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If you are looking to relocate to the center of the Staten Island Greenbelt, the best Egbertville Movers are here for you. They provide various services that will make your move go smoothly. But before you hire a professional relocation company, read a little bit more about this unique place.

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Is Egbertville, Staten Island a Good Place to Live In?

With the park system’s administrative offices located there, Egbertville is in the middle of the Staten Island Greenbelt. Richmond Creek runs into a ravine named after the community, the Egbertville Ravine, as the eastern base of Lighthouse Hill skims. Rockland Avenue is the main thoroughfare of the city, providing a shortcut between New Dorp on the East Shore and the bustling Mid-Island area of New Springville. Read more to find out about one of the best places to live in Staten Island.


For a while, the place was known as Morgan’s Corner, after a family of local 18th-century farmers. Several Irish families settled in the area in the 19th century, leading to names such as Tipperary Corners, New Dublin, and Young Ireland.

Housing Options

This community is nearly completely residential, and virtually every house is a single-family detached residence. Renters will have better luck elsewhere on the island. You might be able to find a few rental properties here, and rates are around $750 for studios in the general area; one-bedroom homes are around $900, and $1100 is the price for two-bedroom homes. On the other hand, anyone looking to buy will have a range of architectural styles, from the Victorians of the 19th century to the sixties’ ranches. Depending on age, size, location, and quality, single-family detached homes vary from $450,000 to $1 million.

The Staten Island Greenbelt

In the central hills of the NYC borough of Staten Island, the Staten Island Greenbelt is a series of contiguous public parks and protected areas. It is the second-largest portion of parks operated by the NYC government and is managed by the Department of Parks and Recreation of the city and the Greenbelt Conservancy, a non-profit agency that aims to collect money for its preservation and services in cooperation with NYC Parks. High Rock Park, William T. Davis Wildlife Refuge, LaTourette Park, and Willowbrook Park, among others, are parts of the Greenbelt.

The Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art

The Tibetan Art Museum Jacques Marchais is a museum situated in residential Lighthouse Hill. It is home to one of the most comprehensive Himalayan artifact collections in the US. The museum was established to act as a bridge between the West and the rich ancient and cultural heritage of Tibet and the Himalayan region. It was constructed to emulate a rustic Himalayan monastery with vast terraced gardens and fields and a fish and lotus pond. The Dalai Lama, who visited it in 1991, appreciated the museum for its authenticity. The site was listed on the NYC Register and the Historic Places National Register in 2009.

Moore-McMillen House

The Moore-McMillen House is a historic residence. It was constructed as the rectory for St. Andrew’s Church in 1818. Set on a fieldstone foundation with a gambrel roof, it is a simple two-story farmhouse. It includes a short, enclosed patio along the main section’s length. In 1980, it was added to the National Historic Places Register.


The nearest train station to Egbertville is the New Dorp stop of the Staten Island Railroad, and it’s a 20-minute walk. By bus, you can take the 74 to Lighthouse Avenue from the Staten Island Ferry terminal, which is about a 45-minute ride. The key roads are locally served by S54, X15 S84, and S57.

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