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If you’re on the lookout for the best Sheepshead Movers, you’re in the right corner of the internet. The turn of the century fishing village is located in Southern Brooklyn, with a view of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s well-known for its breathtaking cove and exquisite local cuisine. Keep reading to learn more about this lovely neighborhood.

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Is Sheepshead Bay a Good Place to Live?

Sheepshead Bay has preserved its low-key, old-school character as Brooklyn’s own “Riviera,” while neighboring communities boom with development. The neighborhood is a genuine residential oasis, bordered by Kings Highway to the north, Ocean Parkway to the west, Gerritsen Avenue to the east, and Emmons Avenue to the south. With its leafy lanes, rowhouses, bodegas and boutiques, and its famous strip, Eamons Avenue, it’s the perfect place for your new home.

It Has a Fascinating History

The word ‘Sheepshead Bay’ refers to both the neighborhood north of the cove and the cove itself. It was named after an edible fish that can be found in the waters. Early in its history, the neighborhood was a secluded fishing and agricultural village.

Both Brooklyn and Manhattan settlers were attracted to the city as a summer resort as early as the 1840s. Hunters and fishermen began to flock here, and as a consequence, numerous restaurants and hotels were built. The allure of the area as a fishing destination was further supported by the completion of Ocean Avenue in 1876 and the expansion of the Manhattan Beach Branch of the Long Island Rail Line. In 1877, the first farm in the community was disseminated into multiple lots for residential construction. Three years later, the Sheepshead Bay Race Track opened in the neighborhood, attracting many tourists. A “Millionaire’s Row” was built on Emmons Avenue east of East 27th Street, while bright-eyed socialites preferred to go to restaurants such as Tappan’s.

Until horse betting was criminalized in New York, the track continued to operate as a horse-racing course. After 1910, it was turned into an auto racing track. The demise of the Race Track, along with the development of amusement parks at neighboring Coney Island, contributed to its decline in popularity. However, it remains one of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn and an overall great place to live.

The Bay is Breathtaking

The sun shines off Sheepshead Bay’s blue water on a sunny day, and the colors are all the more bright. You can stroll across the waterfront while relishing the beauty of the scenery, feeding the adorable ducklings and beautiful swans, and watching fishermen tossing their lines in. It’s a great way to unwind. You can also take up a new hobby and try fishing in the area. Stop by the Stella Maris Bait & Tackle on Emmons Avenue and get some tackles, traps, nets, rods. The store is considered a true landmark and has been helping fishermen since 1947.

The Restaurants are Amazing

You’ll definitely be starving when you’re done fishing. There’s no better place to go than Roll-N-Roaster, a genuine foodie institution that serves the absolute finest roast beef sandwich in all five boroughs. The restaurant is also noteworthy because of its nod to the 1970s and 80s aesthetics. Combined with the announcing of orders over a PA system, and the orange decor and yellow tables are reminiscent of childhood days spent at McDonald’s. It has all the makings of your new favorite food joint!

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Your final price will include the number of people working on your move, the type of service you enlisted, and the additional gas fee needed for transportation. We charge by a fixed hourly rate, and there are absolutely no hidden expenses or unpleasant surprises.

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