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If you’re relocating to one of the Bronx’s best neighborhoods, hiring professional Pelham Gardens movers is highly recommended. While there are many local companies on the market, our business is here to provide excellent service and ensure you don’t suffer any difficulties throughout the whole moving process. Let’s go over everything you need to know about this incredible community.

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What Makes This Neighborhood One of the Best in the Borough

Located in the Northeast part of the Bronx, the community is an excellent place for both families and young professionals. Affordable housing, excellent schools, lower crime rates, plenty of outdoor opportunities, and general diversity make it one of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx.

Housing in the Neighborhood Is Relatively Affordable

The borough is the perfect plate to look for affordable housing. According to Niche, the neighborhood’s median home price of $495,000 is about 13% lower than the city’s $570,000. However, the median rent cost of $1,550 is 10% higher than NYC’s $1,400. With cheaper housing options, it comes as no surprise that 70% of households are occupied by their owners, much more than 20% in the metropolis overall.

Excellent Schools and Low Crime Rates Make the Area a Top Pick for Families

Two main factors make the place one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for families, the first being excellent schools. Some of the best public schools nearby include the Bronx High School of Science, High Schools of American Studies, and Icahn Charter Schools.

General safety is the other key factor. With 53% lover crime rates overall, the community is undoubtedly among the safest neighborhoods in NYC. Compared to the borough overall, it experiences 59% less crime overall.

The Local Population Is Diverse and Earns a Lot More Compared to the Bronx Overall

Many consider the Bronx to be NYC’s lowest-earning borough. However, that is certainly not the case with this neighborhood. The median household income of $83,000 is 118% higher than the Bronx’s $38,000 and about 37% higher than the city’s $60,800. Furthermore, young professionals and freelancers relocating here won’t have to look too long to find the best places to work remotely in NYC in the area.

The neighborhood is also a pretty diverse place overall. The demographics show that around one-third of the locals identify as Hispanic, 29% as White, 26% as African American, and 11% as Asian.

The City’s Biggest Park Is Only a Short Distance Away

Unlike many other parts of the city, you won’t have to travel for too long to get to some fantastic outdoor areas in the Bronx. The next few locations can serve as excellent alternatives to some of the best hikes near NYC:

  • Explore Pelham Bay Park – The largest public park in the city is just around the corner. Covering 2,772 acres, it’s over three times larger than Manhattan’s Central Park. Make sure you look for a bike rental in NYC, as biking would be a more efficient way of exploring the park’s numerous natural and man-made features.
  • Have a fun day at Orchard Beach – Located within the previous entry on our list, Orchard Beach is the borough’s only public beach. This 115-acre, 1.1-mile-long beach has everything you’ll need to have both an exciting and relaxing day.
  • Spot some wildlife at the Thomas Pell Wildlife Sanctuary – The sanctuary is also a part of the park. It includes saltwater wetlands, tidal marshes, and oak-hickory forests where you can spot some incredible wildlife, including hawks, coyotes, raccoons, and many bird species.

Look Up Some New York Moving Companies

People who’ve moved before know how difficult it can be to organize a relocation. If you want to minimize the risk of suffering moving stress, hiring some local movers in New York is the wisest decision you can make. There are many New York City moving companies on the market, so there must be a way to narrow down the number of potential providers. Start by going through customer reviews, as these will provide you with the general idea of what the company offers and how they treat their clients. If you’re looking for moving companies in New York that have excellent customer feedback, then look no further than our own Twin Brothers Movers. Hire us, and we’ll provide you with top-notch, affordable service.

Professional Pelham Gardens Movers Offer Various Services

Whatever the nature of your relocation may be, our movers in Pelham Gardens are ready to provide you a top-notch service. Take a look at some of the options we have:

  • Packing Services – Being the essential part of every move, packing also takes the most time to complete. By hiring our professional team, you’ll not only cut down the time needed to pack everything but also learn some interesting hacks, like how to pack glasses for moving.
  • Residential Moving – Relocating to a brand-new home is an important chapter in your life. Why stress about all the details when you can leave the planning to our New York movers.
  • Commercial Relocation – Do you need to move your business? Our commercial service is there to ensure you don’t lose any profits due to poor relocation management. With us on your team, your company will be back to normal in no time.

Our New York City Movers Will Go to the Distance to Help You Out

We started our New York moving company as a small family business. Today, we offer services in all five boroughs. Our team has you covered whether you’re living in Manhattan or some of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn. No matter what distance we need to cross, we’ll do everything to make your local move comfortable and stress-free.

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