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Are you considering relocating to Inwood, NYC? Proper organization and loads of energy are needed for the relocation process. At affordable rates, our Inwood movers will give you fantastic relocation assistance. Keep reading about this close-knit community where people look out for each other. The community is trendy with empty-nesters who are downsizing from their New York or New Jersey homes.

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About Inwood, NY

This is a neighborhood in the Manhattan borough of NY, at the northern tip of Manhattan Island. It is bordered to the west by the Hudson River, to the north by Spuyten Duyvil Creek and Marble Hill, to the east by the Harlem River, and south by Washington Heights. Read more to find out what living in Manhattan and in this community is like.

The Cost of Living in the Area

Overall, the area is slightly more expensive than the state median – the cost of living index is 159, as opposed to 120 in the state. The biggest factor in these numbers is housing. The median home cost is $538,000, and the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,600. Other expenses, such as groceries, utilities, and transportation, are also slightly higher than the state average.

Parks and Recreation

Inwood Hill Park, located on the Hudson River, is a vast forested city park. It is famous for its caves used before the arrival of Europeans by the Lenape and for the last salt marsh in this area. Locals enjoy coming here to watch waterbirds, raptors, and a wide range of migratory birds. It features the only natural forest standing on Manhattan Island, consisting entirely of deserted summer estates. Prominent features of the park are also tennis courts, three playgrounds, a waterfront promenade, and ten miles of hiking trails.

The ballfields at 214th Street are a part of nearby Isham Park, surrounded by the ground that forms Inwood Hill Park. Isham Park stands approximately between the 214th and 215th streets of Broadway, Isham Lane, Seaman Avenue, and West. The park initially stretched to the Harlem River, but the northwest border became, for the most part, Seaman Avenue following the development of Inwood Hill Park and the reconfiguration of area streets. The size of the park is now equal to that of the original Isham estate. Because of its declining condition, the Isham Mansion, which initially came with the park, was torn down in the 1940s.

Things to Do in Inwood, Manhattan

Restaurants and storefronts are located west of Broadway, while the area east of Broadway is more commercial. This community has lots of unique historical, cultural, and recreational destinations, from the Met Cloisters to the Inwood Canoe Club to the Baker Athletics Complex of Columbia University.

Transportation and Traffic

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, via the NYC Subway and MTA Regional Bus Operations, runs public transit services. The Hudson Line of the Metro-North Railroad has a station just above the Marble Hill Broadway Bridge and over the University Heights Bridge in University Heights. The IND Eighth Avenue Line under Broadway and the IRT Broadway-Seventh Avenue Line above Nagle and 10th Avenues have multiple NYC Subway stations in the area.

The bike infrastructure is also slowly expanding. On Sherman Avenue, Seaman Avenue, and the far eastern portion of Dyckman Street, there are newly painted lanes.

Hire Professional Local Movers to Help You

If you had a moving away party already, now it’s time to face reality and begin to plan your move. The easiest way to start packing is to get rid of stuff that you don’t use or no longer need. Get a little makeover of the wardrobe and donate clothes in NYC. If you find any items unnecessary for your future home, you can even donate furniture in NYC.

During this challenging process, the best thing you can do for yourself is to hire experienced movers in Inwood. They will teach you some cool moving hacks and help you escape moving stress. For instance, they can show you how to pack books for moving or how to pack glasses for moving.

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