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Is This Staten Island Neighborhood a Good Place to Live?

If you’re planning on living in Staten Island, this neighborhood might be perfect for you. Besides the affordable housing, the area is one of the most racially diverse places in NYC, with a wide range of amenities nearby.

Besides Being Affordable, the Neighborhood Has a Rich History

The neighborhood is also known as Stapleton Hill and has a sprawling rich history. Families that controlled the waterfront industries built many grand homes in the late 19th century. Before many breweries in Manhattan even existed, many operated here for years, before the last one closed down in 1963. Today, it’s an upper-middle-class neighborhood with many large family homes, overlooking the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and the Upper Bay.

If you’re looking to move here, the neighborhood’s median home value of $470,450 is about the same as the borough’s $478,600 and 18% lower than the city’s $570,500 (according to Niche). However, the median rent cost of $1,400 is the same as the city’s and around 8% more than the island’s $1,300.

Many Are Rating the Community as One of NYC’s Most Diverse Neighborhoods

One of the things that makes this community one of the best places to live in Staten Island is its population’s racial diversity. According to Niche’s ranking, the neighborhood is the 5th most diverse place in NYC. If we look at the demographics, at 34%, most people identify as White, followed by 28% as Hispanic, 27% as African American, and 5% as Asian. The community is undoubtedly one of the borough’s most diverse places, and except for having a smaller Asian minority, the numbers are almost exactly the same as the NYC’s.

The Best Staten Island Amenities Are Only a Short Distance Away

In terms of the number of amenities, other boroughs can’t compete with living in Manhattan. However, this doesn’t mean that we should dismiss all other locations entirely, and this neighborhood is the perfect example of that. While the community may be relatively small, its position grants its residents quick access to many of the borough’s best opportunities:

  • Explore the nearby Silver Lake Park – This 209-acre public park is located just a mile west of the hill neighborhood. It features numerous sporting fields, an 18-hole golf course, and its trails make a fine alternative to some of the best hikes near NY. There’s even a dog run area, excellent if you’re moving with pets.
  • Visit the Staten Island Zoo in West Brighton – Located only 3 miles from the neighborhood, the zoo features over 400 species of animals, particularly reptiles. Make sure you check out its incredible African Savannah exhibit.
  • Take a stroll down South Beach – If you want to have a relaxing day or stroll through the area, South Beach is less than 3 miles away. It’s very long and starts around the Verrazzano-Narrows Bride, and along with other adjacent beaches, goes all the way down to the island’s South Shore.

Look Up Some New York City Moving Companies

NYC is so enormous that even local relocations take a long time to organize. Most New Yorkers don’t have time to plan a move correctly, so hiring a professional mover is a must. There are dozens of local moving companies in New York, so finding the right one can be incredibly challenging. Luckily, you won’t have to spend long hours browsing the web looking for one, as you’re already in the right place. Twin Brothers Movers is one of the best New York moving companies. We operate in numerous locations in a 30-mile radius, so whether you’re living in Brooklyn or one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan, our team has you covered. Our New York moving company offers all the services you might need during your local move.

Our Local Movers in New York Offer Many Professional Services

It’s no surprise that all relocations start with packing. Most people prolong it, and as the move-out day approaches, moving stress starts to build. Luckily, this can be avoided simply by getting a packing service. Our trained professionals use only the highest quality materials, ensuring all your belongings arrive at your place in perfect condition.

Our Movers in Stapleton Heights Provide Excellent Residential and Commercial Moving Services

Unless you plan to sell or donate furniture in NYC, you’re going to need some professional assistance in transporting it to your current location. Depending on your relocation’s nature, you can get a couple of different options. If you require some help with your home move, our residential relocation service is there to ensure you have a stress free and comfortable experience.

Business owners can suffer considerable financial losses if the relocation process takes too long to complete. That’s why a commercial move is usually more complicated, as it requires precise coordination to ensure maximal time-efficiency. Our New York movers come prepared and can handle any challenge this type of move might present.

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