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Even if you’re relocating within the city, your local move could still use some assistance from one of the professional New York moving companies. By hiring our Upper West Side movers, you’ll gain access to our top-notch relocation services, which will make the process a lot less complicated and more enjoyable. Take a look at what we offer, and make sure to contact us if you need anything.

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This Is An Excellent Place to Live

Many things make the Upper West Side one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan. With the nearby Central Park, Columbia University, and numerous museums in the area, the community is one of the borough’s cultural and intellectual hubs. Most of the residents are highly educated and affluent, working in Lower Manhattan’s and Midtown’s commercial areas. The neighborhood is one of the safest in the borough and features many excellent schools, making it an ideal place for families to call home.

Buying a Home Here Will Cost You More, but Renting Is Relatively Affordable

Living in Manhattan doesn’t come cheap, as evident by the local real estate prices. The median home value of $821,100 is about 60% higher than the city’s $509,900 (*according to AreaVibes). Renting is a lot cheaper, with the median rent price of $1,700 being 30% higher than NYC’s $1,300. This option is also more prevalent, as renters occupy over 66% of all households. Considering that this is one of the city’s more prestigious neighborhoods, the housing prices are actually relatively affordable overall.

Another thing we need to consider when talking about the neighborhood’s prices is the fact that locals earn significantly more than their peers. The income per capita of $95,150 is about 180% higher than NYC’s $34,100, while the median household income of $121,500 is 120% higher than the city’s $55,200.

Excellent Schools and General Safety Are Just Some of the Advantages of Living on Upper West Side

Numerous excellent schools make the community one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for families. Compared to the rest of the city, a significantly larger portion of the population is highly educated. Besides having a higher high school graduation rate, 74.5% of all adults have completed their bachelor’s studies, more than double the city’s 36.2%. Furthermore, 42.7% have a master’s, and 5.7% have a Ph.D., both of which are much higher than the citywide numbers.

The Upper West Side is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Manhattan. It’s patrolled by two NYPD precincts, the 20th, and the 24th, which have seen a significant reduction in crime numbers since the 1990s (20th Precinct – 85.8%, 24th Precinct – 82%). Based on official reports for 2019, the 24th Precinct had 414 violent felonies per 100,000, and the 20th had 250 per 100,000, with only three murders in total. To put this into perspective, these numbers are lower than both the borough’s and the city’s violent crime rates (632 and 572 felonies per 100,000, respectively). This clearly shows that the community is one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC.

There Are Plenty of Things You Can Do in This NYC Neighborhood

The neighborhood offers a wide range of opportunities. If you can’t find the time to visit the best hikes near NYC, some great outdoor activities are never too far away. Central Park covers the neighborhood’s whole east border, so you’ll have quick and easy access to all its amenities. On the other side of the community, we have the Hudson Riven Waterfront Greenway, which features long biking and walking trails that go around the whole borough.

One of the neighborhood’s most important institutions is the American Museum of Natural History. Its Rose Center for Earth and Space is led by the one and only Neil deGrasse Tyson and features the incredible Hayden Planetarium, a must-see attraction for all science enthusiasts. The American Fold Art Museum and the Children’s Museum of Manhattan are also great places to visit.

Besides finding plenty of excellent restaurants in the area, foodies can also check out Zabar’s, which offers some of the best takeout in NYC. This gourmet emporium is known for its smoked fish, bagels, cheese, and olives.

Look Up Some New York City Moving Companies to Assist You

Moving in a big city is a lot harder than you might think, so hiring some professional New York movers to assist you is always never a bad idea. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable company to help you on your journey, you can’t go wrong with Twin Brothers Movers. Our team is there to ensure you have an enjoyable, stress-free local relocation.

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Our Upper West Side Movers Make Packing Boxes Look Easy

Packing is the service to get when you want to reduce the time it takes you to prepare everything. While some people may be able to DIY, most are either too busy or don’t know how to organize their moving to-do list properly. Luckily, our New York City movers can offer you some top-notch packing services. These include all the necessary materials and boxes, as well as an appropriate workforce that will take care of all your belongings in record time, freeing up your schedule in the process.

Moving in New York Is Our Specialty

As one of the local moving companies in New York, we provide our services within a large 30-mile radius. Whether you’re living in Staten Island, one of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx, or anywhere in between, our team will be there to help you move. With that in mind, there are two main options you can choose from. Residential relocation is the first option, which includes both house and apartment moves. On the other hand, If you need to move a company, our local movers in New York can provide you an excellent commercial relocation service.