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Have you thought about relocating to a new home and trying to decide which New York neighborhood is right for you? You should read the following text and consider the information you’ll find here. You’ll also learn more about services East Bronx movers provide in the local city area. They are experienced professionals who will make your move overall better and more efficient.

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Why You Should Relocate to East Bronx in New York City

Are you reconsidering your decision to relocate? Moving around New York is not easy – especially if you’re unsure what neighborhood or borough you prefer for living. This Bronx borough lies on the east of the Bronx River. According to its reviews, some of the neighborhoods here are among the best neighborhoods in NYC for families. It is less densely populated and more flat compared to the West Bronx. It historically had a large population of Italian Americans, and they are still making the majority of residents. Some of the neighborhoods in the area are part of the safest neighborhoods in NYC list. Furthermore, it is not very far away from other significant parts of the city, and choosing public transportation can save you a lot of time, and the distance won’t matter.

Is Living Here Expensive?

Depending on which neighborhood you decide to live in, prices can vary, but the overall cost of living in the Bronx is above the national average. Everything, starting from groceries to health and housing, is significantly pricier than in the rest of the U.S. Transportation costs are almost twice higher than the national average. If you decide to buy real estate here, you’ll need approximately $400,000. Some of the prestigious neighborhood homes in the area can be even more expensive. According to Salary’s reviews, the overall cost of living here is 80% higher than the national average. Family of four estimates prices for a month is almost $4,000 if you don’t include monthly rent. However, even though the prices seem a bit steep, the borough is approximately 40% cheaper than Manhattan, meaning it will pay off to live here in the long run.

What Are the Best Neighborhoods in the East Bronx?

One of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx, if you are thinking about the east part of the borough, is Pelham Bay. It is known for its remarkable diversity and beautiful green spaces. The largest public park in the NY area is located at its northeastern border, and the neighborhood was named after it. It has multifamily residential units and beautiful brick and wood-frame houses. It is overall a great place offering an urban-suburban feel, ideal for raising a family. Another, the more upcoming neighborhood, is Allerton. It is a mostly residential community with brick row houses and lovely single-family homes.

Visit a Popular Park or One of the Famous Restaurants in Your Free Time

Nobody said that the area is boring, so plenty of places offer a wide range of fun activities. The Bronx Zoo and Botanical Garden are very popular spots to visit near the Allerton neighborhood. Gun Hill R/C Off-Road Track is an excellent place for some outdoor adventures. Haffen Park is also great – it offers nice playgrounds, baseball fields, walking trails, and a large swimming pool. Local parks are great for recreational walks and other activities, especially if you’re moving with pets. Royal Coach Diner and Jerry’s Pizza are popular restaurants in this part of the city – they are serving delicious food and offer the best takeout in NYC.

East Bronx Movers Can Offer You Outstanding Moving Services

If the mentioned information confirmed your expectations and you decided that relocating here is the right choice for you, you should consider hiring one of the best moving companies in New York. Twin Brother Movers is a reliable New York moving company with years-long experience providing clients with different relocation facilities. Our local movers in New York will make sure you don’t go through any moving stress and experience any other inconveniences. Our residential moving service is the perfect solution for your home relocation. Your only concern should be the items movers won’t move – everything else you own will be safely relocated to the desired destination. Before making the final decision about the inventory, when you want to relocate, get rid of unnecessary items, and donate furniture in NYC.

Hire Twin Brothers Movers for Help With Commercial Moving Services

If you need to relocate your business to the local distance area, our commercial moving service might benefit you. We will be happy to help you transport your office belongings to some other business office or company location. All of your inventory will be safely packed and secured with quality materials. Your respected business is in safe hands if you decide to trust our New York movers in the East Bronx. You can always contact our customer service for any information that you may need.

Our Movers in New York Can Provide You Exceptional Packing Service

If you don’t know how to pack glasses for moving or even pack dishes for moving, there is no need to panic. Our New York City movers are here to offer you outstanding packing service. We can pack all of your belongings and supply you with additional packing materials such as boxes, tapes, and wraps. Everything we pack is under the company’s insurance, so you can feel comfortable knowing nothing will get broken. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll get insurance money – but we guarantee you that this is very unlikely to happen.

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Another great option is that you can contact us if you want to know the estimated cost of your move and we’ll give you the free quote right away. If you don’t like talking on the phone, you can also get your free quote on our website. While you’re there, you can check our satisfied customers’ reviews and see why we are the best. If you’re pleased with our service so far, leave your review as well.