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Are you considering relocating to one of Staten Islands’ well-known communities and searching for professional assistance for your move? Our Westerleigh movers are skilled and committed experts who will speed up the process and make it a great experience. For more information about this lovely suburban location and the useful facilities, keep on reading.

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Things to Know About Westerleigh, Staten Island

This is a suburban community in the northwestern portion of Staten Island. It occupies the high ground, and it is one of the best places to live in Staten Island. Wild and cultivated trees abound in the neighborhood, including acacia, blue spruce, paulownia, cedar, chestnut, pin, royal oak, and many others. Ingram Woods is on the southern side of the community near the Staten Island Expressway, a true example of a larger woodland that has been retained as an undeveloped area. Therefore, if you are planning on living in Staten Island, this is an excellent spot for nature lovers.

A Word or Two About This Staten Island Neighborhood

When the National Prohibition Campground Association purchased 25 acres of land here in 1877, they decided to call it the Prohibition Park. Many streets are also named after some of the first leaders of the Prohibition movement. The community is home to the oldest tennis club in the United States, with tennis being brought to Mary Ewing Outerbridge’s home from England. When it comes to historical landmarks, in 1982, the Peter Houseman House was listed on the Historic Places National Register.

Find Out How Much You’ll Have to Spend on Housing

The real estate market consists mainly of medium-sized homes (three to four bedrooms), compact single-family residences, and small apartment complexes (studio to two bedrooms). The majority of residents are homeowners, so if you’re looking to join them, keep in mind that the median price of a home is $491,950, according to data provided by Niche.com. If you prefer renting, the median monthly rent is $1,450, although there are not many places to rent.

Local Outdoor Areas You Have to Explore

Westerleigh Park plays a significant role in this neighborhood. It is the site of numerous school performances, field trips, dance classes, art shows, festive celebrations, and holiday performances. The campground was the location of assemblies, religious service, and seminars, in addition to the outdoor events on and in its courts, gardens, bowling alleys,  stables, and ponds.

Northleigh Park is one of the most beloved of the many hidden treasures of Staten Island. Located in the area between North and Burnside Avenues, from Shaw Place to Harrower Street, the park symbolizes the pride that local people take in their culture and community. If you are moving with pets, this is a great place to take them for a walk.

Public Transportation and Commuting

A variety of local and express buses serve the neighborhood. Along Watchogue Road, the S57 bus and some express buses run to Manhattan. The buses S62, S93, and S92 run along Victory Boulevard, while the bus S66 runs along Jewett Road. The S48 and S98 buses and the SIM30 and SIM35 express buses service Forest Avenue further north, and the SIM35 also services Manor Road on the eastern side of the community. This is an ideal location for people who are working in Manhattan and commuting, particularly those employed in the downtown area.

Westerleigh Movers Provide Excellent Relocation Services

Our New York City movers in Westerleigh will give you various choices if you are searching for inexpensive solutions. Relocating around different New York City areas doesn’t have to be over the top expensive like everything else is. We can help you move with ease and no stress. Let us show you what we can do for you.

Moving Services Provided by Our Westerleigh Movers

If you don’t know how to secure your delicate possessions from harm during transport or require extra packaging materials, our packing service will be helpful. Modern equipment and professional supplies will be delivered by our local movers in New York. Do you want to move your household belongings without delays, moving stress, or harm to your products? Many of your wishes can be met with our residential moving services.

You could be in a situation where your business is growing, and you want to shift some of your employees to another spot in the area. That can be done in a limited time with our commercial moving service. Everything you have to do is call our customer support and give us the information needed, and we will take care of everything else. Meanwhile, check out some of the best cafes to work in NYC.

Professional Tips for Relocation Around NY

This may not be your first relocation, but you can always use some tips and moving hacks. The first step is to make a moving to-do list. Keep it simple and change it according to your priorities. A great way to avoid the tension is to hire Twin Brothers Movers. They will inform you of the most commonly forgotten things to pack and teach you how to pack glasses for moving or how to pack books for moving.

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