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Things to Know About This Neighborhood

Located in Nassau County, New York, on Long Island, Hicksville is a census-designated place within the area of Oyster Bay. With a population of 41,500, the location really has plenty of the characteristics that families search for when considering a decent place to raise children. From a mix of good colleges and low crime rates to family-friendly neighbors and a high rate of homeownership, Hicksville has it all. Furthermore, if you are moving with pets, you can walk them in Cantiague Park. This is a public park that is managed by the Department of Parks, Museums, and Recreation of Nassau County.

It Has Long and Interesting History

The area has a long and interesting history that started in 1834 with Valentine Hicks. He was a son-in-law of Elias Hicks, the abolitionist, and Quaker pastor, and president of the Long Island Railway Road who purchased the village’s property and converted it into a railway stop. The station became an important depot for goods for a Heinz Company factory, particularly for cucumbers. However, after the blight destroyed the cucumber crops, people started planting potatoes. That lasted until the construction boom after World War II, when the location turned into a thriving NYC suburb.

Cost of Living

Compared to New York, the neighborhood has a cost of living index that’s 1.3x higher. However, even with the higher cost of living index, the unemployment rates are lower, and the median income for a household is $89,200. On top of that, the median income for a family is $99,900. If you are planning on becoming a homeowner, know that the median home value is $444,770, while the median rent is $1,900.

There Are Many Diverse Job Opportunities

For the past year, the community has seen the work market grow by 0.9 percent, and the future employment growth is expected to be 28.3 percent for the next ten years. Overall, this is a community with sales and office workers, experts, and suppliers of services. In fact, many residents who live here work in sales positions (13.6%), office and administrative assistance (13.3%), and administration occupations (9.8% ). It is also due to the fact that the neighborhood has more people residing here who work in computers and mathematics than 95% of the US areas.

Public Transportation Is a Good Alternative to Driving

On the Long Island Rail Road, the community is a big center, where the Ronkonkoma Branch joins the Port Jefferson Branch to create the Main Line. However, depending on where you work, the commute can be a bit longer. People spend an average of 32 minutes a day getting to work, which is overall higher than the national average. The good part is that local mass transport is commonly used. That’s why the best solution is to leave your car at home and take the bus to work. This way you could escape the headache of commuting in heavy traffic.

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