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Consider hiring professional Manhattanville movers if you’re relocating to one of Manhattan’s best neighborhoods for young professionals, students, and singles. They can offer you various services that will make the whole move much less complicated. You can also get a free quote, enabling you to plan your budget accordingly. Let’s go over some things you should know when relocating to this neighborhood.

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Only a Short Distance From Downtown, the Community Provides Numerous Amenities

Part of Manhattan’s District 9, the neighborhood is located between Morningside Heights in the south and Washington Heights in the north. Both are home to major educational institutions, and Columbia University even planned to expand into the area to connect its existing campuses in both of these communities. While it may not be one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for families, young professionals, students, and singles have a lot to look forward to when relocating here.

Renting Is the Most Affordable Option if You’re Looking to Move Here

According to census data from 2017, the median home value of owner-occupied units in District 9 is $721,100. While you can find housing for under $500k, around 33% of all units go between $500k-$1M. The housing prices may be too much for some, but they are still more affordable than the best neighborhoods in Manhattan. Luckily, the average rent cost is less than $900, making renting in the community a significantly cheaper option, even when compared to the city average of $1,250.

This NYC Neighborhood Is Great for Students, Young Professionals, and Singles

Manhattanville’s median household income of $41,500 is around 30% lower than the city average of $58,900, which is unusual, especially for Manhattan. The demographics clearly show that the neighborhood is popular with students and young people in general. They often have to work in entry-level positions, unpaid internships, or have lower working hours, which explains the lower income.

Living in Manhattan can get pretty expensive if you don’t have appropriate funding. One of the easiest ways to reduce the expenses in the city is to get a roommate. The average household size in the neighborhood is around eight people, which means that many share apartments or live in condominiums. If your apartment is getting too crowded for you to do your job, many of the best places to work remotely in NYC are nearby in Harlem.

The median age is around 31 years, lower than the city average of 35. Out of all the households, only about 20% represent married couples, much lower than the city’s 36.5%. The large percentage of young and available residents make this is one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for singles.

The Community Is Even More Diverse Than NY Overall

The neighborhood is even more racially diverse than NYC as a whole. Most of the residents, around 53%, are Hispanic or Latino of any race, 20% are African American, and 8.5% are Asian. About 11% are White of any ethnicity, and 5% are mixed race.

Manhattanville Offers Just as Many Amenities as the City

Just as the city and borough offer many amenities, people relocating here have a lot to look forward to:

  • See a performance in one of many theaters – Some of the best theaters and music halls in the city are within walking distance of the neighborhood. Known as Apollo from 1934, the theater is one of the most famous national venues, where you can see various performances, from a comedy special to a music concert. Other great locations nearby include the Dempsey and Falson Firehouse Theaters in Harlem and Riverside and Miller Theatres in Morningside Heights.
  • Explore the nearby parks – You don’t have to look too long to find a city-park nearby. These are a great way to enjoy the outdoors, especially when you don’t have time to check out some of the best hikes near NYC. Parks like Riverside, St. Nicholas, and Morningside are just around the corner, and the distance to Central Park is not that big that it can’t be crossed on foot.
  • Have a drink at a local pub – Professionals who want to relax after a hard workday or students who want to sip some great beer after a stressful week can do so in some of the nearby pubs. Stop by Grill on the Hill on a karaoke night, dine at The Grange, or try some craft beer at Harlem Hops, one of the local breweries in Manhattan.

What Can Local Manhattanville Movers Do for You?

Before you throw a moving away party, make sure you’ve ironed out all the details regarding your relocation. While doing it all on your own is commendable, it will take a lot of time and effort to prepare for a move properly. The smartest thing to do would be to look up some professional New York moving companies to help you out. They offer various moving services tailored to your needs. If you want to avoid experiencing moving stress, our company Twin Brothers Movers is here to help you with anything you may need during your move.

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Depending on the number of belongings you need to pack, the process of getting everything packed can take a while to complete. Getting a professional packing service is the simplest way to reduce the time you need to prepare everything. Our local movers in New York will also show you some neat moving hacks, how to pack certain items, which supplies to use, and more.

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If you need to move your home and don’t want to experience any difficulties during the process, our residential relocation service is just the thing you need. Our New York moving company will help you with all the packing and supply you with a truck that can vary in size so all your belongings can fit.

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Entrepreneurs looking to move their business need to do so quickly to avoid losing profits. By getting our commercial relocation service, your company will be able to resume its operations without experiencing long downtimes. Our New York movers use only the highest quality materials and will take extra care when handling any expensive gear your business might have.

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