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Are you thinking about relocating to Laurelton, NY? If you choose to move to one of the safest and most charming neighborhoods in Queens, you’ll need our Laurelton movers to relocate your belongings quickly and efficiently. Continue reading if you want to find out more about this truly unique and beautiful neighborhood with our local moving company.

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Is Laurelton a Good Neighborhood to Live In?

If you want to start living in Queens, you should consider Laurelton – this is one of the best places to live in Queens. The neighborhood is located in Southeastern Queens in NY. It’s a middle-class neighborhood and a nice community for families. Crime rates are 50% lower than the national average and 70% lower than in other cities in the state. Tudor-style houses deliver the feel of an old English village. There are so many trees and plants on the streets that you can’t typically see in this part of the state, particularly the laurels that have been growing there for over 100 years.

Cost of Living

The cost of living here is 45% more expensive than the US average (index 145) but less expensive than the average in New York. Groceries (index 142), goods and services (index 136), transport (index 12), utilities (index 111), and health care (index 110) are the same as in the rest of the city, but housing (index 178) is much cheaper than the average for NYC. Prices for real estate are 24% less expensive than the New York average. The same goes for rental costs. The median home value is $380,500, and the median rent price is $980, only 4% higher than the US average.

Parks and Recreation

With 7,740 acres of open land, Queens is home to more than 460 parks. There are a few playgrounds in the area: West, Parkway, and Skate, which are good examples of what you can do with minimal space. Parks with recreational facilities and picnic benches, bike lanes, popular kayaking destinations, and green spaces with ducks, such as Idle wild Park, Hook Creek Park, and Springfield Park, can be found south of the neighborhood.


It is easy to access the Laurelton Station on the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road). A direct train leaving here and arriving at New York Penn Station is available. The ride is about 30 minutes long. Public transport is provided by the MTA Regional Bus Operation. It’s the cheapest way to get to the New York City center, but it takes over an hour. If you go by taxi, it takes about 26 minutes to enter downtown.

Twin Brothers Movers Have the Best Team of Laurelton Movers

If you are thinking about settling in this lovely community, you will need some help from the best movers in Laurelton. Try calling Twin Brothers Movers if you want to enjoy a simple and fast local relocation. We have a team of experts who can reduce your moving stress and provide you with the best possible relocation experience. We are a licensed and insured moving company in New York that always puts its customers first. Our top priority is the care and protection of your valuable belongings.

Check out the Moving Services We Offer

We recognize that even a local relocation can be very difficult. You’re going to need all the assistance you can find, and that’s why we’ve prepared a number of services for you:

  • Residential Moving: We provide a complete service for relocation that you can arrange in a minute. Hire our New York movers if you want to concentrate on other things, such as exploring the best hikes near NYC, while we take care of everything effectively.
  • Packing Services: Try contacting our experienced team of packers if you don’t know how to pack books for moving or how to pack glasses for moving. Our Twin Brothers Movers will also arrive with packaging materials and equipment.
  • Commercial Moving: Do you intend on expanding your business locally? We deliver a commercial service that is inexpensive and reliable. We are skilled and experienced in the proper management of office equipment and furniture.

Our Laurelton Movers Offer the Most Reliable Residential and Commercial Moving Services

There are many New York moving companies, but we are the best choice. We are trustworthy, effective, and skilled, and provide the most affordable relocation services in the area. Contact us to find out how to save even more money on your moving expenses checklist. We can include tips on where you can donate furniture in NYC, for instance. The fewer things you move, the less hassle and resources you will have to pay for.

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We Are the Best Moving Company That Will Cover Every Distance for You

Among all professional moving companies in New York, Twin Brothers Movers are the smartest choice. You can feel confident that your things will arrive undamaged and on schedule. Our crew is well-trained, experienced, and provide high-quality services. If you’re not sure which items movers won’t move, you should contact our representatives. We will give you a complete list and answer any other questions you may have.

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By calling our agents over the phone, you can start your relocation process today. Schedule the Laurelton movers and start enjoying the journey. With us, you will not only have more energy to spend on your other activities, but you will also have more time to plan a great moving away party to celebrate your fresh start in this lovely neighborhood and say goodbye to your friends.