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Are you planning to relocate your home or business to one of the finest neighborhoods in New York City? Even a local move can be stressful without the right help of Neponsit movers. They are a team of trained and experienced professionals who will make your move much easier and more comfortable. You can discover more about their services and some interesting facts about this place in the following text.

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Things to Consider Before Moving

Neponsit is located on the western portion of the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens. It is nestled between Jacob Riis Park on the west and Belle Harbor on the east side. Jamaica Bay is on the north and the Atlantic Ocean on the south side. It is often referred to as one of the best places to live in Queens. Distance to the JFK International Airport is about thirty miles, and it should take you between forty and fifty minutes if you take the closest driving route.

Neponsit Is a Safe and Quiet Neighborhood

It is a small, residential area that offers its citizens urban vibes and many amenities. It is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Queens for families and very suitable for young professionals as well. Public schools such as Stuyvesant High School and Townsend Harris High School are highly-rated.

Cost of Living Is Above Average

According to, the cost of living in Neponsit is much higher than the US average. For example, the median monthly rent is about $2,678, while the national average is $949. If you are interested in real estate prices, you should know that the median home value is about $850,000.

Twin Brothers Movers Are One of the Best New York Moving Companies

If you were looking for a safe and efficient New York moving company and dedicated, business-oriented, hard-working movers in New York, we are the right choice for you. We always ensure that our clients’ unique requests are met with the services we provide. Our New York movers always try their best to accomplish all of the arrangements and keep you satisfied. They are a team of licensed and experienced local movers in New York who are specialized in different types of local relocation services. Read the following list of facilities we provide and see why we are among the best moving companies in New York.

Neponsit Movers Provide a Variety of High-Quality Local Distance Relocating Services

All of our services are carefully selected to suit your needs and special requirements. We are proud and honored to have an opportunity to assist you in the challenging time of your move. We want to ensure that our services are affordable and that all of your belongings are insured during the process. Based on online reviews, you can see that we are one of the best moving companies in New York. Some of our specialties include residential and business relocating facilities.

Residential Moving Service, an Easy Way to Move Your Home

Residential moving refers to the relocation of your home or apartment. During this process, all of your possessions will be packed, secured with the right materials, placed in the truck, and delivered to your new home. Bulky and heavy furniture pieces can be relocated around the property with a dolly or disassembled for transportation purposes if you would like so. Just give us a call, and we’ll arrange all the necessary details.

Commercial Moving Service, Relocating Businesses in No Time

We can assure you that all of our professionals are trained and prepared for commercial moving, even though relocating business is slightly different from the usual local moves. You don’t need to worry about deadlines or damages – this service includes the latest equipment specially designed for relocating office materials. If you decide to hire our New York moving company, everything will be at the new address very fast, and your business will be running smoothly as usual.

Our Company Also Offers Packing Service

Packing service is one of the most requested services from our offer. If you need more packing supplies, such as different sized and shaped boxes, cases, bubble wrap, papers, straps, labeling material, or anything else that will help for easier and safer transportation of your belongings, this service covers it all, including our packers who know how to wrap and pack every single item. However, please be aware of the fact there are some items movers won’t move. Contact our customer services, and our kind employees will give you all the needed information.

Tips for Moving to Neponsit

Guess you already had a small moving away party, and you are starting to plan your move. Don’t forget to make a moving to-do list. Writing down your goals will motivate you and help you stay focused on your upcoming relocation. If you know all the steps and everything is organized, there is no need to worry about the most commonly forgotten things to pack. Maybe you doubt your skills in protecting fragile items and don’t know how to pack glasses for moving. If you want to overcome these concerns and all of the moving stress, our advice is hiring professional movers in Neponsit. They can provide you with many great relocation options and moving hacks. Keep reading if you are excited about finding out more details about it.

Our Company Offers an Easy Way of Getting a Free Quote

We want to be different from other companies by staying opened and transparent when it comes to pricing. That is why we can offer you a free quote on our website. There won’t be any hidden fees besides this. Depending on the type of service you require, the potential expense can be calculated fastly and precisely. If you would like to become our client after knowing a quote, don’t hesitate to contact our NYC customer service and arrange the date for your move now.