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When relocating to a suburban neighborhood in the most populated NYC borough, look up some local Marine Park movers to assist you. These companies offer various services that will make your whole experience significantly less difficult and stressful. A mover will save you a lot of time as well, allowing you to learn more about your future home before your relocation is finalized.

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What Makes This Brooklyn Neighborhood a Great Place to Live?

If you’re looking for a nice suburban area in NYC, this may just be the place for you. Besides being one of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, it features reasonably priced housing and many outdoor opportunities.

Rent and Housing Prices Are Almost on Par With the City and the Borough

According to Niche, the neighborhood has a median home value of $607,000. The price is only about 6% higher compared to the city average of $570,500. However, housing in the neighborhood is about 9% cheaper than the Brooklyn average of $665,300. Those looking to rent will find that the price of $1,500 is just 7% higher than the borough and city average of $1,400. Unlike both the city and the borough, where about 70% of people rent, around 82% of residents here own their homes. While it may not be the cheapest place in NYC, the neighborhood is significantly more affordable compared to living in Manhattan, for example.

Households Earn Significantly More on Average

Locals households earn about $96,500 per year on average, significantly more than their borough and city counterparts. A home in the neighborhood makes about 72% more than Brooklyn’s $56,000 and around 60% more than the city’s $60,800.

Residents are also better educated, with 92% of residents graduating from high school, compared to 82% in the borough and city overall. While all three have a high percentage of bachelor graduates, the neighborhood has more people with master’s degrees and higher education.

The Neighborhood Is Pretty Safe Overall

Marina Park is not only safe compared to the rest of the borough, but also one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC. Compared to NYC, the community has 43% lower crime rates overall, while violent felonies occur 55% less often. It’s even safer compared to Brooklyn’s numbers, experiencing 50% less crime overall and 60% fewer violent offenses.

One of the Biggest Parks in the City Is Right Here by the Ocean

While living in Brooklyn may not provide as many amenities as some of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan, the borough still has a few neat perks. If you’re interested in exploring some outdoor areas in the city, look no further than the neighborhood’s eponymous park. Covering around 800 acres, it’s the biggest park in the borough. It features beautiful salt marshes and grasslands where you can spot some incredible local wildlife or visit the nearby golf course.

There are also a few excellent hiking trails nearby, like the Salt March Nature Trail. While it may not be as challenging as some of the best hikes near NYC, it’s a neat opportunity to enjoy the outdoors without having to leave the neighborhood. Exploring this 1.1-mile trail loop won’t take too long, and cycling is also a great way to cross the distance. If you don’t have a ride, you can get one from a bike rental in NYC.

Look Up Some New York City Moving Companies

Relocations take some time to prepare. While DIY-ing it is quite commendable, you’ll have a greater chance of experiencing moving stress throughout the process. The smart thing would be to look up some professional New York City movers to help you out. These offer various services that will make the whole process substantially more comfortable. If you’re moving in New York to one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn, our company Twin Brother Movers is here to assist you with anything you may need along the way.

Avoid Packing for Too Long – Get Professional Services From a New York Moving Company

Packing is the most time-consuming part of the relocation process. Most people will find it hard to accurately assess the materials they need to pack everything up. What’s more, many people aren’t even aware of how much stuff they’ve accumulated over the years. If you want to avoid spending weeks on end preparing everything, the best moving companies in New York offer a fantastic packing service that is sure to help you out. Our team will also show you some neat moving hacks, like how to pack certain things, which materials to use, and more.

New York Moving Companies Will Help You Move Your Home

Relocating to a new home is an important step in any person’s life. By hiring professional New York movers, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Our residential services include packing and a moving truck, which can vary in size, depending on the volume of your belongings.

If You Need Help Moving a Business, Our Mover Is up for the Job

Entrepreneurs who need to move a business should consider getting a commercial relocation service. We understand that saving time is crucial when running a company. Our local movers in New York are here to help you resume your operations without having to worry about long downtimes.

With Our Marine Park Movers, Your Relocating Will Be Done in No Time

While we started small, we have significantly expanded our business. Today, our company operates in over 100 locations in NYC. Whether you’re moving to one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for singles or a more suburban area, we’ve got you covered. Our mission is to provide top-notch services to all our clients, making sure there are no difficulties along the way.

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