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Consider hiring professional help when moving to one of Staten Island’s most affordable neighborhoods. Start by sorting through some customer reviews, then contact local New Brighton movers that suit your needs the most. Our New York moving company provides various services that will make the whole relocation process significantly more comfortable.

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What Makes This Staten Island Neighborhood a Great Place to Live

Located on Staten Island’s North Shore, the community has a long history, comprising older residential and industrial harbor fronts. The short distance to other points of interest in the city and the neighborhood’s affordable prices make it one of the best places to live in Staten Island.

The Cost of Living Is More Affordable Than the City Average

The neighborhood is one of the more affordable in the borough. According to AreaVibes, the cost of living is about 14% lower than in the city. The median home price of $328,100 is about 36% cheaper than NYC’s $508,900. The median rent of $1,050 is about 20% lower than the city’s $1,300. Unlike NYC overall, where renters occupy 68% of all households, the community has approximately the same number of renters and owners. While the income per capita of $29,000 is about 15% lower than the city’s $34,100, the median household income of $68,100 is about 23% higher than the city average of $55,200.

There Are Plenty of Interesting Things to Do in the Area

While living in Manhattan may provide more amenities overall, the community still has more than a few interesting things that you can explore:

  • Visit the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden – This 83-acre complex includes a collection of architecturally significant buildings. You can explore the Staten Island Museum, New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden, or Music Hall, among many other facilities.
  • Explore the Staten Island Zoo – Going to a zoo is a great way to spend more time with your family. The 8-acre institution houses more than 1,500 animals from over 350 species, with the African Savannah at Twilight being one of its current exhibits.
  • Spend a day icy skating – With a skate rental price of just $5, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t spend a day with friends at the WWII Veterans Memorial Ice Skating Rink.

You Don’t Need to Look for Too Long to Find a Park Nearby

Living in Staten Island offers numerous outdoor opportunities that can serve as an excellent alternative to some of the best hikes near NYC. Just like some of the best neighborhoods in NYC for families, you won’t have to cross a large distance to get to a park, as the community has more than a few nearby:

  • You can’t miss Jones Woods Park – You don’t even have to leave the neighborhood to find some great open spaces. Located on the southern border, the park is connected to the nearby Goodhue and Allison Pond Parks.
  • Stop by North Shore Waterfront Esplanade Park – While it may not be as large as some other locations nearby, the park offers a great view of the Bay. It also features the Staten Island September 11th Memorial, dedicated to victims from the borough.
  • Explore the Silver Lake Park – Take some time to explore this 209-acre park. Besides its centerpiece lake, It features numerous sporting fields, tennis courts, a golf course, and more. If you’re moving with pets, the Silver Lake Dog Run is the park’s dedicated area where your dog can run unleashed.

Look Up Some New Brighton Movers to Help You Out

Relocations take some time to prepare. While DIY is commendable, the smartest thing to do would be to look up some New York moving companies to assist you. These can provide you with some professional services, which will make your relocation a lot less complicated. Our own company, Twin Brothers Movers, is here to help you with anything you may need during your move.

Our New York Moving Company Offers Various Services

Depending on the nature of your move, New York City moving companies offer various services. Our company has a couple of different options that are suited to your specific needs. With the help of our residential relocation service, you won’t need to worry about experiencing moving stress when relocating to a new home. We’ll do all the packing and provide you with an appropriately-sized truck. Entrepreneurs looking to move their company should get a professional commercial move. Our local movers in New York will ensure your business is back up and running in no time.

Packing Is What Our Movers in New Brighton Do Best

Packing is the most time-consuming part of each relocation. Most people aren’t aware of how much stuff they’ve accumulated in their home over the years. If you were to start packing right away, it would take you weeks or months to finish everything. That’s why getting a professional packing service should be on the top of your to-do list. Our team will show you some neat moving hacks, how to pack specific things, which materials to use, and more. We’ll make sure your delicate belongings are securely placed in the truck, eliminating any chance of damage during transportation. When getting this service, remember that there are certain items movers won’t move, like toxic substances, explosives, and flammables. You’ll need to deal with these accordingly before your move can continue safely.

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