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Have you thought about relocating to one of Staten Island’s central neighborhoods? If you need some help with your move, search for some professional New Springville movers. By providing you with a variety of services, a local company will make your relocation significantly less complicated. Let’s go over some of the information you need to know about the place when relocating here.

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What’s Great About Living in This Neighborhood

Located in the center of the borough, the neighborhood is well connected to other points of interest in the area. With affordable housing, low crime rates, and great outdoor opportunities, it’s one of the best places to live in Staten Island.

Housing Costs Are on Par With the Borough’s Average

According to Niche, the median home price of $457,200 is just 5% higher than Staten Island’s $478,600. Housing in the neighborhood is 20% cheaper compared to the value of $570,500 in NYC overall. Around 76% of the neighborhood’s households are occupied by owners, similarly to 70% in the borough.

Those that don’t plan to buy should know that the average rent price of $1,600 is 23% higher than the borough’s $1,300 and 14% higher than the city’s $1,400. While the neighborhood may not be the most affordable in the city, it’s still a lot cheaper than living in Manhattan, where a home goes for double the price.

Violent Crime Is Less Frequent Compared to the Borough and City Overall

Though it’s not one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC, the community experiences a significantly fewer number of violent felonies. Compared to NYC, it has 30% lower violent crime rates and 40% lower than Staten Island. While the occurrence of property crimes could be better, it’s still lower than the state average by about 27%.

Staten Island Features Many Outdoor Opportunities

While living in Staten Island may not provide as many amenities as some of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan, the borough still has a few tricks up its sleeve. The area is surrounded by parks, which can serve as great alternatives to some of the best hikes near NYC. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, check out these next few locations:

  • LaTourette Park – This large area features a golf course, nature center, hiking trails, and a 19th-century mansion.
  • Freshkills Park – What used to be a landfill site now has sizable green space and features hiking trails and occasional public events.
  • Willowbrook Park – An excellent place for organized activities for kids. You can go canoeing on the beautiful lake, or visit its butterfly garden.
  • William T. Davis Wildlife Refuge – This 814-acre park is the sixth-largest in NYC, being only 30 acres smaller than Central Park. Furthermore, it’s the city’s first wildlife preserve, featuring wooded wetlands and salt marshes that house around 120 species of birds.

Search for Professional New Springville Movers to Assist You

Relocations can take a lot of time to prepare properly. While DIY is commendable, it’s best to look up some New York City moving companies to assist you. These offer various moving services that will make the whole process significantly less complicated. Our own company, Twin Brothers Movers, is here to provide you with anything you may need during your relocation.

If you need to move your home, our local movers in New York provide an excellent residential relocation service. Need to move a business? You can relocate your company without the unnecessary expense caused by long downtimes. All you have to do is get our commercial relocation service, and our New York movers will make sure you’re back up and running in no time. With us on your team, you won’t have to worry about moving stress or any other difficulties during your move.

Packing Is the Essential Service to Get When Moving in New York

Those that plan to pack everything by themselves may need a few weeks or even months to prepare for the move properly. The simplest way to reduce the time required to complete everything is to get a professional packing service from a reputable New York moving company. Our local NY packers know how to pack fragile belongings, substantially reducing the chances of damage occurring during transport.

Unlike other New York moving companies, we’ll also show you how to pack specific objects and many other moving hacks. Before getting this service, there’s a disclaimer that needs to be discussed. You need to know that explosives and flammables are just some of the items movers won’t move. This means that you’ll have to deal with everything that’s uninsurable before your relocation can safely continue.

Cross Any Distance With One of the Best Moving Companies in New York

While we started small, our family business grew to cover everything within a thirty-mile radius. Today, our company operates in over 100 locations in NYC. Whether you’re looking to move to Downtown Manhattan or some of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, we got you covered.  We’re a company that values its clients and their opinions, and we’ve been fortunate to receive so many excellent reviews, which further helped us improve our service.

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There’s a higher demand for professional services during specific periods of the year, so it’s not unusual for our New York City movers to have a full schedule. After you finalize the deal on a place, booking a move is the easiest way to secure your desired relocation date. Before choosing a date, you can contact our mover for more information about the pricing. You’ll get a free estimate on all the services you need, allowing you to start planning your move immediately.