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Are you questioning your decision to move to one of the neighborhoods of Staten Island, New York? If you employ professional Dongan Hills movers, this transition will go smoothly and without a hitch. If you hire our New York moving company, you will get a team of professionals who can help you relocate swiftly and effectively. While our New York City movers are doing all the grunt work, you’re going to have more time to carry out your other responsibilities. Now, let’s go over some basic information about this community and see how it can be a great place to call home.

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Things You Should Know Before Relocating to This Neighborhood

Dongan Hills is a community located in Staten Island, NYC. You’ll find it on East Shore Island, and it is one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for families. The area is also a part of District 2 of the Staten Island Community. It is bordered by Laconia and Jefferson Avenues, as well as Richmond and Old Town Roads. With a population of around 6,900 residents, it is not one of the biggest areas, but that makes it perfect for families and people who enjoy tight-knit communities.

It Started Booming After the World War II

After World War II, the neighborhood was one of the first Staten Island communities to see an upsurge in home development. Many small, one-family homes were constructed during the 1950s, and the city also built a collective public housing scheme, known as the General Berry Houses. When the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge connecting Staten Island with Brooklyn was opened in 1964, population growth escalated. Evidently, the descendants of the original settlers have been displaced by people from Brooklyn, and they now constitute a majority of the population of the area. In 1976, the Billiou-Stillwell-Perine House was listed on the National Historic Places Register.

Before Relocating Figure Out the Cost of Living

When you are relocating, you will probably want to know the prices of real estate in the future location. The median real estate cost here is $708,200, which is more expensive than many neighborhoods in NYC. On the other hand, if you are a renter, like 32% of all the residents, you should know you’ll need on average $2,000 per month to cover rent. However, what lacks in affordable housing the location makes up in high household incomes. The median household income here is $76,700.

Parks and Recreation Options Are Diverse

When relocating, you are probably thinking about every aspect of your life, and entertainment is one of them. If you are an outdoor enthusiast with kids or a pet, you will fit in nicely with the Dongan Hills crowd. A Dongan Playground features handball courts, football fields, and a concrete yard used for basketball.

Close by is also a General Douglas MacArthur Park opened in honor of World War II’s valiant general in 1951. It was built by the Housing Authority as part of the General Charles W. Berry Houses affordable housing project, which then ceded it to the Department of Parks. This multi-site park contains the baseball and softball diamonds of the Berry Fields, whose illumination makes them as popular for night games. There are also outdoor pools, playgrounds, and spray showers.

There Are More Than a Few Transportation Options

Are you worried will you be able to commute from one part of the city to another? You can relax because the Staten Island Railway station serves the area. Also, if you prefer busses, many local lines provide express service. This could be a nice neighborhood for you to explore if you like the idea of leaving your car at home and hopping the bus or taking a ferry to work.

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If you want to move your house or apartment locally, all you need to do is contact our customer support and request residential moving services. Using just high-quality packing materials, covers, and other supplies, we will gladly help you pack and relocate all of your household inventory. All of your items will be transported to the desired location in a custom-designed truck after protecting your delicate possessions or disassembling heavy furniture parts. You should book a packing service as well if you don’t want to bother with learning how to become expert packers in a short time period.

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Over the last decade, we have succeeded in transporting many small firms and organizing their office spaces in no time. You should feel absolutely secure hiring our New York movers if you have a business organization that requires relocation. Our movers in New York will easily handle the packing and transportation of all the business inventory to the desired location.

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