was later discontinued after the news broke out, and the institution was finally closed and demolished in 1987. On the site now lies the College of Staten Island Campus.

A Cheerful and Family-Friendly Neighborhood

Where once was sorrow, now is a happy and cheerful community and one of the best places to live in Staten Island. The schools in the area are well-rated, with P.S 54 standing out. Staten Island College is in the nearby neighborhood of Sunnyside. The place offers you that small-town feel, great for young families and retirees. The community is close-knit and friendly. Willowbrook Park is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon and enjoy the tranquility. The area is well-connected to other parts of Staten Island with three local bus lines and two express buses.

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The first step to relocating is making a moving to-do list, and the first step on your list should be finding the right mover. When on your search, you will quickly notice one New York moving company that stands out among the others – Twin Brothers Movers. We have years of experience in this industry and an excellent reputation that we’ve built by adhering to each and every customer’s needs. The goal is simple – to make your move easy so you don’t feel any moving stress. If you add us to your moving expenses checklist, you can count on us to give you just that.

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Over the years we’ve been in this business, we’ve received plenty of feedback from our customers through the reviews of our performance. You can find their reviews on our site or anywhere online. Such reviews are there to help us improve and help you choose the right company. Don’t pass an opportunity to check them out.

You Can Rely on Our Local Willowbrook Movers

Our local movers in Willowbrook are there to ensure you have a stress-free relocation experience. They know the place well, can skillfully navigate stairs, elevators, and parking lots, and have the knowledge and moving hacks to help you have an easy transition into your new home. They respect each one of their customers and go the distance to make sure all your relocation needs are met. If you are looking for affordable local movers in New York to move you efficiently and quickly, you’ve found them.

Take a Look at the Services We Offer and Choose the One for You

In a bid to cater to all of our customers’ needs, we have developed a collection of various services. Whatever your relocation plan is, and whatever the budget, you can find a service that suits you. These are the most commonly asked for services in your new neighborhood:

  • Packing Service – When you start packing, you are bound to face questions like how to pack glasses for moving or how to pack books for moving. Instead of trying to wrap your head around them, contact us, and our professional packers will have you packed in no time, using the best packing supplies and years of experience.
  • Residential Service – We are here to help you move your home, be it a small studio or a large mansion. We’ve done this for years, and we excel at it. Grab a beer at the best breweries in Manhattan after work and learn what items movers won’t move to prepare.
  • Commercial Service – Do you need to move your office? We can move your business in no time – and until the last chair is in its place, you can work in one of the convenient cafes to work in NYC.

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The financial aspect is a big part of planning anything, relocations included. If you want an estimate of cost before you make your decision, contact us and request a free quote. Getting your free quote is quick and easy. Also, the free quote you get is reliable and fair – you won’t be faced with any unreasonable additional costs like with some other moving companies in New York. If the quote works for you, contact us and get moved by professional relocation experts.