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If you want to live along the coast, close to fantastic restaurants, take the best public transport, and be surrounded by a beautiful and diverse community, you are probably thinking about relocating locally to Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach. Keep reading to discover more, and remember to hire the best Brighton Beach movers near you.

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Is Brighton Beach a Good Neighborhood to Live In?

The short and quick answer is yes. If you want to start living in Brooklyn, consider relocating to Little Odessa. This name comes from its tight-knit Eastern European communities, mostly immigrants from the Soviet Union who arrived in this neighborhood during the 70s. Their heritage can still be seen all over. Yet, through the years, people from different parts of the world decided to call this place their home. Thus, Little Odessa is a very diverse neighborhood with a warm and supportive community. Also, the proximity to the ocean is a big plus. Wherever you are, know that the coast is only around 10 minutes of walking distance away.

Cost of Living and Home Affordability

When you start making your moving to-do list, you’ll probably think about the real estate prices and overall affordability in this neighborhood. The median home value is currently around $450,000, which is 0.2% higher than last year. According to Zillow, it is expected that the prices will rise by 4.4% throughout the next year. Therefore, you should definitely think about purchasing your home right now. If you’re looking for rental properties, know that the median rent is around $2200 per month.

The Transportation Network Is Efficient

You’ll find many places to donate cars in NY, and if you’re relocating to Little Odessa, you definitely won’t need one. NYC Subway’s B line ends at the neighborhood’s station on Sixth Street. There, locals can also take the Q train, though both lines travel through different routes to Manhattan. There’s also an express bus and four local busses.

Low Crime Rates

Little Odessa is patrolled by the 60th Precinct of the NYC Police Department. When you settle, you can feel completely relaxed walking down the streets during late nights. The reports from 2016 noted 9.73 crimes per 1000 residents, making this place one of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

Picking the Favorite Restaurant Will Be a Challenge

We mentioned the strong Russian influence and heritage that can be mostly seen in the neighborhood’s cuisine. There are so many great Russian restaurants that it is hard to pick one or just a few. Meals in these restaurants are reasonably priced, always fresh, and taste amazing. You’ll also find great Chinese, Afghan, and many other culturally diverse eateries. Little Odessa is truly unique in this regard. If you’re moving with pets, know that many restaurants will allow your furry friends inside.

Twin Brothers Movers Have the Most Professional Team of Brighton Beach Movers

We bet that you have already decided that this neighborhood is just a perfect fit for you. The next step is relocation itself. Even though you’re relocating locally, remember that this will be a huge and challenging step. No matter how small your move is, you’ll have to plan and organize so many things.

If you want to reduce moving stress levels, contact Twin Brothers Movers. We have a well-trained and experienced Brighton Beach movers team who will help you relocate smoothly and successfully. We are a licensed and insured company that highly values its customers. Whatever your preferences and needs are, just let us know. Our movers in Brighton Beach are here to provide you with the best possible experience.

Our Movers in Brighton Beach Offer a Variety of Moving Services

If you decide to move with our New York movers, know that you’ll get cost-effective, reliable, and efficient service. We understand that the whole process can be challenging. That is why we have prepared the following services for you:

  • Residential Moving: We offer full residential relocation services. You won’t have to lift a finger while our New York movers handle the whole job without a fuss.
  • Packing Services: Not sure how to pack books for moving correctly? Are you wondering how to pack glasses for moving? We can take a massive burden from your shoulders. Just call and schedule our packing service.
  • Commercial Moving: Are you relocating your business locally? Our New York movers are trained to handle your office equipment and furniture with high care.

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You’ll surely want to know how much our residential relocation service costs when you start planning a moving expenses checklist. Just request your free quote by filling out the form on our website. You can also call our agents over the phone and get your free quote.

How Our Professional New York Movers Calculate Your Quote

Our local residential services are charged based on an hourly rate. That includes gas, the number of people working on your move, and the type of service you choose to hire. We assure you that there won’t be any hidden charges.

Make Your Move to Little Odessa Simple With Our Help

There are many New York moving companies, but Twin Brothers Movers are a safe bet. Your local move within New York City will be hassle- and stress-free with our friendly, efficient, and experienced staff. You can also feel free to call us before the moving day and get advice on many things you’re not sure of, such as asking which items movers won’t move and what to do with them instead. Our experienced agents will help you reduce your costs to a minimum. For example, they will provide information on places to donate clothes in NYC. The less stuff you’re transporting, the less you’ll pay. Our Brighton Beach movers will communicate with you throughout the process and make sure your every wish and need are fulfilled.

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If you want to start preparing for your move today, don’t hesitate to contact Twin Brother Movers. We will help you relocate to one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn in no time. You’ll get the most affordable and most reliable service in New York City. You can feel comfortable knowing that your precious belongings are in safe hands. We cannot wait to start this adventure with you! Call us, get your free quote, and organize a moving away party to celebrate this exciting and memorable journey with your dearest ones.