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There are plenty of New York moving companies on the market, with many offering a free quote. Before you decide to contact and hire one of these companies, you should check out their online reviews. Remember, when relocating locally in NYC, it’s important to hire the best Jackson Heights movers to help you out. Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to move here.

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Is Jackson Heights a Good Place to Live?

This is one of the neighborhoods in the NYC borough of Queens. Since the 2000s, it once again became a desirable location for middle-class families and young adults. Many people move here for the dense urban feel, cultural diversity, and unique architecture. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops with great reviews. All of this makes this neighborhood one of the best places to live in Queens.

Is Living in Jackson Heights Cheap? How Do the Prices Compare to NY?

Living in Queens offers plenty of advantages regarding the cost of living. Similarly to other neighborhoods in the borough, many residents rent. Around 74% of people residing here are renters. This is understandable since renting a one-bedroom apartment is up to 27% cheaper than the NY average, with the median rent at around $1,500/month. Buying an apartment can be up to 36% more expensive, with the median home value of around $497,000. Luckily, the average monthly net salary is around the same level as the state average and up to 4% higher. Overall, it’s a lot more affordable than living in Manhattan, for example.

Education and Schooling in the Neighborhood

The district’s expenses for daycare and school make it a great place to live for families. Kindergarten costs around 31% less per month than the state average. Furthermore, yearly expenses for elementary school are significantly lower, around 54%. There are plenty of good schools in the area, including the pre-K-12 Renaissance Charter School. However, only 27% of adults over 25 have a college education or higher, compared to 39% of Queens’s adults. It’s reassuring that the number of students who excel in math rose to 65% in 2011 from 41% in 2000.

A Large Part of the Neighborhood Serves as a Historic District

To improve the neighborhood’s previously negative perception, the community leaders sought to turn it into a historic district. After many years of beautification activities, the neighborhood was approved as an NYC Historic District. The designation set architectural guidelines for all the structures within the district. This affected both newly planned developments and already existing buildings. Over 600 buildings were firstly designated in 1993. These comprise of large apartment complexes with private communal gardens, along with many stores and homes. This designated district now includes 2,200 building landmarks.

The Local Community Is Very Diverse

The neighborhood has a relatively diverse demographic structure. Around 17% of people are white, 2% are African American, 22% Asian, 0.1% Native American and over 56.5% Latino or Hispanic of any race. There’s also a local lgbtq+ community, which has expanded both in its numbers and diversity.

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