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If you are looking for a slice of seaside life in NY, we highly recommend that you take Tompkinsville in Staten Island into consideration. You’ll also need to find the right local Tompkinsville movers to entrust with your relocation. Searching through New York City moving companies can be a hassle and a half, so we’ve got you covered with the best of the best.

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Setting up a Home in Tompkinsville, Staten Island

Tompkinsville is located in northeastern Staten Island, NY, which has the least concentration of people of all NY boroughs. Did you know that Tompkinsville is also called Little Sri Lanka? Let’s take a look at why and what it’s like living here.

Little Sri Lanka in New York

This part of Staten Island has not only the largest concentration of Sri Lankan in the US but also the largest concentration of Sri Lankans outside of their home country. Over 5,000 Sri Lankan-Americans now reside here. So, how did this part of the Island become Little Sri Lanka? The locals will tell you that it’s because the first Sri Lankan came here, told his family members to come here as well, and they each told their relatives and friends, and so on.

Cost of Living in Tompkinsville, Staten Island

If you plan on settling here, you are likely also interested in the housing prices. According to PropertyShark, the median home value is around $420,000. The own-to-rent ratio is around 50-50 in this neighborhood, and if you choose to rent, expect to spend around $1,600 per month on rent. This is still reasonably priced for a city like New York, and it’s worth the price.

A Vibrant, Diverse Neighborhood

This isn’t your typical Staten Island neighborhood – it’s much more urban and vibrant. There are plenty of retail stores with all kinds of products when you feel like shopping, many restaurants with different kinds of cuisine (though Sri Lankan is the star), art galleries, and tattoo shops. There are a monthly art walk and many music events. And if you ever get bored – Lower Manhattan is just one ferry ride away.

Twin Brothers Movers Are Among the Most Reliable Moving Companies In NY

When you choose the place you want to relocate to, the next thing on your list should be making a moving to-do list. And one of the most important decisions to make is which one of many great moving companies in New York to hire and put on your moving expenses checklist. Twin Brothers Movers is always a good choice because we are a reliable and experienced mover with a long list of satisfied clients. Get rid of moving stress by hiring the best of the best.

Our Tompkinsville Movers Go the Distance for Our Customers

Our company covers the Tompkinsville neighborhood, and our movers in Tompkinsville take the cake. They’ve got the expertise, experience, and the moving hacks to make sure nothing goes wrong during relocation, no matter the distance. They will show up on time, act professionally, and get you moved in no time. Leave it all up to them – you’ll be in good hands, and get on to thinking whom to call to your moving-away party.

When It’s Time to Get Moving Services – Call Our Tompkinsville Movers for the Best Service

No one can compare to our local crew when it comes to the quality of service. They will make moving easy for you, no matter the distance of your move. Here are some of the most popular services in your new neighborhood:

  • Packing Service – If you don’t want to wrap your head around things like how to pack glasses for moving or how to pack books for moving or where to get the best packing supplies, contact our professional packers. They will pack your things in no time and with the best packing equipment, so everything stays intact during transport. You can check the most commonly forgotten things to pack so you don’t forget them in all the fuss.
  • Residential Moving – Our local crew is there to transport your belongings to your desired destination in a safe and professional manner. You can check what items movers won’t move in advance to avoid any inconvenience, and we highly recommend you to donate furniture in NYC or donate clothes in NYC to declutter and do a good deed.
  • Commercial Service – Did you know that we also move companies? We can move your business, no matter the size of the office. We can move the whole building if that’s what you want, and you can work in some of the best cafes to work in NYC in the meanwhile.
  • Labor Service – If you decide to relocate on your own and end up needing help carry the heavy and bulky furniture – contact us. We’ll send over a crew to help carry, load, and unload things from a truck, so you can take a break and have a beer from one of the breweries in Manhattan.

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Checking our reviews will give you insight into the way we do our business and what you can expect from us as a customer. Over the long time that we’ve been in this line of work, we’ve received plenty of reviews all over the internet. So, feel free to check our reviews – you’ll then understand why people keep returning to us when it’s time to move in and around New York.

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